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  1. NLC 2017

    SF was remembering the same set of circumstances from back then before the game, but didn't want to post anything and jinx the team. My initial thought after the game was "is the NLC talent just that poor this year, or is CMA just that tough"? Truth be told the CMA football team is a stout team and early mistakes, followed by the Raiders inability to unbury themselves proved to be their demise. BUT - great regular season, and hopefully the NR team will continue their growth into an NLC powerhouse.
  2. NLC 2017

    In football......NR has dominated in a few sports and been very competitive in many for a long time. Even winning the all-sports title a few times. Will be easier to get that title with the football program contributing like it is now.
  3. NLC 2017

    Well congrats to the Raiders!! Does ole SF's heart good to see them bringing the game they have had in them out. There is a very good chance they will claim the NLC football title outright this Friday night and remain undefeated. Awesome season gang. SF is headed back to the depths......
  4. NLC 2017

    Very interesting game in Dunlap coming on Friday. GOTY for the NLC. It can be said that either team could finish the regular season undefeated by winning this game. Sagarin has Concord pulling off a close one by one TD. SF doesn't want to predict anything since I haven't seen Concord play this season but I hear from multiple sources their size on both of the lines is impressive compared to Northridge, and I know they always seem to be strong clutch players. NR is certainly solid and while not error-free, seem to be disciplined and not prone to losing their cool in adverse situations. Sooooo - We will see........ Best year so far in the HISTORY of NR football, so it is exciting to say the least to see the boys doing so well. Go get em Raiders!! Best of luck to both teams for a great game - Play hard and stay safe.
  5. NLC 2017

    It's refreshing for SF to finally (after all these years on the GID since 2005 and the Kirkton years) be able to say with conviction that the NLC game of the season will be coming down to NR and Concord meeting in 2 weeks. Well deserved recognition to the Raiders.
  6. NLC 2017

    Perfect example of Hyperbole.......In case anyone was wondering...... Northridge @ Plymouth: Game of the week - will tell a lot about both teams for this season and how well they react. Wawasee @ Concord: Concord should roll. Warsaw @ Memorial: Toss-up of the week. Tigers should win, but both teams are typical shaky. Goshen @ Northwood: Northwood should roll, just need to shake off last week.
  7. NLC 2017

    SF's NLC Week 3 Picks - Elkhart Memorial, Northwood (SF's pick for GOTW), Plymouth, Northridge. (IMHO) BTW - Heard there were 3 TD's called back at the NW/Fairfield game on NW, so the score could have been worse......
  8. NLC 2017

    2nd week of the season - way too soon to make viable predictions based on anything but hyperbole (which SF usually has plenty of). Really looking forward to seeing the box scores tonight before real conference play gets underway next week. BTW - Sagarin has Northwood ranked 14th in the entire State if you want to believe in hyperbole.
  9. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4650744/Colts-owner-tweets-photo-naked-woman-claims-hack.html Irsay's at it again......
  10. NLC 2016

    Have not been on the NLC side of the GID hardly at all this season, but had to come on and give a tip of the SF fin to the Panthers of Northwood. What a season for the boys of Nappanee and what a game on Friday. Watched the game on 46 GOTW and was stunned. WTG Panthers. Great season and great game.
  11. NLC 2016

    http://www.packers.com/media-center/videos/The-Rock-Report-Early-returns-/5dff3b8f-c62b-4d36-b917-cd2cc98a9000?sf33366906=1 NLC Standout Jason Spriggs makes a name in Green Bay......
  12. NLC 2016

    Please join SF in wishing Bill Beck the best of luck as he begins his new venture at the Elkhart Truth. According to a recent Facebook post from Bill, after 30 plus years on the sports pages of the Truth, Bill is moving up to his new position as the Managing Editor for the Truth. This NLC fan will miss seeing the Beckster in the sports section. Congratulations and best wishes sir!
  13. NLC 2016

    Northern Lakes Conference NORTHERN LAKES CONFERENCE ALL-SPORTS TALLY 2015-16 May 26, 2016 GIRLS’ VB CC GO SO SW BB TR TE SB TOTAL PLACE CHAMPIONSHIPS Warsaw 14 16 10 16 10 14 16 12 4 112 T1st Track & Field, CC, and Soccer Champs! Northridge 11 14 7 14 16 16 14 6 14 112 T1st Swim/Dive and Basketball Champs! Concord 11 12 7 12 14 2 12 8 12 90 3rd NorthWood 7 7 16 9 3 10 6 10 8 76 4th Golf Champs! Goshen 7 10 4 9 6 12 10 3 8 69 5th Memorial 16 4 2 4 8 8 2 14 8 66 T6th Volleyball Champs! Wawasee 2 7 14 2 12 6 4 3 16 66 T6th Softball Champs! Plymouth 4 2 12 6 3 4 8 16 2 57 8th Tennis Champs! The 2015-16 Spring Sports’ season for the girls’ Northern Lakes Conference All-Sports race is completed with the Northridge Raiders catching the Warsaw Tigers by earning 34 points in the spring to Warsaw’s 32. Both schools will be honored as co-AllSport Champions for 2015-16! The Concord Minutemen also scored 32 points in the spring to pull away from all other school to easily hold onto 3rd place while the NorthWood Panthers rounded out the top 4. BOYS’ SO FB TE CC WR SW BB TR BA GO TOTAL PLACE CHAMPIONSHIPS Warsaw 3 7 10 16 6 12 16 16 15 14 115 1st Track & Field, CC, Basketball, Golf, and Baseball Co-Champs! Northridge 8 11 8 14 8 16 9 10 11 16 111 2nd Swim/Dive Champs! Goshen 16 7 14 12 14 8 9 14 8 2 104 3rd Soccer Champs! Plymouth 3 14 16 2 12 3 12 6 15 12 95 4th Baseball Co-champs and Tennis Champs! NorthWood 10 11 4 8 10 3 14 12 11 10 93 5th Concord 12 16 12 10 3 14 5 8 5 6 91 6th Football Champs! Memorial 14 3 6 5 16 6 5 4 5 4 68 7th Wrestling Champs! Wawasee 6 3 2 5 3 10 2 2 2 8 43 8th The boys complete the 2015-16 Spring competition season for the NLC All-Sports race with the Warsaw Tigers passing both the Goshen RedHawks and Northridge Raiders compiling 45 points out of a possible 48 behind baseball and track & field championships and a 2nd place finish in golf. Congratulations Tigers! The Raiders boys golf championship moved them past Goshen as the RedHawks finished 3rd. Rounding out the top 4 were the Plymouth Pilgrims on the strength of a baseball co-championship and the tennis championship.
  14. NLC 2016

    http://totalpackers.com/2016/05/packers-get-jason-spriggs-deal-done/ Congratulations - to the $ 5 million dollar man.
  15. NLC 2016

    Congratulations to former NLC player Jason Spriggs. Drafted by the Green Bay Packers over the weekend.