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  1. Hayworth was part of the Kokomo School ditrict but the merged to make 1 high school in the late 80s or around that time.
  2. 5A North

    Kokomo should handle Muncie. The Kokomo offense should wear down the Muncie defense. I would say the chances are slim they beat Kokomo but it could happen.
  3. I was there today and I will say this Jeff isn't as good as people think. When Harrison scored the first time today you could see the Jeff team on the sideline starting to imploded. After the second Harrison they were done. I don't believe Harrison is a top tier NCC team either. However they are better than Jeff in my opinion. Maybe it's a fluke but Jeff was hammered 2 weeks in a row. So I would say that's all the proof anyone would need.
  4. 2016 5A Football

    We're 3 weeks in now. Does anyone have a better feel for where 5A is? It looks like some teams have lost and/or haven't played up to their potential. Thoughts?
  5. 2016 5A Football

    Mccutcheon should be in the mix somewhere. They are returning 4 out of 5 on Offensive line and 6 ir 7 on offense all together. On defense they are returning 4 or 5 starters from last season. Just depends on the play of the upper classmen on how the team does. They faced Snider this summer at St. Francis and looked good against them. They also just won the Lafayette Jeff 7 on 7 a week or so back. Not bad for a running team against Jeff in the finals. But it's 7 on 7 so we'll see how yhey fair when the season starts. Kokomo may still be the team to beat in that conference.