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  1. Lowell vs East Central!

    If I remember correctly a couple of Macintoshes beat us. Both teams from Evansville had big strong running Qb’s. I am sure a Reitz fan out there could say where they went. College careers for either of them?
  2. Looks like another great game against Dwenger. Don’t know anything about this team. Seems like the teams we have seen in the past were all big, fast and well coached. What is this team like?
  3. Lowell vs East Central!

    I can’t wait! Who is the early favourite? You know who I am picking, but it is from pure, hometown ignorance, I know nothing at all about EC. Seems like Dwenger beat them at state a few years ago.

    Just a solid performance. When I saw that lightning, with about 7 minutes left, I was thinking they were going to suspend play and we would be there all night! Congrats to both teams and see you in Indy.
  5. I was surprised at Dwengers size. Looked like a small college team. The Saints had a solid defense. Played hard and clean all night. Hats off to their coaching staff and program. darn that was a long wet ride home. Just walked in the door. Congrats to those Lowell Red Devils, See you in Indy!
  6. First impression, Dwenger is MUCH larger than Lowell! Looks like a Div Two college team.
  7. Getting my wet weather gear together for another trip to Ft Wayne. I sure as hell hope Eifert is out of eligibility. He about beat us by himself last time I was there. Here’s to a great game, hope to see you all there. Safe travels to all.
  8. It looks like the weather is improving for Friday.
  9. That sounds like a great idea! We played Hammond Clark this year. They should probably not be on the schedule. I like a new tradition with Plymouth. My first choice would be Griffith, but they seem uninterested. I would also like to see New Prairie on the schedule.
  10. Don’t know nearly enough about the southern teams. Who is the favourite to win that semi ?
  11. What a great game. Enjoyed it from start to finish. That was a very good Plymouth football team. This is not a typical Lowell power football team. If it was, with their defense, I think they would be winning another title. As it is, this team seems to rise to a challenge. Punch them in the mouth, they just get more determined. It is what makes high school football so special, great teams and communities coming together in common cause. Hope weather isn’t too large a factor.
  12. I think mine is that playoff game at Plymouth, 07? Power smash mouth football at its finest. Two tough teams slugging it out at mid-field most of the night.
  13. If you want fair, you go to the place they show pigs and horses. But having said that, I would be all for Semi states at neutral sites with as close equidistant as possible.
  14. I think that is a fair point. The toughest game for Lowell was probably Crown Point early in the season. The inability of teams to run well against Lowell makes it hard to guess how good of team they really were. There are no common opponents. Looks like we will have to wait and see. You just made me smile, I remember Nothwoods fans here last year , predicting 50 point wins, and the game a mere formality.
  15. I like Lowell to win, and I think they will, but... the games we have played with them have been hard hitting physical games. Bishop Dwenger will be a well coached disciplined team. These are two good teams that deserve to be where they are. I look for a close game . It is looking like crappy conditions. I cant wait!
  16. Thank you kind sir, you are obviously both a gentleman and a scholar.
  17. Sounds great, if a fellow was looking for a craft beverage and a bite nearby?
  18. What is the bleacher situation at Homestead? It is starting to look pretty crappy weather wise, is this a turf or grass field?
  19. A Primer on Holding

    Well explained sir. Holding calls away from the play make me unhappy.
  20. Last time we were at Dwenger the two sets of bleachers looked about identical on each side.
  21. Saturday Playoff Games

    Friday becomes even more problematic when you have time zone change involved. 7 pm Ft Wayne is only 6 pm in the region. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive .