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  1. Sectional 63

    It occurs to me that for a place that is supposed to be tough on coaches Loogootee has been amazingly tolerant with coach Chezem. I mean consider all of the things that have happened that would usually get a coached canned: 1. Never beat the biggest rival. 2. Lose to the one team you can't lose to (Shoals in this case). 3. Play your son more than his ability merits (especially his freshman year). 4. Lose a double digit lead in the 4th quarter (long time Lions fans would almost literally have never seen that). 5. See dwindling fan support during the season.
  2. Southridge Sectional

    No question this is one of the best sectionals in the state. Very few sectionals are such where any of the teams could win, which is the case here. Obviously Washington and Southridge are dark horses, but they got the benefit of the draw. Pike Central and Sullivan are absolutely capable of winning. I wonder if there has ever been a team have as Jeckyl and Hyde a season as Vincennes did this year? If both Vincennes and Princeton are on their game I think that one will just come down to a few breaks/lucky bounces of the ball as much as anything.
  3. Sectional 63

    Barr-Reeve has been playing pretty well of late. They still seem to play to the level of the opponent, as they did not look good against Rivet. Shoals had a nice win at Mitchell, and their win a couple of weeks ago against Springs Valley was a good one. It is going to be nearly impossible to convince the BR players that Shoals is capable of beating them. There is always a huge upset somewhere on day one of the tourney, could it be this game? I doubt it. I think BR has had some players improve a lot over the course of the season. O'Neil is much tougher and better than he was early on. Ainscough has had some outstanding games in the latter part of the season. Isaac Wagler has improved a lot as well. If BR plays to their capacity they will win the sectional and the regional.
  4. It will start at 1:00 eastern time.
  5. Barr-Reeve 56 Loogootee 49 3 OT

    I'm not sure. Loogootee did not shoot the ball very well, so they could improve in that aspect. Each team presents match up problems for the other. Loogootee started 4 little guys, BR starts 3 little guys, that means there is always going to be a mis-match somewhere. You would think BR would have posted up both of their bigs, but they never really did. If Loogootee would come out with a hot start and get a lead, I wonder if BR could ever catch up. Bottom line if I had to bet on one team to come out of the Loogootee sectional and regional, I would still pick BR, but there are several teams, including Loogootee and Orleans that could beat them. Finally, it is hard to beat a team 3 times, especially when the team that lost both times probably feels they should have won both times.
  6. Barr-Reeve 56 Loogootee 49 3 OT

    For the most part I don't really think it is that they don't want to throw the ball into O'Neil - it's just that they aren't good at it. The post entry pass is a skill like anything else and putting it at the right place and the right time is way harder than some people make it look. The chemistry just isn't good at times with this team. Most schools have to deal with this from time to time. It is rare at BR because lots of times all of the players are related in some way and they have played together their entire lives. BR has players from different classes which can be a problem too. This team is way less "savvy" than most Viking squads too. I think all of these issues would vanish if they had a good, experienced point guard to lead them. That was the obvious weakness of this team from day one and it is still the weakness. Brycen Graber has done really well for a freshman that started the season playing 3 quarters on the JV, but it is unrealistic to expect him to play at the level that the team needs to meet their potential and also to be the floor leader.
  7. This one had a bit of everything It was close throughout the game. BR was up by about 6 about half way through the 4th qtr, but couldn't maintain the lead. BR had the ball at the end of regulation, but didn't look good as their worst offensive player forced up a shot that wasn't close. In the first overtime BR guard Gladish banked in a 3 pointer with 3 seconds left to go up by 3. Loogootee ran a hook and ladder and got off a good shot that hit the rim about 5 times before finally falling in at the buzzer. In the 2nd overtime one of the few bad calls in the game gave Loogootee 2 free throws that tied it. BR failed to get off a shot and then Loogootee had 2.8 seconds left. They ran a similar play but didn't get much of a look. In the 3rd overtime BR took control. To finish the bizarre happenings Loogootee took a shot and the ball got stuck on top of the backboard. Players kept trying to knock it off with another ball - and failing. It was pretty comical. Thoughts: Loogootee deserved to win this game. They wanted it more and played harder and probably better than BR. For BR Isaac Wagler played very hard and well but the rest of the team acted like they would rather be someplace else. Wagler won this game for BR. You just don't get the feeling that the Vikings are a team, which is really unusual for them. I thought this game also demonstrated the problems that occur if you don't make a concerted effort to develop your bench. BR had at least one player who was just playing very poorly but the coach has no confidence in his substitutes.
  8. Barr-Reeve 57 Jasper 50

    This was a very fun game to watch. The JV game was well played as well (BR also won that one). I'm sure after facing so many opponents employing slow down tactics the Viking players loved playing a team that wanted to push the pace. Jasper started in full court pressure, and it was very effective - for Barr-Reeve. BR handled the press to perfection and got easy scores off of it. I believe the score was maybe 24 - 8 before Jasper took it down. Jasper then went on a bit of a run and the half ended with BR up 5. BR got a good start to the 3rd qtr and again got up double digits, but another Jasper run got it closer. A couple of careless turnovers late in the game put BR in a position where they had to make free throws at the end to hold on, but they did so for a nice win. Sophomore center O'Neil was very good for BR - 25 points. Ainscough also had a nice game with 12. Guard Wagler was really good as well. In a way he was the difference maker with 3 or 4 hustle plays utilizing his quickness.
  9. Sectional 63

    Well, they are the worst team in the IHSAA this year. That is about as far as you can fall. Washington is probably now too small to really have a Catholic high school. Washington high school is much smaller than it used to be too. It's just numbers really. I'm not sure how many students WC has this year - well less than 100 I would guess. Unless you have some sort of hot shot recruiting coach you can't expect to have much of a team with that number to pick from.
  10. Buggy Bowl Barr-Reeve 44 North Daviess 24

    Yep. This was a good team for BR to pick up. They have been upgrading their schedule for a while now and really have a pretty good schedule for a small school in the South west part of the state. Anyway, this is a good, not great, team from a talent perspective for BR. Hard to say how they will do at Memorial.
  11. Buggy Bowl Barr-Reeve 44 North Daviess 24

    I must say it is a head scratcher for me. Obviously coach Dalrymple knows his personnel better than I do, but I just think their offensive approach goes counter to taking advantage of their skill set as a team. They have some good athletes in Knepp and Wagler and Riggins. I think they would be much better suited to spreading the floor and driving the basketball. Basically the type of offense used by Brownstown would be best suited to the abilities than ND possesses. Drive and finish or drive and kick is the way to go. I actually think Wininger would be better in that approach as well. I see him as being quite effective in a pick and pop as he can make the mid range jumper. I really think he would be better facing the basket than posting up. Also using a more driving/slashing attack would give him an opportunity to crash the boards for stick backs. But, like I said the coach knows more than I do, so I'm sure I'm wrong.
  12. Sectional 63

    There is also the intangible that more than likely BR will have to beat Loogootee three times in the same season. Certainly BR knows the difficulty of that from last year.
  13. Evansville Career Scoring Record

    That is a good article, but the one thing that stands out most to me about him is his ability to finish over much larger defenders. I mean, it isn't just the quickness to get past his defender that makes him special, it's the ability to then score once he gets to the rim, despite his size, that sets him apart for me.
  14. Sectional 63

    I think you are pretty much spot on. BR is surely the favorite but definitely not an overwhelming one. BR is not able to turn over teams that want to slow it down which leaves them open to being upset by either Orleans or Loogootee.
  15. Maybe you could also translate it into English? :)