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  1. Not to be understated is the fact that the Raiders won the coin toss for home uniforms. Good Luck trying to figure who has the ball against those black jerseys! Go Raiders!
  2. (Sound of swallowing gulp)Congrats Memorial! Do it again next week!
  3. Congrats Southridge! Go PAC! Win it all!!!
  4. 2 more 812 teams punch their ticket.
  5. Very quiet here. What kind of offense does Scecina run? What are there strengths and weaknesses? Have they faced a shotgun wing-T this season?
  6. I'm not a coach, I have no idea what you're referring to and I'm not sure I knew a single person from the state of Indiana at 19/20, you must have me mixed up bud. Either way I'm done this thread. Moving on to Memorial(Bellicheck mumble)
  7. Coach was just trying to give a very high compliment to a kid that just carried his team. Surely y'all don't think it was a quantitative assessment of a specific set of schools.
  8. No argument here, just saying the elements impact everyone on the field so changing that would impact all, not just him. He is electric for sure.
  9. Opinion formed largely by BC supporter feedback tough guy.
  10. Good game VL but that "goalline stand" was bull, Sellers was clearly in. I was looking around for candid cameras on so many if the flags and non-flags tonight On a dry field, our defenders aren't slipping. He is an awesome rb playing qb but GS defense would also be better in dry turf bub