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  1. You really have no clue.
  2. Great post Herbemont. You hit the nail on the head talking about parental support. Starts at the CYO grade levels and continues to grade 12. That support system and camaraderie gained from it is priceless. Plus the tailgates are the bomb!
  3. No he really can't. I'm proud of that black hole remark!!!!!
  4. Chief, that is certainly not what you were implying in your previous threads. Have you followed HS football in Indiana for any length of time? If so you would know that CRHS is a Catholic HS.....it is located on the west side of Indianapolis. They play their home football games at Marian College, just down the road. They have won 4 state championships and have been to numerous others. I believe somewhere around 19 of the 22 starters played in the CYO system. Please don't ask what the CYO is as I don't have time to educate you on that either. My guess is all those kids are Catholic. And I really don't care that you made non-positive comments about private schools. Hell I barely care about your statement that I quote below. Before you come on a public forum and make a statement, of which you have no idea of what you speak, you may want to do some research. And last, but certainly not least, it is not a good idea to chastise someone's grammar and then proceed to butcher the language in your next few statements. "Or the Recruiting Private School University of Bishop Cardinal Ritter?" Good, better, best.....never let it rest.
  5. Yeah, at least. Point being you don't know wth you're talking about when it comes to Ritter and where the football players went to elementary school. Now back to our regularly scheduled thread.
  6. Before you chastise someone for spelling and or grammar you may want to check yourself. Who the hell was your teacher? Should probably fire your high school English teacher too after this jewel.
  7. Thankx grammor polize. Yeah, it's been argued on the site for years and years, the public vs. the privates. Is Ritter a Catholic School? If so how many of your players are actually Catholic? How many are from within a close distance to the school? You do the research on this asinine statement. So you know nothing about the school or the football players, but you are willing to make asinine comments without knowing any of the facts? Stellar.
  8. Can you at least wait until kickoff to play the victim card? BTW.......They are all kids that didn't getting starting positions at Ben Davis. Every last one of em.
  9. STC is in the house. Look forward to reading this thread.
  10. Monon Bell 2016

    What a great game, on both sides. The 4th quarter was unbelievable. Congrats to the Tigers. As stated above......welcome back to the rivalry.
  11. 2016 Colts

    GB, based on their play so far, I don't think you have much to worry about. They are not good, but they'll keep chopping that tree, stacking the wood, build the monster. Pagano needs to be gone.
  12. Hard to believe this is the first post about this game. Back in the day it would have been 3 pages deep already. Not only are the Eastsiders battling the Westsiders on Friday night in HS football, this Sunday the Cadet teams from the Eastside meet the Westside. Good weekend of football for sure.