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  1. Vincennes 4-2 vs. Princeton 5-1

    I like Princeton a ton but Vincennes sure had a heck of a game plan in the sectional semifinal last year. Slowed Princeton's offense to nothing. Princeton 72 VL 66 but an upset wouldn't shock me especially at home. Wow had no idea VL was playing without Kotter that's even more impressive.
  2. PAC Conference 2017-2018

    PAC is looking pretty solid...FP and HH look really good. Expecting NP, TC, GS to have good seasons. Pike playing much better since the 2nd half of Princeton game. Off topic but Princeton may be close to unbeatable by end of the year when everyone is healthy.
  3. HH 35 EM 30. This is my upset pick of the sectional. Memorial is great. Nothing else said here but can't root against a fellow conference member that could change an expected championship matchup.
  4. I wish I could attend the Linton/North Posey game. Never seen Linton in person but know the history. North Posey's offensive play calling is wild and I love it. Stewart is the best back I've seen this season in person. Good Luck to both teams. NP wins in OT.
  5. Looking forward to the game. Pike played a very entertaining 2nd half against North Posey. Both QB's injured and PC wide receiver moved to QB. 1st play he audibles resets the line and runs for 85 yards. So many trick plays on both sides nobody knew what was going on including both defenses. North Posey RB was just too much. But I feel Pike played the best defensive half of this season in the 2nd half against a tough opponent.(My gut tells me NP beats Linton in a tight game). As for GS we know what is coming. Would love for an early mistake by the titans and score by PC then let GS offense score in 2 plays. Hold the ball with no fumbles for 3-4 yards for as long as they can. 8-16 end of first quarter I would take any day. Pike has held the ball entire quarters but GS won't allow it. If GS has 10 seconds they will score.
  6. I'm not speaking for the entire fan base of Pike Central but who really cares if we get stomped. The kids get an opportunity to play one of the best 3A teams in the state. Again. We will come out an give everything we have and still lose. But no business playing a first round game? Come on.. it's high school athletics. We just play. Different sport comparisons but what about PC basketball in 2002 1-22 record upsets Vincennes Lincoln then Princeton and goes to the Championship. Gibson Southern swim team in the early to mid 2000's. They had 6 swimmers and NO POOL and still placed 3rd at the conference meet while forfeiting 1/2 of the events with not enough swimmers for each event. Placed 3rd! Should these teams not have been able to compete? Im sure no one in Fort Branch will be discussing how this is a waste of a game and PC should just drop the football program and save money. Again it's high school athletics..it keeps kids active and out of trouble on these fall Friday nights.
  7. Why is Carmel high school in Mundelein Illinois have 9 games against Indiana schools? Including Jasper, Washington and Evansville schools. This has to be a MaxPreps error with Mt. Carmel or am I missing something? I was thinking it was all Big 8 schools but VL is not scheduled for them.
  8. Graber Post Classic

    Thank you for the information. Looks to be a great tournament and hope to see an excellent crowd.
  9. Sectional 32

    Ugh... I figured this might happen.
  10. I look at the game like this... let's be honest GS was scoring on 2-3 plays per drive. Some of the titan players hadn't even had a play called for them. I have zero problems with the kick and then the score especially before halftime. After the 1 or 2 series in the 3rd they were on the sidelines. Pike actually held on to the ball a lot in the first half and even threw it a few times with success. I know Pike brought Fields in to QB at times but clearly Alvey was limping bad throughout and hope he is ok. It's was not his night and we continued to make him run and GS layed the hammer on him. At one point 11 carries for 10 yards. Shout out to GS O-Line for making holes that an actual car can fit through. Wow
  11. Wow. I've never seen this place. The high school is a far enough drive for southern Pikers tho.
  12. Gibson Southern 50 PC 8. This is optimistic. All 11 rb's will be needed for Pike lol. I make fun but I love the coach giving most of the kids a chance to run the ball... PC may not attempt 1 pass this game and I don't blame them. If we can't run so be it. No easy pick 6's to add to GS offense.
  13. Graber Post Classic

    Did Barr-Reeve lose any starters besides the point guard? Not that it matters they just reload every year with more talent. I can't believe that big kid is just a sophomore. He has potential to dominate over the next few years.
  14. Yea after talking with someone it seems it was the coaches decision to make him return to locker room for the personal foul penalty.
  15. Yes most of them with the exception of the QB. We have very limited numbers again. It hurt us against Tell City when our best RB was ejected in the 1st quarter and then allowed to return after halftime? I was very confused on the call but I'm not a rules buff so maybe I misunderstood the call.