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  1. NLC 2017

    Congratulations to the following NLC players who made 1st Team or Honorable Mention AP All-State in their respective classes: 6A LB Lane McClone, Warsaw (Honorable Mention) 5A P Josh Gorball, Concord (1st Team) OL Grant Magnum, Concord (Honorable Mention) OL Steven Worlds, Goshen (Honorable Mention) 4A OL Elisha Tipping, Wawasee (1st Team) OL Michah Yoder, Northridge (1st Team) DB Connor Utley, Northridge (1st Team) DL Will Ingle, NorthWood (Honorable Mention) LB Nate LaFree, Plymouth (Honorable Mention) DB DeAndre Smart, NorthWood (Honorable Mention) DB Bronson Yoder, NorthWood (Honorable Mention) Awesome to see so many athletes from the conference honored at this level. Every team besides Elkhart Memorial had a representative, which is also pretty cool.
  2. I'm not saying you didn't, but if you could find the source to that, I'd be interested in reading/seeing it. As stated, it's definitely external chatter (if any) about Warsaw making any such move. Internally, I can tell you I haven't heard a single person interested in pursuing that as an option.
  3. I can promise you, there is no desire or conversations about this occurring within the Warsaw school corporation. You've been the only one to continuously mention the idea on these threads over the last few months.
  4. Bingo Could be in the minority here, but I would be just fine having a 7-team NLC. Gives schools (specifically Warsaw) one more opportunity in all sports to add a competitive non-conference school from the same division or something along those lines. Unfortunately, with the SAC at a full 10 members, that makes it a little more difficult when it comes to adding a Fort Wayne team to the football schedule.
  5. NLC 2017/18

    One streak will be broken tonight in Warsaw one way or the other. Either the Tigers will lose their first conference game in 22 tries, or the Warriors will pick up their first conference win in 43 tries. Warsaw has struggled mightily on both sides of the ball to start the season. Wawasee hasn't been much better. At this point, prior to the start of NLC games, I might have to say Plymouth and Memorial look to be the front runners, while NorthWood, Warsaw, and Northridge potentially in the mix. Coach Ogle mentioned he expects the NLC champion might have a loss or two this season, and I'd agree with him.
  6. Markese Stepp

    I agree with @DrivenT big time on this. Even though it would be great for the B1G if the Nebraska program can resemble anything close to what it was in the Big XII, I'd argue a step further and say it's a MOUNTAIN to climb for that program. Recruiting from a state that's ranked as the 37th most populous in the country [and the border states and ranks: Missouri (18), Colorado (21), Iowa (30), Kansas (35), South Dakota (46) and Wyoming (50)] Add to that it's the smallest public school in the conference, on the far reaches of the conference... If anyone can do it, I'll be Coach Frost. Any other B1G schools showing interest?
  7. Warsaw Coach Phil Jensen Retires

    Secondhand, I've heard he's had nothing but support from their administration. I am not from "The Region" so I can't speak specifically to this, maybe you can. Apparently there has been quite the demographic shift over the past few years in Merrillville and surrounding areas. They believe he's a great leader and understand some of the difficulties facing not only athletics but in the classroom in Merrillville. I don't know what that specifically means, but a vague-ish answer to you question, no I don't think that has tarnished his attractiveness to Warsaw.
  8. Warsaw Coach Phil Jensen Retires

    Beat me to it... http://www.inkfreenews.com/2017/12/04/breaking-news-jensen-steps-down-at-warsaw/ https://warsawtigers.org/2017/12/04/386/ Should be interesting to see who they go after. A few good internal guys in my opinion, and a few outside names. Those external options are the former Tiger great Brad Seiss (obviously) at Merrillville and Andy Thomas who was a former assistant at Warsaw who has had great success turning around programs at Garrett, Culver and Angola. These are just my opinions and I have no inside knowledge of who they are considering. I'd love to see either of these guys come back to Warsaw personally, or have one of the assistants like Kris Huber (current head wrestling coach for the Tigers) or Matt Thacker (current head boys & girls track coach).
  9. NLC 2017 - Girls Basketball

    Warsaw girls went on the road and beat (1A) Oregon-Davis last night to move to 5-2. Not really sure what to make of that since the Lady Bobcats were down last year and appear to be down again this year (although they are 2-2 against 4A teams so far this season and their 4 losses are to teams with a combined 23-7 record). Portage and FW Carroll will be good barometers for the Lady Tigers in their next two matchups. If they can win both of those, I'd say they are a legit contender for the NLC title, but still think it's a race between Northridge and NorthWood. Warsaw's JV is also 5-2. They lost last night to OD 41-44 after OD outscored Warsaw 16-9 in the final quarter.
  10. Why would they need to adjust their schedules for a mercy rule and/or seeding in the post-season?
  11. The promotion and regulation we have is not at all similar to what @Muda69 is/has suggested. In that format, similar to that of the English football league system, teams are promoted and regulated based on their on field results. The difference between that setup and what we have now is the fact that Indiana high school football does not "regulate" teams/schools based on their on field results. Example, if North Central (Indianapolis) would go 0-10 year after year, they would never drop to 5A, because their ENROLLMENT is what keeps them at 6A. And with an enrollment of 3,772 students (3rd biggest in the state), it'd be A LONG TIME or some sort of great migration north side of Indianapolis before they ever dropped to a 5A level. With the English football league system, currently the bottom 3 (out of 20) teams from the Premier League (the HIGHEST league) are regulated to the 2nd division, the English Football League Championship to compete the next season. The top 3 teams from the 2nd division are then promoted to the Premier League to compete for the next season, and so on and so forth.
  12. Lowell vs East Central!

    I never meant or said St. Leon is a suburb of Cincinnati... I meant SUPERB when talking about their athletic facilities... look what you've started @Gonzoron
  13. Lowell vs East Central!

    The weight room, auxiliary gymnasium and indoor track immediately come to my mind as what I was impressed with. Especially for a 4A school.
  14. Lowell vs East Central!

    Meant *superb.... as in "admirably fine or excellent; extremely good"... vocab/grammar was never a strong suit of mine
  15. Lowell vs East Central!

    "Favourite"??? Are we in bloody ole England? Are you including Penn in "The Region"??? Can't say I've ever heard of that before. I second this. Their facilities were SUPERB when I saw them 3 years ago when I stopped by to recruit the high school. I have seen many high schools in the state (not all, but I'd venture to guess at least 50% of the football playing ones), and East Central is definitely up there. Maybe top 5!