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  1. NLC 2017

    Picks: Northridge by 4 NorthWood by 28 Angola by 17 East Noble by 10 FW North by 7
  2. Sectional 19 - 4A North

    My mistake. I was under the assumption the bottom team was always the home team UNLESS in the sectional championship the bottom team had already hosted 2 games and the top team hadn't yet hosted a sectional game. Thanks for that @Fine Print . Could have been an old rule that was updated, or I just never understood it!
  3. Sectional 19 - 4A North

    A lot of it has to do with the draw and home/away. The reason NorthWood has the "best" percentage to win is due to the fact that they host Round 1 and if they win, they'll host Round 2. They won't have the opportunity to host the sectional championship game because the bottom bracket team is the home host UNLESS the top bracket team HAS NOT hosted a game and the bottom bracket team HAS. In the event that Plymouth defeats East Noble AND the Northridge/CMA winner, and it's a NorthWood vs. Plymouth Sectional title, Plymouth would host as the bottom bracket team. So basically, NorthWood has the "easiest" path to the sectional title, even though they are guaranteed to be the away team for the sectional championship, because they host a (3-6) DeKalb team and would either host a (4-6) Wawasee team or a (10-0) Angola team (even though undefeated, hasn't played near the schedule NorthWood has, but I applaud the Hornets non-conference early season slate against Leo and Jimtown.) Northridge, meanwhile, has to go TO CMA, and will play their 2nd round game on the road as well at either East Noble or Plymouth. The Raiders would then HOST the sectional championship game. However, their GAUNTLET includes winning two games on the road against (8-1) CMA and (8-2) East Noble/(7-3) Plymouth. While, not impossible, definitely the reason why they have lower "odds" to win the sectional, mostly starting with their first round match-up against CMA. Had they drawn Wawasee or DeKalb, or even HOSTED round 1, I'm sure their odds would be higher.
  4. NLC 2017

    I can GUARANTEE Warsaw, Concord and Goshen will be playing next week!
  5. Sectional 19 - 4A North

    Not that it matters, but East Noble is 7-2. Just lookin out for ya
  6. Completely irrelevant to this discussion? How was that your response to ...
  7. Michiana Pick'Em 2017 Sectional 1

    Can't believe I let my Tiger bias keep me from winning! That's what I get for picking with my heart and not my brain (or gut!)
  8. NLC 2017

    Unofficial All Sports Standings following the fall seasons. Please let me know if I made a mistake anywhere: ... BOYS SO FB TE CC TOTAL Concord 12 14 16 14 56 *TE Champs Northridge 6 16 10 12 44 *FB Champs Warsaw 10 10 8 16 44 *CC Champs Goshen 16 4 12 8 40 *SO Champs NorthWood 4 10 14 4 32 Plymouth 14 10 6 2 32 Wawasee 2 6 4 10 22 Elkhart Memorial 8 2 2 6 18 ... GIRLS SO VB GO CC TOTAL Northridge 16 6 14 16 52 *SO, CC Champs NorthWood 10 15 16 10 51 *GO Champs, VB Co-Champs Warsaw 14 11 12 14 51 Concord 8 15 10 12 45 *VB Co-Champs Plymouth 6 11 6 2 25 Elkhart Memorial 4 8 4 8 24 Goshen 12 4 2 4 22 Wawasee 2 2 8 6 18 ... All Sports 101 - Concord 96 - Northridge 95 - Warsaw 83 - NorthWood 62 - Goshen 57 - Plymouth 42 - Elkhart Memorial 40 - Wawasee
  9. But you think EACH individual sport should bring in enough money to cover its own costs? Even though other sports (i.e., football, boy's basketball) might bring in more than enough to help cover the costs of less popular/lower attendance sports?
  10. Fun fact: Iron Eyes Cody (born Espera Oscar de Corti) was an Italian-American actor. His father was from southern Italy and his mother from Sicily. So you're saying the primary purpose of an athletics department (at the high school level) is to make profit? If that is how athletics departments (high school or college) in the country were run, there would be fewer teams.
  11. NLC 2017

    Went 1-3 last week (Sorry Raiders for doubting you! Thank you Tigers for making me look bad! And I called the offensive struggle that was Wawasee/Memorial... just picked the wrong team to win by 1 point!) Anyway, my congratulations to the Northridge Raiders on their first NLC Championship in school history. If the northern 4A state representative comes from Sectional 19 (Northridge, Angola, CMA, Plymouth, East Noble or NorthWood)... they will have been BATTLE tested for sure with a potential New Haven/Leo/Dwenger regional clash and then a semi-state appearance against Lowell/Griffith/New Prairie/Hobart/Mishawaka... it'll definitely be fun to watch! First up, the final week of the regular season: #2 (4A) Northridge (8-0, 6-0) @ Elkhart Memorial (1-7, 0-6): Not much to say here. The Raiders should roll right along against a hapless Memorial squad. The Crimson Chargers haven't scored more than 14 points in an NLC game all season and face the #2 scoring defense in the NLC (13.2 ppg in conference games). That being said, I don't think the Raiders will necessarily score nonstop against Memorial. With a comfortable lead at halftime, I could see them resting a few players here and there as they prepare for the aformentioned gauntlet known as Sectional 19... NORTHRIDGE by 22 #13 (4A) Plymouth (6-2, 4-2) @ #15 (4A) NorthWood (5-3, 3-3): Game of the week in the conference (although depending what Warsaw team shows up in Dunlap tonight could sway that), the Rockies and Panthers should provide a quality battle (and potential preview of a sectional championship???). Even though Plymouth ended up beating Goshen by 20 points last week, that game was tied 21-21 midway through the 3rd quarter before the Rockies turned it on. I haven't heard much lately, but how are they injury wise? Are they still banged up? Or are they getting healthy? Either way, following NorthWood's loss at Warsaw last week, I feel like the Panthers will be looking to rebound in extraordinary fashion. The last time NorthWood lost at home was way back in Week 4 of the 2015 season on September 11th against Goshen. In fact, the Panthers have only lost 4 home games in Coach Nate Andrews 4 seasons at the helm. The two teams are extremely similar in terms of offensive and defensive scoring, and both lost tight games to Concord and Northridge. I'll stick with the home team and those two point conversion attempts... NORTHWOOD by 2 Warsaw (5-3, 4-2) @ #7 (5A) Concord (7-1, 5-1): This is an extremely intriguing game to me this week. Warsaw surprised the heck out of me last week after they were down 28-10 in the 3rd quarter and came back to win. In past years, I feel like the Tigers would fold in those types of games. However, they stuck with their game plan, executed when it mattered and took advantage of mistakes by NorthWood to find themselves in a battle for 2nd place in the conference. Reread that... with a win tonight, Warsaw could tie with Concord and potentially Plymouth for 2nd place in the conference (which would be HUGE for the NLC All-Sports Trophy race). The 1st quarter will determine how this game will go. Shocking, I know. But in all seriousness, if the Tigers come out and play like they did in the 2nd half last week AND the Minutemen show any sort of hangover effect from last week's game, Warsaw could compete and win. If Warsaw comes out and isn't focused and Concord plays like they have for most of the season, that could spell trouble. Just going off the fact that Northridge was able to rush for 256 yards and the Raider QB had 114 yards on 16 carries and the Tigers have seemed to find a good offensive rhythm over the last 2 weeks with Larsh running the ball, I suppose I'll go with the upset... WARSAW by 4 Wawasee (2-6, 1-5) @ Goshen (1-7, 1-5): Yawn. Here's to hoping both programs are able to get better in the offseason and head in the right direction. I understand that throughout a conference season, you're going to have to have some teams end up near the bottom, but it'd be great to see all NLC teams competitive week in and week out. I think Coach Park has made strides and will continue to get the Redhawks moving towards their old ways. Coach Eshbach was hired later than what you'd like to see and has dealt with quite the injury bug in Syracuse this season. This week, I'll take the team that has shown the ability to put the ball in the endzone over the last two weeks... GOSHEN by 14 Beautiful evening for football tonight! We've certainly lucked out weather wise on Friday nights this season.
  12. Randall "Pink" Floyd??? Quarterback for the Lee High School Fighting Rebels in the suburbs of Austin, Texas?
  13. Game announcing

    I gotta be honest... I love it lol. That's hilarious. Quite the gamesmenship ... but also inappropriate and shouldn't be done. I don't disagree with the home announcer here. I mean, maybe announcing "Touchdown 'insert visiting team'", but I don't think the home press box announcer has to give credit to an opposing team's player for a sack.
  14. NLC 2017

    and you're going with Concord because of this reason? No disrespect to the Minutemen special teams whatsoever, but the Tigers have a dandy in sophomore kicker Harrison Mevis (Andrew's younger brother). Add Zach Riley's kickoff and punt return abilities... hard to believe that's where the difference will be. Both teams are fairly evenly matched up in that department IMO. Side note, NorthWood freshmen WALLOPED Warsaw last night 47-7. Warsaw's freshmen finish 6-3, 4-3 in the NLC, but I know they had two or three starters that got pulled up to JV/Varsity earlier in the season (including wide receiver Luke Adamiec who caught a touchdown against Wawasee and picked up a huge 1st down last week against NorthWood).
  15. GridIron Digest Poll Week 8

    Looking at the voting spreadsheet, it appears 2 pollsters are missing from 6A, 5 pollsters from 5A, 4 pollsters from 4A, 5 pollsters from 3A, 3 pollsters from 2A, and 3 pollsters from 1A.