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  1. That would be just fine with me as well.
  2. Good luck to Memorial next week. Great year for GS. These young men have nothing to be ashamed of.
  3. How many Titan fans believe. Lets see how many IB we can get today. I'm fired up.
  4. A lot of hard work has went into both programs to get where there are today. Its game day my friends and Its a great day to be a Titan. IB
  5. Few questions this morning. 1. Does Memorial have any two way players? 2. What about their RB #21? 3. Can GS defensive backfield slow their passing game and eliminate the big plays? 4. Can GS contain their QB and shut down his ability to run the ball. 5. Can Memorial slow down our pass offense? 6. Can Memorial slow down our running game? If the answer is no to questions 3-6 I'd hate to say what the possibilities are for the final score. Yikes.
  6. 9-29-17 Memorial’s only loss was to the Central Bears 35-7. Gonna be a packed house this Friday night at the Jewell. We can’t have the mental errors like this past Friday night and expect to win. Hopefully we get it cleaned up and end Memorials season. Both teams hard work has paid off and good luck. IB - All IN
  7. Ok 32. How’s it going out there today?
  8. Has a thread started for Memorial at GS?
  9. This was our toughest opponent to date this year. You can talk about whatever you want regarding officiating. You can also talk about what if the weather was dry the field was dry etc. VL is an outstanding team and I refuse to say anything negative. Those kids played their hearts out and have nothing to be ashamed of because they left it all out on the field . The fact is as a Titans fan we play again next Friday night against a very talented team in the Memorial Tigers and for the opportunity to continue is a blessing people. Coach Hart and his staff will clean up the mistakes and this team will learn from them. It’s time to move on. .