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  1. EC best player was not playing QB when they lost they played LB or when they lost their 3 games. He was playing WR with a broken hand.
  2. Central vs East Central

    I think this was first year for the points awarded to move up. Next year, nobody moves up. The following year ends the 2 year period
  3. Central vs East Central

    Congrats EC. Poor 1st half and 2 TO's did them in. Good luck next week.
  4. The QB has had some good games and has a strong arm. But he has also had some not so good games against teams with good defense. Reitz 9-21 Central 10-25 Castle 7-21 and they dont have a good defense. He is certainly capable. Everyone that doesn't live in Haubstadt knew GS passing defense was bad bad bad. They exploited that. I am hoping Memorial can pull this one out and think they will.
  5. Central vs East Central

    An odd tidbit both schools share the same fight song!
  6. Central vs East Central

    Reitz was probably the most physical team Central played all year. Evans does not shy away from contact. He is little but contact does not bother him. Up front, will be a great match up if East Central is that big and physical. I am not too worried about the defensive side of the ball. Central is very solid. DB's can't get *%#!?*ed in on the run every time. What little I have watched, East Central will throw it some, not much but some.
  7. How is East Central's defense? Are they fast? Big up front? Traveling almost 4 hours for this game is a big concern. Also, never being in this situation, this deep in the playoffs is worrisome. As odd as it seems, I'm not sure Central can get up for a game like they did for Reitz. Even though that was first round of sectionals and this is a regional game. It's unfamiliar territory. Reitz is the big, bad boys in Evansville and everyone wants to knock them off. I hope they can understand the importance of the game and that the teams remaining are every bit as good as Reitz if not better and have their own rich tradition. Central's defense should keep them in the game. From this point on, none of the teams will know anything about their opponents like they do sectional opponents. They will watch the films, call their coaching buddies that have coached against the team. It should be very interesting to see how Central responds after the long road trip. Obviously, East Central has a good program. Last year they beat Reitz and lost to eventual State champs and the year before they were State runner up. We will see how Evans does. He is about 250 yards shy of the SIAC rushing record and he is a sophomore!!! Will East Central be able to contain him will be the question and if they do contain him, does East Central have the athletes do cover the WR's?
  8. 4A schools remaining

    How many people are you talking about? Just curious what other crowds look like?
  9. Man it's like crickets in here. Some need to come eat their crow.
  10. Good defense Better athletes Not so good pass defense. Someone said that earlier.
  11. 4A schools remaining

    Best match ups? Central vs East Central will be heck of a game.
  12. Are you comparing Reitz to HC??? Central lost to Reitz in the last minute. Reitz beat HC 41-0. But you sure went on the defensive fairly quickly. Now if Central would have struggled against North, Harrison or Bosse....you may have had a good argument. I said earlier, I am not sure Memorial will be able to stop GS. If you stop and read what I actually said instead of getting so defensive. BTW, Castle and Wilkinson play pitch and catch pretty good.
  13. Has GS shored up that pass defense? Who on their schedule have they played that is as good or better then Memorial? Who on their schedule can run and pass like Memorial? Memorial may have had the 2nd best defense in the SIAC behind Central. Tell me what happened in the Henderson County game because they were not good?
  14. I have stayed out of this thread but will say: IMO Memorial has better athletes. Coaching will lean to GS. Schedule is Memorial easily. I don't think GS will be able to stop Memorial unless they have really improved on the defensive side of the ball. But I am not so sure, Memorial will be able to stop GS either. I think it will be high scoring and Memorial will come out on top 42-31 ;
  15. 4A schools remaining

    It sounds like the up north can be won by a handful of teams. The south should come down to Central East Central Greenwood Mississinewa/Western