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  1. Hoover tried that. Again, History is not on your side.
  2. History is not on your side my friend. The market has never cared about the needs of the poor.
  3. So in your world, only the wealthy kids would get an education and our economic inequality would grow. you would have loved to live in the Guilded age ( if you were lucky to be wealthy). I would argue that the best way to improve and grow the economy is by educating everyone. Only Kids with money should get to play sports, be in choir or band, art club, etc. I understand your fiscal conservatism, but your views would create a greater inequality in our country then already exists.
  4. Studies show that children in extracurriculars do better academically, socially and have fewer issues away from school. Isn't that worth the expense? So schools shouldn't save money for future growth or improvement of facilities? They just give it back and ask and each time it's needed they should ask for a referendum. It is PUBLIC education. Would you prefer a world in which just privates operated? Would prefer a world in which students paid for these extracurriculars? Then what do we do with kids that can't afford them?
  5. I understand your fiscally conservative nature, but aren't extra curricular activities an important part of a students education? Don't these things make a student more well rounded? Don't these things also benefit communities socially and instill pride. Think of what sports did for the University of Mississippi in 1962 and for the town of Philadelphia Mississippi when Marcus Dupree was there. Read about why Bear Bryant played USC in Alabama when he knew they were probably going to get beat. Plato, I believe also stated, that a sound body led to a sound mind and recommended a strenuous exercise regimen during his days as a "Teacher." I understand, that we should try to fund things without tax money whenever possible, but if there is extra money as seems to be the case here, why not use it to upgrade facilities and improve community and school pride. That money can typically only be used on capital improvements, so why not? If you do not use tax money, what do schools in poor area with no economic benefactors do?
  6. Most of that costs nothing but time and effort. I was a head coach at one of those kind of schools before I came her. I mowed the field, stripped the field, done the fund raising, found people to donate food and we still did many of those things....
  7. Best wishes to Patrick Parks in his retirement from Shelbyville football after 35 years service to our game. I got the privilege of coaching and rooming with Pat in the 2007 All- Star game and came away with an even greater respect and admiration for him. Pat is one of the "good guys" in our profession. He will be missed on the Grid Iron and in the coaching community. Pat is truly a good man who deserves the very best in retirement. Good Luck Bear!
  8. There are several things we do for "motivation." We have T shirts for off season attendance, We give awards for scout team players for each facet of the game and give them standing ovations, we give Pride Pins each week to players ( Personal responsibility in daily effort). We do goal setting for each player, we do post season evaluations and meetings by position, we do leadership training, we do mental training. We also do various things for community service as a team and try to do some fun things such as go to a haunted house as a team in season and we usually go sledding at Perfect North in the winter. Our coaches also try to go watch their athletes in other sports several times in the off season. We also all have our position players on group texts and try to communicate with them regularly. On team meal nights, we do several different things... we do a yearly skit night, a yearly Senior night, we have had a magician, and several other guest speakers.
  9. You said you were astonished by teacher pay.. you obviously aren't looking at Teacher pay in Central Indiana. If you were hired in the 80's or 90's and never moved, you might doing pretty well. But the new funding formulas kills potential earnings for new teachers.
  10. Eastern Hancock Coach

    JImmy O"Hara is one of the best guys in coaching...... You all were lucky to have him. I wish him the best of luck!
  11. Actually DT teacher salaries when adjusted for inflation are less today then they were in the 1990's. Also, because of the New rules put in place by the state, a new teacher in Indiana will take 25 years to double their salary, where it used to take 15. While some stipends are very fair, most of them if adjusted to hourly wage are awful ( mine adjust to hourly is around 15 Cents/ hr). if you think Teachers are over paid in Indian in this day and age, you are horribly misinformed.
  12. 40-Second Play Clock

    Please Keep the 40 second play clock!
  13. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    Your "Bro" comments are getting tiresome. New rant please.
  14. You are a Genius Muda!.. I am here to eat crow and say my prediction (not guarantee as someone said) was wrong.... Congrats to Coach Colby and the Kats! I couldn't be happier for anyone. He is one of the good guys in coaching ( even if he is a Western Grad). Good Luck this week Kats!
  15. He would look really good in the Green and Gold of Westfield... Just a short trip South:) ... lol