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  1. Brebeufs special teams this year have been great all year long (Coach Clem is a stud specials teams coach) . Could be a difference maker but I think Lindeuar and the offense and Keioni #45 on defense get it done and bring it home to Evansville . Looking forward to a great game at LOS! 34-21 Tigers
  2. Lets see if Stink town clown holds true to his word . Blue tigers always!!!
  3. Tiger tailgating crew will be up in the beautiful Danville, IN around 11:00 CT time . Looking forward to a great time and great game! #FTF #DefenseWinsChampionships
  4. Memorial 35 Danville 27 (May be a little Bias) Danville is a very good football team and I hear they have great fans so it should be a awesome athmopshere . Looking forward to a great game !!
  5. what are Danville's strength ? Have they seen a QB like lindauer? Looking to learn more about them. #FTF
  6. Still nothing from stink town. I am not mad i am just disappointed
  7. stinky stinky stink 1...2...3 we thought you ,were going to be nas-ty .. We should have given ,you a tip splung some caves on your way to salvage your trip cause when you got here the trauma did start And we tore your little team apart
  8. LOL! Franklin street will be good to the STC!!
  9. Stink 1.... 2...3.... All of stinks crew is welcomed but only one rule . BYOBTBL Bring your own "Blue" Tiger BL let me know if the clown and his crew needs bar suggestions I am all over that #FTF
  10. NPatman.... I like to personally apologize for last year I was under a lot of stress and emotionally unstable . I am new and improved man.
  11. He threw for 180 with 2TDs and had the FLU vs reitz ... His postseason stats 62-83 745 yards and 7TDs
  12. 1...2... All Stink stink 1...2...3 Lookong forward to the Clown crew to come into town but the #FTF crew has not lost a tailgate this season .. (12-0). Cold BL all the way down College Hwy.
  13. Lol... Fight Tigers Fight. Can't wait for a great atmosphere Saturday with two great teams!