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  1. My Flying Jets were dominated by Pioneer at the LOS last year and Woodlan was gift wrapped the game. This years Woodlan team got ran over by the Jets. Should have been more than a 9 pt victory. Pioneer is better this year than last. I'm not a Pioneer fan, but they are legitimate.
  2. Heard the same about Memorial vs Bellmont in 08 and that turned out different. Not saying you wouldn't be right, but I think it would be much more competitive than you think. I'll agree to disagree on aspects of this one. I'll put an apples vs oranges comparison and say that Marion Local in Ohio which would be a 1 to 2A in Indiana could handle 3A and 4A with no questions asked. Ohio really needs better competitive advantage rules.
  3. I've saw Pioneer play and I wouldn't underestimate them. I know for a fact they could beat Woodlan this year. They might be back to back if they hadn't lost key players at semi state vs my Jets.
  4. Pioneer could probably beat the 5 other teams. 3 I would be 90% confident and the 2 3A schools about 70% confident.
  5. Rooting for Woodlan to win for our ACAC teams and NE IN. Plus we beat them finally for the conference this year and can say we beat a state championship team
  6. SemiState Scores

    Good deal as I'm trying to keep track of two states lol.
  7. SemiState Scores

    North: 1A Pioneer, 2A Woodlan, 3A Undecided but Brebuf, 4A Lowell, 5A Kokomo, 6A Penn Correct me if I'm wrong please.
  8. Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    Congrats Woodlan! We get a conference team in the state finals! Makes our conference championship pretty special, though it was the kiss of death again.
  9. SemiState Scores

    Look or sound pretty even? Listening to MAC playoff game as Marion Local leads Coldwater 6-0 for my state line friends.
  10. Semi State Games in 1A 2 A

    Believe Woodlan was a runner up in 81. They beat my Dad's Flying Jets squad 7 to 6 after an AC miscue. Believe Woodlan lost by the same score in the finals.
  11. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    Be interested to know what prompted the change and why it was days after the other decision. Anyone have any insight?
  12. Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    AC had success with Macklin running against them inside and out. They keyed on Drew Schultz up the middle but Drew did get some good yardage on runs. They were better in the second half against both. AC and South Adams were probably the best competition they had in conference play.
  13. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    The IHSAA hasn't changed the field yet like they did for Lowell and BD? Wonder why they pick and choose or if it purely comes with coaches/ADs having issues.
  14. Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    Giving the Panthers the edge in this one. Wouldn't be surprised though if the Warriors made it interesting. Some games for thought: Lapel won by 1 in 2 OT over AC. AC beat Woodlan by 9. Eastbrook handled Lapel. Doesn't mean much of anything though.
  15. Saturday Playoff Games

    Not a fan of Saturday. That's purely college football for me. My only exception would be Saturday morning games like the youth and other levels do. Then you have the rest of the day for other activities. I'm all for neutral site games though. Especially for Regionals and Semi States in our current format. I wouldn't mandate turf like Ohio tries, bc that takes more of the football aspect from the game imo. Football should be about mud, cold, and etc. I haven't got my wish for partiality seeded sectionals or Indiana being on Central time (grew up on the IN/OH line and liked the difference) yet, so I won't hold my breath.