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  1. Titans QB pass play

    Getting hit in the back of head is not bat, muff or catch in that senerio so no it wouldn't be a foul, although that was called in the state title game???
  2. It wasn't just this rule it's most rules. The lack of rules knowledge at times is comical. Just like this example he gave all these reasons why he knew the rule and he has known it for a while but was actually wrong in his understanding of the rule. It's not a knock on anyone just an observation. I doubt most coaches have ever sat down and read the whole rule book. There are actually a lot of things in there they could take advantage of if they knew the rules better. A good example was a few weeks ago in the NBA game when they intentionally offensive goal tended on a inbounds pass. If more people knew that was leagal they would do it end of game senerio all the time
  3. With RPO this is a issue but you say this is the most missed call do you know what the rule actually is? Nothing worse then hearing a coach yell and scream about a rule they think they know and they are totally wrong.
  4. Rules Ideas

    Lol. Paper champ!!!!
  5. Rules Ideas

    Blah blah blah. When officials say/act this way coaches go nuts. You know the rule, it's a safety rule, just get out of the way and off the white. What you always hear is why are you even looking over here the game is in front of you. Coaches get all bent out of shape and act disrespectful and make it miserable on the sideline which in turn is the main reason it's hard to get new officials to stay because no one wants to deal/hear all that noise. For the most part though as long as coaches are out of the way and away from the wing it's fine. Then there is a turnover and the coach stays in the white, official changes direction starts to run and is watching the play and "bam" they run into the coach. That's where the safety issue comes into play.
  6. Rules Ideas

    Nice try at being passive aggressive but the issue is coaches done get out of the way and most times are "coaching" and not yelling at the officials but when an official runs into a coach and breaks his leg or tears his acl the official is still hurt and still effects his regular job/life. Coaches and non players stand in the restricted area way too much and officials have to look ahead but worry about what's next to them and they shouldn't have too. It's hard enough with 5 guys to watch 22 without having to worry about running into someone standing in the way
  7. Rules Ideas

    They did it entirely for TV and no other reason(they want the game done in 3 hours 10 minutes). Which is exactly why #4 needs to stay the way it is. Know that ALL the rule changes in college and pro are to help out: 1. TV 2. Scoring 3. The perception of safety why allow the qb to throw it away under pressure? With so many defensive people on the rules board I don't see this ever changing. Why penalize the defense for making a play?
  8. Fake Kneeldown

    According to rich Rod these officials told his defense not to hit anybody. I'm sure someone will come out with something that is very clear and specific now
  9. Fake Kneeldown

    If they say they are taking a knee there should be a whistle that doesn't let them score. They shouldn't say they are taking a knee End of game that's 1 score play football. If they do something that warrants a flag or ejection they get it but on that 1% chance they muff the snap, live ball and the defense should have a chance to recover it. Multi score, large margin of victory game (which is the norm in Indiana) its over and stop anything unnecessar from happening. The game is over but end of half and close games, football should be played without the officials telling the players anything. Except the qb. I hate when they take a knee and sit there on their knee. If someone does rush hard and hit them and the get bent over their knee and tear it up. It might be a foul but so what qb is still hurt. Take a knee stand up fast and throw the ball the R and get out of the way. I disagree with Bob on this one. I believe if you are calling it unsportsmanship, it is a foul at the snap and is to be killed and the yardage marked off from the previous spot as if you were treating it like the "where is the tee play". It's at the end of rule 9 isn't it?
  10. What is a "catch?"

    I still think the Troy P plays shows you what initial contact is. You still want it to be the first thing that touches the ground but even with that he didn't maintain possession after that, he dropped it right after his knee hit. Yes other parts hit but he dropped it. I think the Troy P one is a perfect case that should of been a catch that was ruled incomplete. Everyone talks about Calvin Johnson in week 1 of 2010 the Troy P play was in a playoff game that the steelers almost lost because of this play. Maybe if vandernuts makes that kick people would talk about this play more
  11. Changes in the Northern Indiana Conference

    I believe for most of the year saragain had them ranked even or had NP favorited. Penn finished ranked slightly ahead
  12. What is a "catch?"

    I still disagree with what you are saying is initial and the fact you don't see that it says after initial. He did not maintain possession after his initial contact with the ground. Also if you superman a catch with 1 hand and the other hands comes to the ground and the first thing that touches is your pinkie then you lose possession before the rest of your hand contacts the ground do you want that to be a catch? It says AFTER INITIAL contact and in the steelers plays he lost the ball a split second after initial contact so he did not maintain possession after initial contact
  13. What is a "catch?"

    After reading what bison wrote and I still don't think you are putting the whole maintain possession "after" the initial contact with the ground I take that as knee/elbow/shoulder/head/ankle/butt cheek then after all that initial contact and player is on the ground untouched and then starts to get up like the Troy P pick against the colts and then dropped it while getting up abkut 30 seconds in
  14. What is a "catch?"

    From the time his knee hit to the time his elbow hit(that's when he lost it) is less the .3 seconds that doesn't seem like maintaining possession "after" initial contact. You can go back and forth but he didn't catch it while going to the ground. Did not survive the ground and the ball hit the ground when his elbow hits.
  15. What is a "catch?"

    You had me going until I reread it again. It does not say maintain possession "until initial" contact with the ground it says maintain possession "after" initial contact and after his initial contact with the ground, his knee he did not maintain possession, the ball hit the ground.