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  1. Same here, my alma mater.. Roland did a fine job. Very respectable tenure at new Haven. We were the whippin’ boys when I went thru there, with coach Armstrong and coach Becker. Who ever takes over will have big shoes to fill.
  2. Good college basketball around the state. Glad to see it. No reason ,any of the Indiana schools ,should have down programs. These state schools don’t have to go very far ,to get talent ,for an ncaa tournament ready team.
  3. 2017 Hoosiers

    I like this! LOL! Ya'll see what DrivenT said.
  4. 2017 Hoosiers

    I was frustrated about the season also, if you didn't already know. Actually the last two seasons were disappointing. I know that I'm not very optimistic, that the record will be better next year. I think Wilson was building up depth, not at the rate every one wanted but none the less it was getting there. So IF Allen can sign a few 4 star impact guys, and hang on next year, the chances of a better record could happen. One thing I do know is, if they don't win 6 games and get eliminated from bowl consideration, the program will go into a death spiral. End of story.
  5. Any indications who they are going after here? Prime coaching position there. I'll recommend Irishman.
  6. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    Never had the opportunity either, I started after '67 rose bowl team at IU. Can you imagine 50 years since rose bowl ?WoW. But I didn't pass up the national championships in Basketball.
  7. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    The Nashville CRAZE! Iowa coaches and administrators lobbied hard for the country music capitol this year. You guys goin GaGa over the music city. Might be the start of something BIG! Might replace one of the big 4 bowls next! But I hear San Fran is pretty out there this time of year. I think, I know now, it just hit me. You're savin it for Pasadena! Next year. Ok two trips to golden st. two years in a row = California over load. I get it now.
  8. OT USF back in NAIA title game

    They won’t try, they WILL defend the trophy!
  9. Bucket Game

    Not ,oh well, it’s a very negative for the program. Indiana struggles to get any 4 star players the way it is, and now this is one more reason to marginalize an offer from Indiana. Recruits look at the schools ,that are recruiting them ,from top to bottom ,more now than ever.. with all the social media they have access to. And this is a major, not getting to a bowl. Another easy excuse to put the IU offer at the bottom of their list. Not good. And very good for our competitors who love to cherry pick Indiana’s best schoolers. Itis, by the way, after I read what I wrote,this is not directed to you. I’m just stating how serious of a set back this is for the program.
  10. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    Anyone heading out west, California that is. For the beat down of Arizona?
  11. Boy if we could have another weekend of games, I ran the dial at noon. I'm already pumped for next thanksgiving weekend.
  12. I have NOT read through ALL of this thread, and pardon me for that. One question, if it hasn't already been ask here. Would seeding create a change in schools scheduling? Maybe drastic scheduling changes, if seeding was put into play? Maybe drastic conference realignments? I could see a mess here.
  13. Win about 2-3 more games each year. starting next year !
  14. Ok bobref, I cant take it any longer. Every time I get on here now, GD, I cant get out of my head, and cant stop laughing at this thought. The selectors are sitting at a table in front of the stage, and ask you, to go on the stage. all the time watching, making sure your shirt is tucked in, your hat is cocked properly, your shoes are shined , fingernails are clean. Then they lead you to the mic, ask a few tough questions, looking for any snide looks for demeanor and communication skills Then they have you jog back and forth on the stage, testing your hustle. All the while the selectors are taking notes talking back and forth with each other. Then they excuse you, and say ok bobref you get the north semi-state. NEXT! You know like miss or mr. Universe.
  15. He can do this, there is a step he can make to deter this.. Coaches around the country really like to keep it under their hat.