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  1. Look.......don't get me started on Mater Dei, or for that matter any other parochial school and their success!! I have my opinions about that and for the moment I will keep them to myself. As to your comment about GS's run ending soon, soon being the key word here. Maybe I should have selected a different word than soon in my 1st post. I will answer your question with some questions......do you think the Persians ever thought their empire would fall? Or that the British ever imagined an upstart nation could ever defeat them? Or that the BOston Celtics or the UCLA Bruins would ever have imagined that they would not be royalty of the basketball domain? Do you think Titan 20 that youth coaches, or middle school coaches or even high school coaches are working any less effort, or teaching fewer fundamentals at Heritage Hills?? The answer in unequivocally NO. The simple fact is EVERYTHING comes to an end at some point. So this talk of GS leaving the conference, or any other scuttlebutt about them having to find "better" competition is folly to me. Enjoy the ride you guys are on!! As I said before good luck tonight!!! The jungle hopefully will be hostile tonight!! Yea that's what I meant. Thanks for the help
  2. So you are effectively saying that from roughly 1992-2007 (the reason I chose those years is because it comes to 15 years) HH should have demanded to get out of the PAC?? In those years HH had a collective record of 182-20!!! They hammered practically everyone in the conference year in and year out. They got to the dome twice and played in the semi state game countless times. The were the dominant program in the PAC. But you see the PAC did not make them better, or worse. It had nothing to do with the conference and everything to do with playing the game against themselves. That made them great. Knowing that their every move on the field was going to be dissected during film made them practically unbeatable!! Knowing that no coach on the staff cared about the final score, they only cared about individual grades, and personal performance. So to answer the question I posed to you earlier about good teams leaving conferences that wane at times, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. The is no justification to ever think that your team's success is greater than a conference commitment, regardless of the talent levels ebbs and flows. Sports generate money for schools so that all kids can have the opportunity to compete if they choose to, in any sport offered. Football is not the one sport that should drive decisions on conference alignments!!
  3. I have been reading all of this dialogue of how great GS is, and how they have been running through the conference, the reasons why they should look to leave the conference, blah blah blah(No this has not been from GS posters). Yes it is evident that GS is on an upward trend, they are the measuring stick. Yes they are the team at the top at the presently. Yes they are once again having an outstanding year. But to be very honest all this talk is getting a little vexing. This trend, or this run of good luck will run it's course like most things do. In due time there will be something better, there will be something newer come along. I look back to the mid 80's and Tell City (Big 8 I know) was an absolute monster, then South Spencer and their conference championships and consequent run to the dome, then North Posey had it's moments in the sun. Heritage Hills went on a decade long run, maybe a little more than a decade, 80 some odd straight regular season wins., state champion ship appearances etc. Simple fact is this: good athletes come and they go. They are here for a bit then they are gone, only to return again (hopefully). I also feel that success can be double edged sword, a terrible dose of reality. When schools first start finding success and winning ways, kids work crazy hard to get better. Coaches work harder than they ever have to stay on top. The community gets behind their teams and programs swell to unheard of numbers. Then on the other side of that sword, winning sometimes can stem complacency. The fire and desire to strive to be the best fizzles, and kids start feeling entitled, "we are good because of who we are"! The community can unknowingly put unreachable expectations on high school kids, winning isn't enough anymore, "you mean we only beat that team 21-7". Before you know it this unbeatable program becomes very ordinary. The interest is gone, the fire is gone, the FUN is gone. This is more evident in smaller public schools I feel. The funny thing is, all of this is okay, ordinary and extra-ordinary, ebbs and flows of athletic success, as long as it's fun and we/they(student athletes/fans) enjoy the game. Because that's the important word, game, it's all just a game. This is in no way me throwing shade at GS, it's just an opinion. Right now GS football is the program of the PAC, but GS needs to stay put in this very stable conference. IMO GS needs to stay grounded and continue to go to work because others are out there working harder than they ever have to knock them off of their lofty perch. Most importantly though the kids need to truly enjoy the run they are on, because it soon will end like all good things do, and often without warning!! Good luck Friday. Parents, students and players travel safe. See you all in the jungle.
  4. Was just curious if you thought that Posey would put up 4 or 5 touchdowns on HH's defense or if you were idicating that HH would score 7 or more times. That's all.
  5. IFCA Poll Week 5

    Not intentionally. No need to clarify either or be direct. Just thought I might explain myself.
  6. Why do you think that?? Just curious. I wasn't sure what to expect from Posey defensively.
  7. Another quiet week from both sides??? I wonder why?? I would agree with PAC FAN on this one. If HH can contain Stewart it should be smooth sailing for the Patriots. That is obviously a big if. I said the same thing about Chatman fro Jasper last week..........we all know how that one turned out. I am sure though that the staff and player have been working to get the kinks out. Big three game stretch for the Pats!!
  8. IFCA Poll Week 5

    Actually I was referring to the PAC conference as Caesar and obviously you as Brutus. That reference was made because you are so quick to jump on the Chatard bandwagon, and stab in the back our conference and it's teams as well as other southern Indiana conferences and teams, by implying that the mighty Chatard is and always will be the best. It's almost like you guys (GS) are that little dog Chester on Looney Tunes and Chatard is Spike!!! Always trying to be accepted by the big dawgs!! As to the whole God and arrogance thing.......I was not aware that Caesar's self perception was that. But I am fairly certain that many on this forum would agree that that's a better representation of the biggest school in the PAC, or at least how they perceive themselves; we (GS) are the highest and mightiest of that conference and that's final. I will let you figure the sleeping dog idiom on your own. It's in the syntax dude........the "such as" part of your sentencing can be looked at in two ways. If your meaning was opposite of my understanding, I get it now. I will still stand by my view point of this poll though.
  9. IFCA Poll Week 5

    I haven't said a word about Cathedral, but if they are in fact 1-3 you are exactly right, they do not deserve to be highly regarded. Wins=recognition in the polls. Losses=there's work to do. Enough said TitanPride, go back to your IB shirt design shop. Didn't say polls don't matter, I said ridiculous views. AND I completely agree with the November settles it all statement, refer to previous post about Chatard and last years early exit from the tournament. They were a 6-6 ball club, yet all I heard last year was that "they are definitely a top 3 team in 3A based on their schedule" Apparently that was not quite accurate, proof was in the pudding so to speak. First off, don't DUDE me dude. Secondly I did carefully read you post, and you implied that the only STIFF competition in 3A was either Gibson Southern or Brownstown which I laugh at. Thirdly I do not care that Chatard has hung with anyone, simple fact is they are getting beat. My opinion is this, as I have stated all along, polls are not meant for people to say, or vote based on ides such as "that team should be good" or "that team is playing good competition close and losing" or "maybe by November that team will have it figure out" but instead should be based off of the body of work. Best said, are you winning or are you losing. Chatard is not winning at present, therefore they should not be ranked......at present. If their fortunes should change, then by all means include. But until then.....my opinion stands dude!
  10. IFCA Poll Week 5

    Oh I see Gibson Southern and Brownstown are the measuring stick of good competition. So with that logic, Jasper, who played 3A # 4 Evansville Memorial close but lost, then beat 2A #5 Southridge and then beat 3A tradition rich Heritage Hills who at the time was receiving votes in both polls and also sandwich in a win against a conference team.....obviously should be ranked in the state because their schedule is VERY SOLID and they are 3-1 right???? NOPE, wrong answer!! Not even getting a vote? Hmmmm what's wrong with your poll that measures imaginary, hypothetical future post season blah blah blah. It's an opinion by the "good 'ol boys club" which I don't have to agree with........it's pretty simple. When Chatard wins the state championship this year, like they are going too because their schedule says so, then you can rank them #1. Until then.....they are a 1-3 team that IMO shouldn't be getting all the love that the Gibson Southern faithful want to give them!!!!
  11. Completely agree with........completely. I guarantee SS wishes it's first two games of the year were non conference......
  12. IFCA Poll Week 5

    And that is a fine opinion........and I have mine. Which is exactly what polls are, opinions. I don't have to agree with them, or yours. Nor do you have to mine. That's what makes this forum maddening sometimes, but also educational at times. We all can voice are opinions, hopefully in a tactful way, and spark some enlightening conversation........
  13. May I please propose a couple of very simple questions if I may??? What if the mighty steam engine that is Gibson Southern derails?? Would you still be chomping at the bit for Reitz or Mater Dei? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ALL good things come to an end........1990-2004 Atlanta Braves (where are they now), post 1987 IU Hoosier basketball (any banners lately) Chicago Cubs (let's wait another 100 years for the next one). Do you honestly ever think that Tell City football, back in the 1980's, could have ever imagined the state of it's current program? They were so good back then, and now....not so much. Do with your schedule what you all want........but do not complain when the dark clouds settle in when things have gone south. Because eventually they will.
  14. IFCA Poll Week 5

    Et tu, Brute? Wow how quickly you bite the PAC hand that feeds you and jump on the "holier than thou" band wagon!!! This has nothing to do with Heritage Hills at all. It has everything to do with the team and the bodies filling the pads and jerseys. Chatard has won 9 state championships in the 2000's I think. Those are all teams from......pay attention here.......from the past. What has this years team done. Gone 1-3. I heard the same banter last year and that team went 6-6 and lost in the sectional. I am sorry to hurt your feelings on this one, but TRADITION does equate to this year's success. They are 1-3. One last thing 20....don't wake a sleeping dog by insulting it and poking it.......
  15. IFCA Poll Week 5

    No....but Toledo should be ranked higher than Chatard!!! That analogy is completely impractical.......if Auburn 1-3 and Toledo 4-0, I absolutely say Toledo should be ranked higher. Wait, I get it.....you must be an SEC fan because everyone in the country knows that SEC football is the best conference EVER. And losing games in that conference shouldn't matter.......because it's the SEC and it should actually count as a win, because if said team were playing in any other conference they probably would've won. To justify your logic it would appear that all you need to do is load your schedule with bigger classed, talented schools, and play them very close, mind you all the while losing and that makes you just as good. Furthermore playing those games, and losing, means you rightfully deserve to be ranked in the state polls because you did just that....lost close games. i.e. the SEC factor Everyone knows that Chatard is a great football program.....hell I agree with that. Most people would also agree that Chatard is also a state contender in 3A almost every year....I agree with that too. All I am saying is 1-3 does not merit lofty rankings. I don't care how close the loss was, or how good it looked on paper, the fact is an L is an L. It's my opinion and I can stick with that. Polls are not created to stroke the egos of those programs that think they should always be included just because. Yes Lysander, every football fanatic where I come from knows just how good Chatard has been, and for how long. Some of us have had the opportunity to view those teams at a very close perspective. I am not throwing shade at your program.......simply stating my opinion about how ridiculous polls are.