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  1. So....when will Linton become a “solely Linton team” in basketball, baseball, or you name it? That’s a pretty rich statement to make!
  2. I’m curious to see how this pans out for them given what occurred in a girls’ basketball game involving them a few weeks ago.
  3. All good on paper, but reality is a different view. Where do all of these “observers” come from and who is “paying” them to observe? Officials, just like coaches, come in all different sizes and shapes. Not every HS football official is qualified to be a tournament official. And not all HS officials are qualified to work tournament rounds past a sectional. I agree that age and experience plays way too big of a factor in terms of advancement, but I would also argue that experience and age also make for “usually” a better officiated game. I honestly think the problem with the officials’ shortage is comparable to the shortage of “qualified” head coaches in the state. The age that we live in is an instant gratification era. People want to get to the top right away, without ever “earning their stripes” coming up through. I think a lot of young officials think they should move up quickly, work sectional final games and above within 2-3 years of officiating, and expect greatness without ever earning it. I have all the respect in the world for officials and what they do...just my 2 cents!
  4. Sectional 47

    I’d say the round 2 games are pretty self-explanatory!
  5. The qualification system has some merit in terms of putting quality teams/matchups on the field, however it would never go through due to the financial structure of the IHSAA sectional round. The sectional round is the only round of the IHSAA tournament series where $$ go back to the participating schools. No way half of the IHSAA membership would go along with being left out of that piece of pie.
  6. It appears big brother let out a season’s worth of frustration tonight. This score is somewhat surprising?
  7. I get the sentiment of the story with TR being so small and historically not real strong in football, but wouldn’t it have been a better story if they included Rockville also since this is the end for them as a football team and school as well?
  8. The IHSAA didn’t impose the termination of the coach, Tindley did that and put it in their report to the IHSAA. In return, the IHSAA put what they put in the minutes because they obviously felt that was a justifiable action. You can read through alot of those IHSAA penalty reports past and present and the IHSAA will make statements like that when a school suspends or terminates a coach for committing a harsh enough IHSAA violation. The IHSAA cannot fire coaches. They can suspend them, but they cannot terminate them.
  9. Sectional 47

    Who will hire all the coaches for the new school and when will they do that? Do they have a timeline in place for that? If they’re hiring new football and basketball coaches, have the current coaches in those sports been told they won’t be coaching going forward? Sounds like a lot of stuff going on there!
  10. Sectional 47

    Fascinating stuff about the new school coming. My concerns would be, where are they going to come up with the $$ and positions for all these new head coaches? And why stop with football and boys basketball? Wouldn’t you have to have new coaches in all the sports to be equal and fair?
  11. Sectional 47

    NV...payback is a bi%%h! Rox...payback is more than a Bi%%h and surely Rox don’t go 0-10 in final season. FC...by as many as they want Seeger...possibly the team that has improved the most from beginning to end
  12. Wabash River Conference Week 9

    I never meant to imply the reason SV won part of the WRC was due to homer officiating. I give 1000% kudos to SV and their administration for being tired of losing and going out and trying to make changes. Obviously the guy they brought in is a difference maker and him and their kids deserve all the credit in the world for the massive turnaround that took place this year! The only thing I was trying to point out was that what they are doing with officials is unethical and something nobody else in the WRC does. I was just calling them AND the official/s out that are a part of it. It’s common knowledge the white hat from last night’s game (who is also SV’s assigner) is a close, close friend of the SV AD. Now that they appear to be relevant again in the WRC do you feel comfortable with playing them at home when you possibly could be playing 11 vs 16?
  13. Wabash River Conference Week 9

    I never mentioned the outcome of the game because I don’t think that is relevant here. What is relevant here is that there is a school in this conference willing to allow the same crew to do multiple games in a year....and what’s worse...a crew out working 2 games there within a mont I think.
  14. Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Heard SV had the same officiating crew for tonight’s WRC championship game that they have already had for 1 other WRC game this season. Happens to be the crew that the white hat not only resides in Clinton and is 1 of the AD’s best buddies, but also assigns all of SV’s games for them. Seems pretty shady to me?
  15. Wabash River Conference Week 7

    If they didn’t make that call until 3pm, then that is total BS, but I find that hard to believe?