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  1. I don’t think the reason the success factor is in place is any secret. Do I think it has been good for high school football is another question entirely. The answer to me is a qualified yes. I don’t think it is a perfect choice, but I have not seen a better alternative. Do I think it has been effective? Again, a qualified yes. Will it go back to business as usual when teams return to their original class? In some cases the answer for now is no. Is the object of this rule to prevent PP schools from advancing in the state tournament? No, I think the object is to make it more difficult for them to advance EVERY year or most years.
  2. It think it absolutely targets successful programs. What other type of program could it target?
  3. Lowell vs East Central!

    Alright, you cracked me up with that one.
  4. Lowell vs East Central!

    Almost seems a shame to play the game after that analysis.
  5. I was once told with a straight face, “We just have better coaching”. If everyone uses the same success factor, why do you think it targets private schools?
  6. Lowell vs East Central!

    This Lowell defense is for real. Every team has doubted it . Lowell was going to be unable to stop 6a Portage Qb. There was no way Lowell was going to contain Griffith’s running game. New Prairie had three backs who each had One ( picture Mike Meyers here) Million yards! Well they stopped New Prairie, but they had not seen a team the size or speed of Bishop Dwenger, let alone a team that had that strength of schedule.. I think you know what happened. If not for a blatant no call on offensive pass interference, Lowell shuts out Dwenger. I know, but passes were dropped on both sides. What my point is, I don’t think EC runs on Lowell. They will gain some yards, but they will not be able to make a living. Lowell 21-7. Hope to see you all in Indy. Safe Travels
  7. Lowell vs East Central!

    If I remember correctly a couple of Macintoshes beat us. Both teams from Evansville had big strong running Qb’s. I am sure a Reitz fan out there could say where they went. College careers for either of them?
  8. Lowell vs East Central!

    I can’t wait! Who is the early favourite? You know who I am picking, but it is from pure, hometown ignorance, I know nothing at all about EC. Seems like Dwenger beat them at state a few years ago.

    Just a solid performance. When I saw that lightning, with about 7 minutes left, I was thinking they were going to suspend play and we would be there all night! Congrats to both teams and see you in Indy.
  10. I was surprised at Dwengers size. Looked like a small college team. The Saints had a solid defense. Played hard and clean all night. Hats off to their coaching staff and program. darn that was a long wet ride home. Just walked in the door. Congrats to those Lowell Red Devils, See you in Indy!
  11. First impression, Dwenger is MUCH larger than Lowell! Looks like a Div Two college team.
  12. Getting my wet weather gear together for another trip to Ft Wayne. I sure as hell hope Eifert is out of eligibility. He about beat us by himself last time I was there. Here’s to a great game, hope to see you all there. Safe travels to all.