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  1. Graber Post Classic Review

    This BR team is not state championship caliber this year, but at least in terms of the very top teams 1A is better than 2A this year. By that I mean Indianapolis Tindley and Fort Wayne Blackhawk are better than the top 2A teams. Teams that want to play slow can stay close to BR (Orleans, Dubois) because BR doesn't have the ability to speed them up. Also, Dubois is better than their record would indicate. They have some pretty good, quick, guards. The BR schedule is much tougher in the 2nd half. Look for them to take some bumps.

    Loogootee certainly looked better in the GPC.
  3. Graber Post Classic Review

    It was: Berry N Daviess Nalley Pike Central Justin Fickling S Knox Wagoner Loogootee Gladish, ONeil Barr-Reeve Donaldson, Furst, Davidson, Mull Blackhawk Mull was the MVP Not sure I agree with a couple of those.
  4. Graber Post Classic Review

    Good attendance for the three days. Very good for the final game considering Ft Wayne wasn't going to bring many fans. Well run as always. Great job with keeping on schedule. The only really bad game to watch was Clay City and North Daviess. South Knox played well except against the BR zone. If they improve their zone offense they have a shot to repeat as sectional champs. Even though they lost twice, I thought Pike Central showed potential. Loogootee had a good tourney. They looked really good vs Brownstown. Bauer is going to be very good. It would help him to take just a beat longer to get his legs under him and square up when he gets it in the post. I didn't like much about North Daviess, including the way they all just seemed to ignore Wininger after he was hurt. Clay City should drop this tourney. Brownstown isn't really good, but considering they are small, not quick, don't have shooters, they are amazingly good. Nobody competes better than them. Barr-Reeve didn't really play well again. They have only had one game where they hit on all cylinders (Linton). I'm sure they will keep plugging away at it. Quentin Yoder is too good on the glass and in the post not to get minutes somehow. Fort Wayne Blackhawk: Just loads of length and talent. They have the raw ability to win a championship, but they need to get better defensively. The need to move their feet better and stop reaching. They also need to adjust to the officiating and stop reacting to calls made against them. They had 10+ fouls in the first quarter and they were almost all bad fouls. Those sorts of fouls may not always be whistled but they will be in tournament games somewhere along the line. I would think they would be effective with trapping defenses and some zone as well. At least have that in the arsenal. Offensively they were just terrific, although surely they don't always shoot the ball like they did in this tournament.
  5. McDonalds Holiday Hoops Tourney (Vincennes)

    Congratulations to Vincennes on a really nice tournament to win.
  6. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    I'm afraid not. Lincoln plays a much better schedule than Washington. Plus you can't say a guy is the best coach and then say it is OK to dummy down the schedule because the program can no longer compete with the sort of schedule they should have. Those two things don't go together. In more simple words you can't be the best coach and at the same time have a program in decline.
  7. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    I can't put him at the top. I really don't like what he has done with the Hatchet schedule. Obviously that officially falls under his AD job, but all coaches have input into scheduling.
  8. Loogootee at Washington

    It was Washington 47 - 43. Pretty much as expected. It was a pretty ugly game to tell the truth. Both teams turned it over a lot. Killion got his first start for Washington and had a nice game. Loogootee couldn't defend him once he got it down low. Dearwester had a nice game for Loogootee.
  9. Barr-Reeve 29 Dubois 26

    Report is sprained MCL. Could have been worse.
  10. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Yep, "you gotta have the horses" is an old cliché, but it's true. You mention the great Hatchet teams. No question the Zellers were key, but those teams had lots of other talent. Luke's team had Brian Bouchie who was also a D1 recruit. He probably had more talent than Luke did. Isaac Stoll was also very good on that team. Tyler Zeller had Seth Coy, also a D1 recruit - and the most improved kid in high school I have ever seen. He was off to a great start at the next level before the tragic car crash that took his life. Cody had Pittman who was very good and two excellent guards in Anthony and Irvin. All of those teams had good guards. You don't win state championships without good guards, no matter how may 7 footers you have.
  11. Barr-Reeve 29 Dubois 26

    Yes, I know.
  12. Loogootee at Washington

    Neither team has been very good offensively for the most part. I don't see where either team can just assert its will on the other physically so it will probably just come down to who shoots the ball better. I guess kind of an X factor is Washington coming off a 50 point drubbing. You never know how kids will react to something like that. Ultimately I think Washington is the better team so I'll go with them.
  13. Barr-Reeve 29 Dubois 26

    No. I'm not good with names, but the crew was guys we see a lot in this area. They are good officials and did a good job in this particular game.
  14. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    You might have been better off to have left it unbitten :) I mean of course if you take away coach A's best seasons and then take away coach B's worst seasons then the two coaches winning percentages are going to be closer. The whole point of looking at career percentages is to take into account the inevitable flux in talent over the years. But I certainly agree that it is easier to win in some places than others. There was a great feeder system already in place for coach Hughes for example. In the case of Benter they play a pretty weak schedule.
  15. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Is that like being a "deplorable"?