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  1. I moved to Carmel in 1993 which was a couple years after the decision was made to stick with one high school. The school district owned property at 116th Street and Spring Mill Road which could have been used to build a second high school but obviously that was never done. That property was eventually sold and is now occupied primarily by retail plus a Mormon Temple. In 1993 CHS was grades 10-12 only. Not sure of the enrollment at that time but I am guessing about 750 per class. I do know that the enrollment in 2009 was 4,170 so it has increased by close to 900 over the last 8 years.
  2. Somewhere along the way I must have missed the fact that Delphi left the Hoosier Conference a year or so ago. I see that in the IHSAA conference listings they are listed as being an independent. Does anyone know what the Oracles future conference plans are?Hoosier Heartland seems like the most logical choice for a conference for them to join although it already has about 10 or 11 members and may not want to add another school for now.
  3. Gary Community School Corporation operates West Side High School plus the Wirt-Emerson Visual and Performing Arts High Ability Academy (admission requirement is to be able to say that name three times fast without stuttering). Of the two, only West Side has athletic teams (or at least is an IHSAA member) . According to the IHSAA school directory West Side has an enrollment of 739 for 9-12. Wirt-Emerson (per Wikipedia) has an enrollment of 612 for grades 6-12 which averages out to about 87 per grade. So combined total 9-12 of the two schools would be in the 1,000-1,100 range. Theodore Roosevelt is a charter school. Then there is Bowman Academy and I have no clue who operates it.
  4. Glad to see he is doing so good. I first saw Sam when he played against my grandson's Sheridan Middle School team in 7th grade. All CP had to do was give him the ball and he was pretty much unstoppable. Some how Sheridan won that game by being able to hold onto the ball in the 4th quarter. I've also seen him play baseball and basketball but it has been a few years so don't know if he has continued in those sports or not. He was a pretty good hitter in baseball. My grandson no longer plays any sports at Sheridan so haven't seen Sam play in a few years. Hope Sam is able to be successful at the next level wherever that might be.
  5. Sectional scores

    Final (according to my grandson so take this with a grain of salt): Sheridan 50 Tri-Central 8
  6. boilerfan87, based on the enrollments listed in the 2017-18 IHSAA directory the combined enrollment of the two schools is 384. This would put them in football class 2A but just barely above the cutoff. Currently, the largest 1A school is listed at 377 and the smallest 2A at 379. I would expect that since both Turkey Run and Rockville are 1A now that the IHSAA will have the consolidated school remain in 1A for next year, then see what happens at the time of normal reclassification which will apply for the following year. Since the enrollments for the school district have been falling over the past few years I would expect the school to remain in class 1A at that time.
  7. Going back to the late 1960s there were also Tolleston and Froebel which became part of Gary West. There was a Gary Edison which may also be part of Gary West (not sure). Also, to confuse matters, there was an East Gary Edison which is now Lake Station Edison.
  8. MIC 2017

    Did anyone go to the Ben Davis - Pike game? According to the line score in the Indianapolis Star, the scoring by quarters looked like this: Pike 20 - 0 - 6 - 8 = 34 BD 48 - 0 - 14 - 7 = 69 So there were a combined 68 points scored in the first quarter then none for either team in the second? That can't be right. Could the line score have lumped all the first half points together under the first quarter line? That's quite a few points even for one half let alone for 12 minutes.
  9. MIC 2017

    Did anyone go to the Ben Davis - Pike game? According to the line score in the Indianapolis Star, the scoring by quarters looked like this: Pike 20 - 0 - 6 - 8 = 34 BD 48 - 0 - 14 - 7 = 69 So there were a combined 68 points scored in the first quarter then none for either team in the second? That can't be right. Could the line score have lumped all the first half points together under the first quarter line? That's quite a few points even for one half let alone for 12 minutes.
  10. * Week One Scores *

    Western Boone 19 Sheridan 7 Final per Webo Twitter
  11. I couldn't really tell from the article but it sounds like there will be just one CIC-CCC match-up for each school each year, or could there be more than one game per school? If just one, I wonder if they will try to schedule all the games on the same weekend or if they will just go by whatever is available per each school's schedule?
  12. Possible IPS closures

    Most of the IPS high schools are already 7-12, or in the case of Crispus Attucks 6-12. The only 9-12 IPS high schools are Tech and Shortridge. I was looking at the IPS website last night and was surprised that Manual is not an IPS school. I think I knew Howe wasn't but was didn't know what Manual's status was. Both appear to be operated by the same charter organization. It's a little confusing because when I looked up Indianapolis charter schools they weren't listed. Based on the IPS website here is are the schools that are listed as being high schools: Arlington - grades 7-12 Arsenal Tech - 9-12 Broad Ripple - 7-12 Crispus Attucks - 6-12 George Washington - 7-12 IPS Career Tech - 9-12 (listed as a separate high school but appears to be located on the Arsenal Tech campus. John Marshall - 7-12 Northwest - 7-12 Shortridge - 9-12
  13. Ok, it's been over two months now and apparently this never happened, so just out of curiosity what school was being considered?
  14. Per this article in the Crawfordsville Journal Review, the consolidated high school will be housed in the current Rockville building and the middle school (6-8) will be in the Turkey Run building. Names of schools, colors, mascots and whatever else need to be worked out are still to be determined. http://www.journalreview.com/news/local/article_2a91100a-1b35-11e7-8dd2-93c57284e13d.html As this pertains to football, based on the recent IHSAA enrollment information the current combined enrollment of grades 9-12 is 383 students which is just 6 above the largest 1A school, so it's more than likely the combined school will eventually end up in 1A anyway. That's assuming the combined school will probably lose a few students in the consolidation process plus the school district's enrollment has been on the decline for the past few years. Turkey Run is currently the smallest public school that has a football team. The only schools that are smaller are Rock Creek Academy, Traders Point Christian Academy and Indiana School for the Deaf.