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  1. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Water down the schedule? Makes sense, they're no longer the dominant force they once were. Lincoln watered theirs down years ago, compared to when I was there, yet still won some hardware in that time.
  2. Central vs East Central

    Why would they pick Princeton though? Few other programs bit more prestigious around. Family there?
  3. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    How you forgetting Kyle Price? That kid made it all possible with Tyler/Coy.
  4. Top 32 Teams

    Reitz? Just no. They're fine in 4A, they wouldn't be able to do squat in 6A, plus we don't have enough big schools down here. They really didn't make that leap till they dropped down from 5A. So the teams you'd add for a sectional are where? Pretty far. Plus those dominant days have been some time ago now..... Plus I'd argue some of those teams you want to drop could give Reitz a game if not beat them.
  5. That line would of been Painters senior year and was anything but weak. Lot of lineman either quit or were not as talented years following but that was a pretty decent line that year. Experience, big, tough, and strong kids. Vieck made up for the drop in line play the following years. But we did get smacked in the trenches that night. idk how or why but it happened. We went up against a really good team that went head to head with Ohio's best and lost in OT to Roncalli in Semi. Defense didn't help matters, either, but that team ran it down our throats. I still think we were capable of beating them, just wasn't our night. We're infamous for blowing Saturday games after all. Happens almost every darn time.
  6. Are they really saying that or are some saying it may make some sense to use certain studs both ways? Every team has a couple/few athletes that truly can be difference makers on both sides of the ball all game long. And maybe employing such a thing might help them overall. There's usually a significant difference in talent from the kids Im talking about to the others that are locking down some key positions. This is 3A ball after all. And I'll repeat, not saying use a ton of two ways but to use those special athletes. Memorial did and those kids were dominating both sides all game. Maybe that was the difference or at a minimum an important factor that gave them an edge.
  7. That was a really good game. Some of you scoffed when I said the GS pass defense was nothing special and their weak link. Lindauer tore GS apart as expected. That kid is special. Talk about extending plays and knowing when to throw the ball away. You think you have him for a sack then he does his thing. I can't believe people actually thought GS would beat them handily.
  8. I agree with what you're saying but wouldn't playing 4 full quarters of competitive football multiple times bring some sort of edge? Just the different situations a team would of found themselves in and had to battle through. Would it be more a bonus come later in the tournament? I'm sure we've all seen many posts talking about how a certain team playing a tough schedule only prepared them for later on. Or examples of good teams that were never tested due to their schedule only to fall flat later during the tournament.
  9. Don't most usually claim a tough regular season schedule helps a team come tourney time? I could of sworn I've heard that many, many times on this board from posters from the North to the South. GS faced adversity once this year and came through with the W. They made plays when it mattered. No folding, no nothing. Just a juggernaut of a team. Would it not be fair to say Memorial is more battle tested? I suspect this to be a close game and honestly a coin flip on who gets the W.
  10. So sticking with your recent trend of picks, it'll actually be a close game then.
  11. Who is making excuses? That GS defense was probably the best or second best Lincoln has faced all year. Monsters in the trenches and some playmakers at every level. GS defenders executed their game plan. They shut Kotter down. They contained Toole. They capitalized with INTs where VL players let the ball go through their hands when given a couple chances. GS D made plays and that was the difference. Can't turn the ball over 3 times to GS and expect to win. VL had multiple chances but couldn't get it done. Stating the weather affected the VL QB is not an excuse but simply an observation. But that's football, especially come tourney time. Comes with the territory.
  12. GS D is really, really good as we already know and saw. Maybe would of made some difference. I think the bigger difference would of been passing. He was off big time throwing tonight. He had a tough time with his grip. Not to take a slight but he doesn't have the biggest hands. Cold and wet ball..... His accuracy was just very uncharacteristic tonight. They loathe GS? Or maybe they didn't play with the discipline everyone is accustomed to tonight. Where was the crew from?
  13. 39-28 GS Those 3 TOs killed Lincoln. That pick 6 was huge. Told you VL would give you a game. Congrats GS
  14. 32-21 VL can not stop them on defense. Here's hoping for some TOs.