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  1. Circus at Evansville Central

    I guess we will ,but the lose will happen before Indy . If you don't fix the problem at the top and work your way down.
  2. Circus at Evansville Central

    When you play the big boys from up north that have just as much speed as central does. And they are more disciplined they will win every time they step on the field.
  3. Circus at Evansville Central

    Central has some really talented players, but they don't play as a team . If they had any leadership from the coaches and the captains they wouldn't have that many personal fouls. This why they won't go very deep in the playoffs.
  4. Gibson Southern 5-0 at Heritage Hills 3-2

    The photo above after the game is what you get when you have two classy programs on the same field.
  5. As a old football coach , the MHS team I saw early in the season and the same team I saw a few weeks ago. I didn't see the emprovments that I thought I would see. Now I don't follow any certain team so I don't know if they had some key players with injuries. What I can say is the first time I saw GS was when they played HH . When they started to get hurt on the run , they D would go with 4 down lineman, that helped . With SR they never went to 4 down lineman until it was 4th and 2 ft. Why they didn't do it earlier I don't know. So if MHS can't run the ball with successit will be a long night for MHS.
  6. I have seen alot of high school football games over the years. I think this was the best ! Both sides had there ups and downs . But just a really exciting game to see. Hope both teams didn't come out to banged up.
  7. If you look at sectional 31 and 32 . What I would consider are two of the better teams in both sectionals are playing each other.I know you have to play each other at some point , but come on right out of the gate.
  8. First of all you be yourself. If a kid or parent thinks your blowing smoke then you don't have a chance. But if your involvedin the program top to bottom then you have a chance. You half to have parent involvement. I know it is hard to do but it is worth it. If the coaches work ,kids and parents work hard within the program. The community will start to come out. I'm not saying the PC football family aren't working hard with in there program. It shows with there record this year. I just think with a 11-73 record over 9 years . They could do better with a change. I'm just a old man that enjoys watching a different football team every week. I have two old friends and we pick a different game every Fri. I'm not calling for someone to be fired I just think they can do better.
  9. Look at Princeton, in the mid to late 90s the Tigers where a pretty good football team . They made a coaching change in fact they had several head coaches. It wasn't until the current head coach brought some excitement back to a program that went several years without winning a game. They have numbers from top to bottom. I was told the reason for that is he and his coaching staff, out at the youth games and at the middle school games. You can talk with any coach that has a successful program, they will tell you they pay attention to there future players.
  10. It hasn't been that long ago when GS was only winning 4 games a year. That was before Couch Hart was in the picture. What Coach Hart and his staff has done was breath life back into a program that was on the decline. Just look at the number of kids that are out for football . From the high school through the middle school and the TYFL. These numbers don't lie. I would say if you don't have the numbers, you don't have the studs you need to complete. I'm just saying if your kids don't come out , there's a reason for that. And I would say 11-73 is a reason.WINNING BREEDS WINNING and that is the reason the good teams are competitive every year.
  11. I'm not saying it is a give me game. But if your a coach with a loosing record like that. Wouldn't you think the school board would make a change.
  12. How can you be 11-73 in nine years at the same school and keep your coaching job. What is sad they have players walking the halls, but will not come out for football. What is that saying about the head coach.
  13. Heritage Hills 5-0 at Gibson Southern 5-0

    For what is worth the freshman QB for GS is small. Doesn't throw the ball very well at all. I have seen the the 8th grade QB for GS. He is 6'-0 167# and had two TD pass for 39yrd and another long one. Last week when they played us. He also ran the ball very well , running over defenders.