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  1. I wasn't good enough to be more than a JV sub so I checked with my buddy who was captain & made the North-South All Star game. Off-season commitments for LaPorte baseball were: - Slicers summer baseball team (aka Bennett's Slicers) through mid-July (this was back before travel teams got big). Played 3-4 games a week versus local HS summer teams, St Louis Pros barnstorming squad, etc. - Conditioning & pitchers throwing began Jan.1 for anyone NOT in a winter sport. M-F 6am. Plus, some optional hitting sessions in indoor cage after school. (This was for varsity players/invite only. As a JV scrub, I was never invited.)
  2. Sticking with the "back in the day" theme, LaPorte baseball Coach Ken Schreiber instituted a rule after one of his key players busted up his ankle playing pickup basketball. If one of his players got caught playing another sport (pickup basketball, sandlot football, etc) during the baseball season, he had to run 20 miles (1-2 miles/day spread out after practices & games). Every once in awhile, you'd see a player running laps alone after a game & you'd know what that was about.
  3. 6A Football

    Mason & his staff have quickly turned around the sleeping giant at Michigan City. OG Fiske - Western Michigan. LB Triplett - Purdue. RB Cain-Veasey - Grand Valley. QB McCullough, WR McGill, RB Wren will probably play on Saturdays.
  4. Both are fantastic coaches who have had done great things for the football program & the student-athletes at LP. However, before that magical late-season run from a 3-5 record all the way to Lucas Oil in 2014, your "win big" criteria would probably place Schellinger into the same category as Marsh. I just looked it up & in between the Slicers semistate appearance in 2006 & 5A runner-up in 2014, the Slicers went 21-51. Ouch. Bob Schellinger 110-122 at LP (most wins in school history), 179-167 overall Marsh coached Munster to five sectional titles, one regional title and nine conference titles. He finished with a 228-166 record and coached 59 first team all-state players. Marsh was inducted in 2007 into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame.
  5. I wasn't familiar with Coach Buzea so I googled him. Here's an article from 2010 & a direct quote from him. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2010/11/18/new-homewood-flossmoor-coach-sets-bar-high/ “Kids get more out of being in a solid program than just winning and losing. They're learning a lot of life lessons. They’ll take those experiences and hopefully put them to use as they become young men and family men along the way,” he said. So even your example says that high school sports are about more than W's & L's.
  6. (warning...more sarcasm) Last time I checked, no one considered Munster football to be a sleeping giant being held back by their coach. So now, according to you, Munster has a chance to hire a great young coach who will produce state titles & D1 athletes. Let's see if that happens. Not every school simply wins state championships in any sport just because they put their mind to it -- except Carmel. Besides, an excellent high school coach can do great things for student-athletes besides winning trophies just as an excellent teacher can do great things for students even if they don't get into Harvard.
  7. Yep, those high school & middle school coaches have it made. I heard some of the make $1,000+ per year for coaching a sport (3-4 months daily in-season including watching film/scouting, overseeing off-season workouts, maintaining equipment & facilities, running camps for younger kids, contacting college coaches to help student-athletes find a good school, etc.) Those spoiled coaches with their cushy jobs...all they do is take, take, take.
  8. If CG forces Moore out, maybe that former Navy Seal who signed on to coach Valpo for about 1 week would be a good fit as a replacement. LOL.
  9. Valparaiso Head Coach

    Coach Mueller didn't get fired; the man quit.
  10. Valparaiso Head Coach

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/sports/ct-ptb-football-valparaiso-st-0207-20180206-story.html Just found this article which includes more of Mueller's email to the football parents. For whatever reason, the nwitimes article did not include the first & last sentence (underlined below) of his email. In my opinion, that final sentence may be the most important part of his statement. "Dear parents, It is with my deepest regret for your athletes' sake that I turned in my resignation today. I wanted to let you know how much I thought of your young men. They were incredible. I absolutely believe they have the potential to win state this year. I cherished my short time with them and only had the best intention for them. I will let you know they are in great hands with Coach Marshall. I think the world of him. He will keep the fire burning and the drumbeat beating strong. I wish you and the Vikings the best. God bless, Weakness is Choice." Weakness is Choice is how he chose to end his statement? Isn't QUITTING a choice too???
  11. Valparaiso Head Coach

    (Yes, I am quoting myself.) So who predicted "spectacular failure" who quits in less than 1 month? Based on the article, it sounds like the young men on the football team were ready to accept the challenges. Not sure those kids would have been so gung-ho when Mueller would step up the intensity after a couple of losses next fall. Mueller's grand plans to take over the entire school & motivate everyone to greatness got push back. So what? Move your signs from the hallways to the locker room & the weight room. I certainly didn't expect a proven leader to QUIT over some non-believers who complained.
  12. I got blown up just like that versus Hobart in 1985. Only difference is I stayed down for awhile. After going through concussion protocol...just kidding-- it was 1985! After sitting for a series, I went back in & played the rest of the game both ways at RG & ILB. Since I normally didn't play D & my head was foggy, I had to ask our D captain what to do before every Brickie snap. We lost 10-0-- didn't find out til later that it was my guy on the only TD pass of the game. The Slicer Yearbook staff cruelly included an "action photo" of me flat on the ground after getting pancaked.
  13. Valparaiso Head Coach

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/sports/ct-ptb-football-valparaiso-steve-mueller-st-0119-20180118-story.html Found another article. Most of the same stuff except for the final paragraph. I am not making this up. Asked if he was going to teach, he said: "Undetermined but this would be cool if you could put this in. I want to teach a class called, 'Dragon Slayer: How to Overcome your Fears, Set Goals and Learn about Yourself.'"
  14. Valparaiso Head Coach

    Just read the article -- holy cow! Inspired coaching hire or spectacular failure in the making? I guess only time will tell. Mueller is definitely confident in his abilities as a leader & coach. Not sure he has a firm grasp on the fact that the teenage football players in his school district may not be able to physically beat the teenage football players from all of the other DAC schools, Penn, Snider, Carmel...& that's just the northern 6A Semistate foes. Should every coach have huge goals & big-time expectations? Absolutely. But I can't recall ever reading such bold statements from a high school coach. Will the young men in Valpo be able to live up to his standards?
  15. IFCA All State Teams

    Franklin Central has 2 Juniors named to the Top 50 team -- QB Bishop & OL Lamping. RB Pitz entered the season as a backup & made the 6A team with 1000+ yards & 15 TD. (Thought I'd See OL Ditchley & S Weeks on the 6A team too.) Congrats to the Flashes on the best FC season in a generation.