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  1. I bet against Memorial last week and won't make that same mistake twice. After watching them multiple games this year, I just don't see how they can lose. They always find a way to grind it out.
  2. 812 Football 2017

    I'll try and livestream it and give you my thoughts throughout the game.
  3. 812 Football 2017

    I apologize. I'll try and watch all of the games. I'll even cheer for Columbus east
  4. 812 Football 2017

    Congrats Memorial and SR on the wins. Looking forward to watching y'all in the state finals
  5. Danville was moving the ball a lot...Memorial wasn't. 7-7 now
  6. Danville is cruising while Memorial is struggling. Hope the tigers can make the adjustments at half
  7. I like Danville in a close battle. Still going to cheer for the Tigers tho.
  8. No offense to Dunham, but how did he make the cut if he was injured for almost the whole season? He'd definitely be in if he wasn't injured in my book.
  9. Can't speak for all of Evansville, but I'm definitely not ok with it.
  10. I don't think the final score showed how the game went. I wasn't at the game but I heard Memorial was stopped in the red zone 4 or so times. Could have been a different outcome if you ask me. Mem is a better team than central in a lot of different ways. Passing, discipline, game plan, coaching are all pluses. Talent, size, run game are all minus. But Central is an all or none type of team. When winning they are destructive, when losing they break apart. I look forward to seeing a great matchup tomorrow
  11. A little too much "swagger". More like disrespect to me.
  12. Evansville teams/fans have been saying that the whole year. Guess Owen doesn't like taking advice.
  13. Tor'Jon Evans just got tossed. PF's are flying everywhere. Been there the whole year. 28-6 East Central