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  1. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Not really an issue of getting paid for Foles. Philly has him under contract. Is Brisset trade bait for the Colts? Or do they need to hold onto him for backup assurance? If Luck can play, do you deal him? I think Adam is back for the Colts. He has not shown any drop off in production. He could possibly kick for another 5 years in this league. Look at what Tampa went through with trying to find a consistent place kicker all season. The Colts need to be able to check that box off and not have a worry there.
  2. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    I think that Reich was quoted saying that he would call the plays in the game. Did mention the amount collaboration that will go into the preparation of the call sheet, but said he will be the one to pull the trigger. It is hard to fathom what 80 million to spend in free agency really means. Does that equate to 5 big names that tie your hands for the next 6 years? I believe that Ballard will still be conservative in his spending. I have seen teams that spend freely and still have very little to show for it later on the back end. I am hoping Luck can return to form. That alone to me is worth 4 wins. The Colts were in many games this year even with Brissett and his slow processing of the offense. The forecast may not be as bad as it looks from the outside looking in. There are holes, but a few playmakers can make a big difference in this league. I believe Frank Gore is a Free Agent now. So if the Colts want him back, they will need to sign him.
  3. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Really enjoying the conversation. I feel that there are plenty of RB's that will be around in the second round of the draft(Sony Michel, Nick Chubb possible 4th round, Ronald Jones, and Kerryon Johnson) . I don't think you want to focus on 2018. This is going to be a process. Can the Colts get better and possibly be in the mix for a wildcard? It will take alot of pieces falling in place. Chubb at DE is a solid pick for the future. I still think that trading down is a great option for the Colts. I think that they can move as far back as 10 and still land Chubb. The Colts need OL help and 2nd level defenders that can bring it. I would not be surprised if the Colts focus on OL and LB core in free agency. A solid receiver is needed along with that. Barkley is good, not going to argue that, though he does run sideways to often for me to take him 3rd overall. IMO, Sony Michel might just be the best back in the draft. Only time will tell.
  4. 2018 NFHS Rule Changes

    I read it as the player is defenseless the entire length of the play after the throw until the passer engages in the play again. For example: if the passer would throw an interception, he would remain defenseless if he doesn't pursue making a tackle on the intercepting player. I guess an interpretation needs to be made on when a pass ends.
  5. Cass is interested coach.

    1. cowboy08


      Awesome coach I will put u guys down and will be in touch with details. Thanks again and have a blessed night.

  6. Saw a few other conferences getting things started. Who are the front runners from each side? Who will surprise teams this year? Who graduated a bunch of seniors? Who are the players to watch? Feel free to add comments or observations to the discussion.
  7. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Cass 2018 Schedule: August 10 Scrim at Southwood August 17 Pioneer (1a) August 24 Maconaquah (3a) August 31 at Benton Central (3a) September 7 at Tipton (2a) September 14 Northwestern (3a) September 21 at Western (4a) September 28 at West Lafayette (3a) October 5 Heights (3a) October 12 Conference Playoffs
  8. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    It is refreshing to see that some programs and kids have that drive. Too many times, we have players and parents that are riding that middle school success train like it means anything 2 and 3 years later. "Just wait until this groups gets up there playing varsity". Hear this way to often. Kids listen to how good they are going to be, many fall by the wayside because they are not seeing the field their freshmen and sophomore years. I see this expressed on this board many times...Not sure it always pans out. Here is a case where it has and it is neat to see a group of kids respond in the right way.
  9. There are 26 job openings now! I think that is a big number for this time of year especially since the shuffle has not taken place yet. I just think everyone sees the Hobart job as just another job. It does not hold the credibility that it once did.
  10. Hamilton Heights

    Yeah, I did and they do not post them.
  11. Hamilton Heights

    Need HH's season stats for the game tonight. Anyone have them or have a link?
  12. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Has LCC started their coaching search?
  13. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Barajas is a great player, but they return a healthy number of their starting defense that is very good.
  14. Did anyone else notice that the Kokomo qb never put his mouthpiece in? He just placed a portion of it in the side of his mouth. Is this illegal? If it is, it was never called.
  15. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    So it wasn't my point that speed was the only noticeable difference in the game, and maybe I didn't explain very well. I felt that much of Pioneers success in all aspects of the game was won at the line of scrimmage. It was glaring to me that EG played very tall up front the entire game. Not that speed wasn't a factor, but Pioneer had any downhill play they wanted because their oline had better leverage. I'm not sure Pioneer needed to run anything but trap. if you take #5 out of the game on offense I think pioneer still scores 35 points or better just because of winning the battle in the trenches. On the defensive side, it is nice to have a front 4 that allows Pioneer the flexibility they have in the lb/secondary alignments and responsibilities. Again, feel that pad level was a huge part of this. Pioneer just played with better leverage. So not saying Pioneer didn't have a speed advantage. I felt the speed difference was closer than the difference in the trenches every down.
  16. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    You are missing the point and that is ok.
  17. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Good observations, but I did not seem to see a glaring difference in speed as it seemed that Pioneer had most of its success running midline, trap, and power read. It seemed that most plays were right through the heart of the defense. I did not feel the point of attack was the edge of the defense.
  18. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    One observation from the game, it seemed that big difference in the game was pad level. I thought the two teams were very evenly matched, but as you watch the game up front, it seemed that Pioneer played with a much lower pad level than EG did. Would like to know if anyone else felt this way. To me it was a big difference in the game.
  19. A Primer on Holding

    But in your analysis you are punishing a player for being better. You have decided that an overmatched player gets to hold every play that is a pass play. Sorry but I don’t think you should do that. Call a hold one time and maybe he will stop holding and try to block him in a legal manner. I’m not sure the rules allow for you to make judgements like that. I don’t want 50 flags, that is not my argument. And we aren’t talking a state championship game either. But I would not want to have a player go through an entire game frustrated at being held every play and have bobref just shrug his shoulders and say “sorry son, you have him outmatched, deal with it”.
  20. A Primer on Holding

    Could not disagree with you more. It is not necessarily the job of the official to determine if a play at the line of scrimmage could be made/effected by a held player or not. If you determine that the DE could not make/effect the play, then the hold should not be needed either. So if the DE opposite of the DE being held every play knocks a pass into the air, you have eliminated the held DE from being in the area for the interception. My scenario might be a little out there, but I feel that you determining that a player 3-4 yards from the snap of the ball being held cannot not have an effect on the play is crazy. I can understand 15 yards from the play.
  21. This sounds like a scheduling nightmare. So I assume you block certain weeks for district games across the state. In a nine week system, schools would be required to schedule 6 out of district games. Many of those games games could change from year to year do to district realignment. So an AD could be scrambling to put a full schedule- together every year after realignment. Not that it wouldn’t be interesting, but this seems like a system that AD’s would despise.
  22. Old Dallas Cowboys stuff. Western under Jim Plummer did the same thing. It was always good for at least one offsides penalty on our kids. They would see it all week and then jump on game night the first time it happened.
  23. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Cass’ second touchdown was a 55 yard pass play. Deep in Tipton’s territory? It was a great game. Tipton won. Both teams made turnovers that were costly.
  24. If this is the way you want to go with this, which schools in sectional 35 would you leave out of the tournament? Because there would need to be districts or clusters made that determine entry or are you going to go with the best 192 and then classify them after the regular season into 6 classes?