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  1. Sectional 47

    I have been on the chain gang at rockville high school for nearly 2 decades. There is more coaching going on right now than I have ever seen. I feel batty has a great young staff of his former players that are working extremely hard (DO YOU THINK KING WOULD HAVE LEFT IF HE BEIIEVED THE TALENT COMING UP WAS GONNA KEEP RHS AT THE TOP) I have stuck up for batty and his staff earlier this year. I am retired now and walk early in the mornings or late at night. I have seen batty and his staff at the school at 4 am, Sunday's, and late in the evening. I stand whete the players exit normally prior to games and counted 11 kids injured. Including your starting qb and best receiver. I dont know much about the TR staff. I'm not sure how anyone would consider them superior for beating RHS once in a 14 year time. But I'm sure they are nice guys. Boy were they excited after their win vs RHS. crying and all. I saw saw one of the asst coaches at the local grocery store a few weeks back and we talked football. I asked if he knew if they would be coaching or not next year and he said he sure hoped so and they'd love the opportunity. He never mentioned new coaches so I don't believe that's a true statement I dont think youd you'd have to worry about them being bias towards "TR kids". I have watched batty coach for many years and his assistants all play. They want to win. Good luck rox get you a w in win column Wonder if if I'll still be able to be on chain gang with new coaches......???? Time will tell......!!!!
  2. Wabash River Conference Week 9

    If SV's goal is to win the WRC, great choice joining a 1a conference. If you want success in the state tourney they wasted their time. Isn't that why they got out of the WRC in the first place? Kinda like in 2009, SV's "best team ever" runs the table all season going undefeated but loses first game of sectional? They are headed in right direction so should help everyone else in WRC for tourney play This wildcat team couldn't compete with ROX 07-09, FC 10-13, NV 14-16 IMO. Completely agree on the white cap. Can we say "small man syndrome!" I know he is a Clinton native and Loves his wildcats. Why wouldn't they hire him?!
  3. Wabash River Conference Week 5

    Rox lost starting RB AND LB Parker stadick last week with a torn peck Also starting o-tackle and defensive end with a broken ankle. Rox come out flat and TR PULLS UPSET 28-21
  4. Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Enough with Herb King is gone garbage, give me a break! Rox lost the following starters. RG-Ethan Roosevelt - ACL LG- Jake White- Ball Stste Academy C- Nathan Webster -uneligable best 2 receivers both dismissed from team: Trevor Rapp and Ethan Spence last two weeks played without 2 two way starters in Jaylen Kerr and Christian Young due to i juries. Both back this week. Rox have 3 starters back. I think it's more of a lack of live game reps and immaturity. Not coaching.
  5. Sectional 45 and WRC games

    why couldn't north vermillion control the clock the same as they did last game? Why couldn't they go at them with the same offensive scheme and use whole clock? Crabtree will have something ready. Their kids are bought in. FC will want revenge but I am going with NV by a field goal in overtime.
  6. Wabash River Conference Week 9

    I think coach Jon Batty is doing an amazing job setting the tone for his players and program. Be clean or you're off. That simple. A rough first year for him losing and removing 5 of his 2 way starters but I trust he can get Rockville pointed in the right direction in the years coming. Does TR have any all WRC players? I think sanders from Riverton may be. Rockville only has Conner Bettis in my opinion. He is a man among boys. I would say he is the most dominat lineman in the WRC, and maybe the conference as a whole. I feel bad for him and other seniors having to deal with all the drama this season. It's a shame.