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  1. NIC Week # 2

    Northridge can't afford to play half as sloppy as they did against Adams in week 1. I think they'll play a lot more disciplined this week, but they'll be missing a key player on defense/running back. Should be a good game, I'm guessing whoever wins will not win by more than 1 score. I'm excited to make my first trip to Father Bly Field this week.
  2. NLC - 2018

    Northridge JV traveled to South Bend Adams last night. Raider JV team won 38 to 0 on a rainy Monday night game.
  3. NLC - 2018

    Since it's almost August I figured it's time to get some NLC Football discussion going. Anyone have any predictions for your schools, or the conference as a whole? I have been mostly out of the loop until the last week or two, so I have no real idea on how the conference might shake out. Northridge lost a whole bunch of seniors that contributed to last years conference title, but we do return our "backup/starting" qb that looked really good the last few seasons filling in for Nick Hooley. My way too early prediction for this season would be that we win 6-7 games and compete for the title, but I think the conference should be pretty even across the board minus possibly a couple of teams still trying to establish things.
  4. NLC - 2018

    I somehow went 8 and 0 this week, guessing that'll be the first and last time it happens this year... some of my scores were close, a few not so much. I'm looking forward to week 2, especially the NR/SJ, Warsaw/EN, Plymouth/Kokomo and Goshen/Central games.... should learn a lot more about where the NLC stands after this week's games.
  5. NLC - 2018

    I fully support the guys in stripes, I umpire baseball myself, but that doesn't mean they aren't human either. Friday night was sloppy, on all sides including the officials...I get it, first game kinks needing worked out. I've also viewed the game from a player, coach, official, and fans standpoint, but too many more games like this and it will not do much to fill the stands on a Friday night.
  6. NLC - 2018

    Unfortunately Northridge will be without a key defensive player/ backup RB for the St Joe game after a questionable ejection call from the 29 penalty calling group of refs we had Friday night. Hopefully we can be more disciplined in week 2, but the refs were towards the bottom of crew's I've witnessed call a game in years, and mostly 1 sided on their questionable calls.
  7. NLC - 2018

    Good win tonight, we should've won by 20 or more but we had more penalties than I've ever seen, and that was just the first half. Next week at Father Bly Field should be a great game and atmosphere, but if we don't clean things up, I think we lose.
  8. NLC - 2018

    That's also the only NLC Freshman game I've seen results to....Northridge frosh plays Adams on this coming Thursday.
  9. NLC - 2018

    Similar situation here, yesterday I scrambled to put something together halfway coherent lol. Between work and coaching it leaves little time for much else....thankfully my job allows for me to browse the GID regularly when I'm not swamped!
  10. This is the DAY!!!!

    couldn't have said it better!
  11. NLC - 2018

    I probably worded this wrong, I'm just thinking that if Warsaw begins to be as competitive as I believe they will under Coach Curtis, playing a team such as the Eagles wouldn't be nearly as beneficial as playing some of the more traditionally good football teams in the area. I'm not saying it's likely, but I could see any number of the following being a better fit talent wise than CC (no disrespect to CC, a friend's kid plays for them). As you mentioned any number of the Fort Wayne teams would be awesome, but that isn't happening any time soon. In no particular order: Culver Military Elkhart High School Leo New Haven Penn South Bend St Josephs Mishawaka Marian Angola Valpo
  12. NLC - 2018

    My picks for this week: St. Joe at Concord - Concord lost a bunch from last year, not sure if Cain is fully healed up from his torn ACL yet. Close one last year, should be similar. St. Joe by 3 Elk Central at Elk Memorial - it might be closer than it should for the cross town rivals, since it's the last battle for the mangey lion being held at Memorial. Central by 20 Fairfield at Goshen - Also a cross town matchup, last year's only win for Fairfield, Goshen looked better late in the season. Numbers wise Goshen should have way more talent than the Falcons. Goshen by 14 Adams at Northridge - Adams always seems to be a challenge for Northridge, they like to attack through the air on the deep ball, something Northridge doesn't see a ton of. Adams also doesn't punt the ball typically. With it being in Middlebury and the weather favoring a running team, I look for Northridge to win by pounding the ball on the ground, especially from Tug Mogdlin and Julius Graber. Northridge by 10 Northwood at Jimtown - Battle of Doc Able - Northwood lost a ton of talent from last years team, but Yoder is playing QB this year. Jimtown hasn't lived up to their past the last several seasons, but seem to be trending up possibly? Northwood by 18 Plymouth at East Noble - this and the Concord/St. Joe games should be the best 2 of the night for the NLC, East Noble at home used to have an advantage with their turf, but Plymouth has their own now so they should be more familiar with it. East Noble by 7 Warsaw at Columbia City - should be an easy win for Coach Curtis' Tiger debut. I wouldn't be surprised to see him up the non conference competition soon and replace CC with a team more similar to next weeks opponent in East Noble. Warsaw by 30 Wawasee at Lakeland - Wawasee has the advantage due to their coach having came from the NECC, but I don't know much about either team beyond that. Should be fairly close. Lakeland by 2
  13. NLC - 2018

    Add Wawasee to the list of schools without a Frosh team this year due to low numbers. Central/Memorial had to cancel the JV game this weekend due to Memorial not having enough players.
  14. NECC 2018

    My take on the two NECC/NLC matchups Goshen over Fairfield - Admittedly I don't know much about Fairfield this year under Thacker yet, and although Goshen is in the bottom 3 of NLC teams, they were definitely better than their record indicated late in the year after figuring some things out. I'm sure they've been talking about the beating from Fairfield last year for a while too. Lakeland over Wawasee - Wawasee handled Lakeland last year, but only went on to win 2 more games. On paper, I think Wawasee should beat them, but going with my gut on this one and games aren't played on paper, so I'll take the Lakers in Syracuse. Wawasee should be at or near the bottom of the NLC this year, and I will be surprised if the NLC is dominant this year like in years past...Likely to be similar to last year, but more parity in records.
  15. NIC Week 1

    I forgot about Adams not punting, I remember week one at School Field last year shaking my head wonder wtf they were doing....They are built different than most teams we face in the NLC, at least in years past, they chucked the ball deep on us over and over...just took a bit to get settled in, plus we lost a ton of talent from last years class.
  16. NIC Week 1

    My guesses on the NIC/NLC matchups this week: Central over Memorial - I don't see Memorial winning more than a game or two this year. This is not the one they win. Central should easily handle Memorial, but I know they will probably play them tough. Northwood over Jimtown - Northwood lost a lot of talent, but they still have great coaching, and several key pieces still intact to make some noise this year (I really don't know much about the Jimmies this year admittedly) Northridge over Adams - I could see Adams really exposing our Defense early on, once things settle in, I think Northridge will pound away in the second half and put it away in the 4th. St. Joseph over Concord - should be close like last year, but Concord lost a lot of their stars from last year, St. Joe had an incredibly tough schedule. Concord will still be Concord, so wouldn't surprise me to come down to the last drive again and could go either way.
  17. NLC - 2018

    Similar to how I see things shaking out as well....I would probably flip Northwood/Plymouth, and agree that Goshen was not nearly as bad as their record indicated, especially later in the year. I'm still not sure what to think of our team this year, I like our situation at QB, OL, and DB, but beyond that it may take a few games to really start to get a feel for them....our non-conference schedule in weeks 1 and 2 may not be the prettiest football we've put on tape, but should expose our weaknesses early on. I look for Warsaw to be fighting for the conference now too, and in a year or two they should start to be one of the favorites year in and year out.
  18. NLC - 2018

    Warsaw looked good as I was driving southbound on SR15 on Friday night (headed to Peru), all seriousness though I was impressed with the number of fans I saw. Visitors showed 4 and Warsaw 0 on the scoreboard though?
  19. 8-10 Scrimmages

    Northridge is hosting Northwood, Elkhart Central, and Lakeland in a 4 team jamboree PLACE: Northridge High School Football Field DATE: Friday, August 10, 2018 6:00 Gates Open 6:50 National Anthem 7:00-7:30 Northridge vs. Lakeland 7:30-7:35 Clear field. 5-minute break. 7:35-8:05 NorthWood vs. Lakeland 8:05-8:15 Rules meeting/questions with officials on game field — all 4 teams 8:15-8:20 5-minute warm ups. 8:20-8:50 NorthWood vs. Elkhart Central 8:50-8:55 Clear field. 5-minute break. 8:55-9:25 Northridge vs. Elkhart Central
  20. I'd be game! lol I made a similar comment on twitter last night
  21. NLC - 2018

    Low numbers, also Elkhart Memorial has had to shift/postpone their Freshman game against Northridge due to EM's numbers.
  22. New Turf In 2018

    Rice Field - home of Elkhart Central, looking good with their renovations after being completely flooded earlier this year
  23. Freshman and JV Games Needed

    Northridge needs week 6 & 7 Freshman games as well now, but a Thursday night drive from Fort Branch to Middlebury (5 1/2 hours) is probably out of the question lol.
  24. Northridge is hosting Elkhart Central, Northwood, and Lakeland in a jamboree this year