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  1. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Yeah I get that. I was referring to the tournament. .
  2. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Maybe but it is all hypothetical. A lot of people thought LCC would storm through 2A when they got there. Didn't happen.
  3. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Point is that if Pioneer should happen to win this year and next, which, as i say, is really too early to talk about but, if they should the next two seasons they would be in 2A. If they had had success factor back in the day, 11 and 12 would have seen LCC in 2A. Just something to consider....
  4. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    It's too early to talk of Pioneer in this light. But it is also a thing to point out that the success factor wasn't a factor in 09,10,11.
  5. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    I like to kid the Logan fans. But it truly was nice of them to have so many fireworks available. I mean they can't be used to lighting off so many in one night.
  6. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    So the fireworks were close to being past their expiration dates?
  7. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    I'm just guessing here but maybe because if it came out during the tournament, they would have been out?
  8. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    Let's see.... Monroe central lost by 22 to Shenandoah. Shenandoah lost by 8 to Lewis Cass. Cass lost by 30 to Pioneer. So 22+8+30=60......hmmmm I'm going with the Panthers squeezing by in a close one
  9. Regional scores

    Lowell NP final???
  10. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Hate to see anyone get hurt, especially on such a meaningless play. Hope he heals fast and gets back on the court.
  11. I know. Seems crazy to me too. But it is a fact.
  12. I think Lowell wins this going away. Lowell would probably have a much higher sagarin rating, but their coaches pull their starters most every game in the second quarter.
  13. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    It's also interesting because I know a lot of people think in certain years 1A has been better than 2A. Some people this year think Lowell would win 5A. I'm not sure I don't agree with them. Has any team ever petitioned in the off year to be moved up, or would that even be allowed?
  14. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Coach Nowlin I respect your opinion. But I also know that there are something called unwritten rules-- like not trying to throw home run balls late in the fourth when you are up several scores-- running the score up -or like one coach (or athletic director) critiquing another coach's in-game decisions-- there are a number of things that aren't written down that are still not done as I am sure you are well aware.
  15. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Yes I have noticed how arrogant you guys are about your superior humility. It's quite impressive.