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  1. A Primer on Holding

    But in your analysis you are punishing a player for being better. You have decided that an overmatched player gets to hold every play that is a pass play. Sorry but I don’t think you should do that. Call a hold one time and maybe he will stop holding and try to block him in a legal manner. I’m not sure the rules allow for you to make judgements like that. I don’t want 50 flags, that is not my argument. And we aren’t talking a state championship game either. But I would not want to have a player go through an entire game frustrated at being held every play and have bobref just shrug his shoulders and say “sorry son, you have him outmatched, deal with it”.
  2. A Primer on Holding

    Could not disagree with you more. It is not necessarily the job of the official to determine if a play at the line of scrimmage could be made/effected by a held player or not. If you determine that the DE could not make/effect the play, then the hold should not be needed either. So if the DE opposite of the DE being held every play knocks a pass into the air, you have eliminated the held DE from being in the area for the interception. My scenario might be a little out there, but I feel that you determining that a player 3-4 yards from the snap of the ball being held cannot not have an effect on the play is crazy. I can understand 15 yards from the play.
  3. This sounds like a scheduling nightmare. So I assume you block certain weeks for district games across the state. In a nine week system, schools would be required to schedule 6 out of district games. Many of those games games could change from year to year do to district realignment. So an AD could be scrambling to put a full schedule- together every year after realignment. Not that it wouldn’t be interesting, but this seems like a system that AD’s would despise.
  4. Old Dallas Cowboys stuff. Western under Jim Plummer did the same thing. It was always good for at least one offsides penalty on our kids. They would see it all week and then jump on game night the first time it happened.
  5. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Cass’ second touchdown was a 55 yard pass play. Deep in Tipton’s territory? It was a great game. Tipton won. Both teams made turnovers that were costly.
  6. If this is the way you want to go with this, which schools in sectional 35 would you leave out of the tournament? Because there would need to be districts or clusters made that determine entry or are you going to go with the best 192 and then classify them after the regular season into 6 classes?
  7. This would be my problem with the seeding process. Top 4 decided by record? In my opinion, seeding cannot be done by this process.
  8. Timeouts

    Need some insight on how timeouts can be called. Is the HC the only person that can call a timeout. Our HC is the DC. It occasionally causes a problem if he is watching video or making adjustments with players after coming off the field and we need an offensive TO. Is there a way around this?
  9. It is interesting that you bring this up. There are other states that allow this. Some play what they call a bowl game. It is often a rivalry game that is played on Thanksgiving weekend. I think that Massachusetts has it. I think that they do something similar in Florida. Sorry if someone else has brought this up.
  10. We are having an awful time trying to use the endzone cam with this new technology. None of our zoom remotes will work with the camera once we hook the mini hdmi cable into the camera. If we could get that working then we need to have a way to monitor the picture for the zoom. Is everyone using an actual hdmi tv monitor in the endzone for the filmer to see? we are about to give up on the endzone part of this equation.
  11. Hudl sideline

    It is a combination. Hudl sideline requires a had signal from your camera. When we hook it up with mini hdmi cord and run it to sideline the current av hookups that control the zoom on the camera stops working. The camera can only receive/send one signal. The hard wire zoom cord stops working once the mini hdmi is plugged into the camera.
  12. Would keep an eye on Sheridan.
  13. New Turf In 2017?

    Maconaquah is scheduled to start install after track season ends.
  14. Sectionals are out

    I feel this is a great sectional for all involved. Not sure why Wabash got skipped over in this group...but still going to be fun. Few old MIC teams back...Delphi and Rennsselaer will be exciting and we have had some great battles with Oak Hill, Eastbrook, and Rochester also. This will be a new look with an old time feel.
  15. Sectionals are out

    What is the outlook in Panther land. Had a great run to Lucas Oil last year. Are the pieces in place for another run? Rebuilding? If players develop, could be fun?
  16. What schools will be using Hudl Sideline this Fall?
  17. Hudl Sideline

    Filming does not need to be with an ipad....it is cheaper but you have a lesser quality. Coach are you using assist for yourself and scouting?
  18. Hudl Sideline

    How many are using Hudl Assist while we are talking about it.
  19. Hudl Sideline

    I think you could. Hudl assist is a service that is provided also. In my opinion, the Hudl Sideline is a game changer. Hudl assist is not so much. It is something that can be done by any staff with a little hard work and has been done by staffs for years. The technology has changed it a bit. I see Hudl sideline giving a distinct advantage to those that have it verses the teams that don't. I would say a team with equal footing(talent, coaching, numbers, etc.) The team with sideline will have an edge.
  20. Hudl Sideline

    I think at the 2A we are looking at it as a way to make adjustments as a staff, not to allow for players to gather around the monitor and watch the last series. A play can be starred and looked at during halftime or a series of plays. Your coordinator upstairs can view plays while the other side of the ball is on the field. A bigger school with one way players could gather around a monitor or tv on the sideline instead of the whiteboard. I think this going to be big for many schools.
  21. This makes a ton of sense. I hope somebody listens or takes this approach.
  22. I would think that a switch of Eastbrook and Tipton makes sense and Rensselaer and Oak Hill. Possible Madison-Grant with Eastbrook would be an option also. The fact that there are 9 teams that are in that Northwest region of the state Is what throws this off. Has Rensselaer ever been sent south?
  23. I'm finding that the map for 2a needs to have Knox removed.
  24. Updated enrollment numbers

    There is a similar situation with foreign exchange students in a neighboring school. They have an international school. They receive approximately $10,000 in revenue for each student. That money can be spent by the corporation as they see fit. It is not earmarked for certain funds. They have benefited by building some tremendous facilities. Not sure if these students are on their count number, but it seems they are directly impacting athletes at the school. I am not saying to to situations are the same, but it does seem that there might be some similarities. Not really sure how the situations should be handled. I would like to know what a satellite school means(alternative, international, etc.). Do the kids have any opportunity to participate at the main campus in sports or extra-cur?
  25. What does Princeton have coming back? Is this a good job with rising talent?