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  1. Big 8 Conference 2017-18

    Big 8 should be pretty competitive this year with, I believe, Princeton, Jasper, Vincennes battling for the crown. I believe/hope Lincoln will come into this season with a chip on their shoulder from last year's disappointment. Have heard they are pretty banged up in the early going though. Looking forward to a great basketball season from all teams!
  2. I am not aware with titan nation's communication just know what was I told by athletic secretary who takes phone calls. I'm not sure I believe that communication is SO strong that not one GS fan would call and ask.
  3. Was told Lincoln athletic office getting flooded with calls from GS people AND Lincoln people asking if this game is going to be played tonight. We ARE all getting soft!!
  4. I am just saying that is what I believe his message is. I don't think he is saying that GS is nothing spectacular. Just think this is fishing but maybe I am biased. In his interview with the paper he was very complimentary of their players. Who knows what else he said in that interview that was cut off in 12 seconds.
  5. Exactly. Play your game, execute, and don't try to do too much. That's where you get the uncharacteristic mistakes in big games.
  6. That is not even remotely a shot at GS or disrespect. He also mentioned how good they were and how well they were going to have to play. You can't go into the game telling your players they have to do be perfect and do all sorts of spectacular things. You sell to them that they have put in the work and are good enough to compete and do what you do.
  7. Clark is next to the High School. We play at Inman. The old Clark is next to Adam's Coliseum. Which is also not close to Inman. But anyways, if GS is that much better than VL, the playing surface shouldn't play much of a role. By the way, when is the last time Bosse has played at Inman? Do you know it hasn't improved. (it hasn't) but just curious. I would think a high school coach would know that regardless of the outcome the playing surface shouldn't be an excuse.
  8. Rough start for the Lady Alices. Their star point guard went down late in the summer with an ACL and now their star Big girl, Hein, with a possible season ending injury in volleyball. What looked like a possibility of a deep tournament run is now looking like an uphill climb. Just feel for Coach Connor and his team.
  9. Sectional 32

    Hearing Corrona won't play tonight and Kotter will be limited to offense only. This could be a dangerous game if those two can't go. The Alices don't exactly have a great history with MC, I believe 4-10, and MC knocked off Lincoln the last time they were playing to secure the Big 8 title. Totally agree, they played outstanding that night and were very gritty. I just don't think they beat either of the favorites. Certainly hope they do. Just don't think it happens.
  10. Sectional 32

    I was there. They were good. Not sure who is better. But, we were dominated in the second half. Which is exactly what I am saying about staying around for a full game.
  11. Sectional 32

    Well, anyway...I like Jon. Disagree with how his departure went, and also disagree with some things he has done since his departure (not including going to GS, don't care). I do believe Vincennes can put up a fight. Don't know if they will or not. I also believe it's a two horse race. Memorial/GS are on a different level. I love the way the Alices are playing, competing, and love even more that they knocked off Jasper. Just don't think they have the depth to stay with either of the favorites for a full game, especially defensively. Bottom line...has to be one of the best sectionals in the state and someone with an outstanding regular season is going home fairly early in the tourney. I will be rooting for whoever comes out of this thing.
  12. Sectional 32

    Well...as a long time Alice supporter and watching him play and coach in green and white...I guess I mean it'll be interesting to see him on the other sideline in other colors beating Lincoln. Nothing more than that.
  13. Sectional 32

    Jon Heiden return to Inman in round 2 could be interesting....
  14. Originally 2, down to 1 with community service/classes.
  15. Vincennes Lincoln Job

    Parent issue from my understanding.