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  1. A Primer on Holding

    As a coach, you have input on the officials vote. I know this is more for throughout the season, but if you look at playoff games, there are few flags. Just guessing, but the crews probably throw less flags throughout the year, and coaches must like this....they get higher votes. But I think bobref is right....no advantage, no foul. That is officiating 101. Maybe have the DE, if being held, have him twist or try and turn and then jersey pull might get noticed.....Holding is tough to call.....and again, judgement is a big factor of advantage/disadvantage.
  2. A Primer on Holding

    I think the main part of the article is not calling holding on backside of plays, or if run is to left...not calling hold on rightside. I also think the college trainers and observers do not want holding called on a double team 99.9% of the time....that is just from clinics and on field comments I have been involved in. But if you are wanting the opposite DE called for holding every time, even if the play is not going that way.....probably not going to happen. As a coach, I dont think you want 50 flags in a game....heck most of the state final games MIGHT have 5 flags entire game...and those are officiated by the coaches voted best crews.
  3. I agree...I believe they made the calls in no favor of one team or the other. In fact, they probably made the best judgment they could. I agree, judgment is and always will be subjective and we as officials do our best. We are always looking for more officials, so some can sign up and join the ranks. The only thing I will comment on is the supervisor comment. The IHSAA does employ observers and I believe many/all?? crews have probably been observed in the past 2 years. I will just say that some of the comments made by the observer, on behalf of the IHSAA, are not being followed by the crews still working. There were a couple things that our observer said that even crews not working are not doing. I only say this because I would like nothing more than to see consistency across the state. No reason a crew from Evansville should officiate mechanically different than those in Lafayette or Indianapolis. I think the steps to make this happen are in progress, but we have a long way to go......
  4. I realize we are talking about HS football...but if you watch NCAA and NFL, they rarely call roughing the kicker. If you notice, the punter will get contacted and even pushed down with his kicking leg extended. They always call this running into the kicker. The only time they call roughing is if the contact is made to the plant leg when kicking leg is extended. That is why I think that foul should have been running into. Plus, for the kicker to have dropped the ball, ran a step or two then kicked....the D gets a little more leeway because of the now "rugby style" kick.
  5. That should have been running into the kicker. I think many on this board would be amazed at how the officials are "selected" for the tournament. This crew is in the system and will work a state final game next year. Lets just be clear, many of the crews working still are good, but there are many crews that do just as good of job or better. It all comes down to coaches vote and once a crew gets past Sectional, they have a distinct and unfair advantage to keep moving up. There is a crew in the state that worked a state final in 1978...working state final games every 4 years since 1978? Not sure it is the same crew or same R, so not sure how that happens. There is even a R that had to be removed from sectional basketball game due to not being able to keep up, but he is working Regional football game.
  6. That is Running into the kicker....should be 5 yards and replay 4th down. The contact was not to the plant leg, and that is a key in roughing or running into......
  7. Just want to clear something up.....There is no "uncatchable ball" rule in High School.
  8. Illegal Motion vs. False Start

    That should be illegal motion. It should not have been a dead ball, so they should not have had the chance to run another play.
  9. Misfielding a punt

    Also, if the "downfield blocker" was blocked into the ball, the touching is ignored. Would like to see video of this play. We need more video of plays to help everyone learn.
  10. New "Trick Play" in NE Indiana

    If you want to see an illegal play, I hope we can all agree on.....go to hudl, home page.....then click on Hudl Top 5. It was posted 3 days ago. It is 2017 Hudl Top 5---Week 8. Go to play 2
  11. New "Trick Play" in NE Indiana

    I guess if the IHSAA could verify this play.....If the QB is directing instructions to his lineman on one side....then goes in motion to the other side and gives instructions.....isnt that confusing the defense into believing there is a problem and the snap isnt imminent? Why run this play? It is so you can "trick the defense" by using things other than multiple shifts, unusual formations or creative plays. Just for discussion, because this play will happen again....and again.... Case Book Example 9.10.1 SITUATION B: From a field goal formation, potential kicker A1 yells, "Where's the tee?" A2 replies, "I'll go get it" and goes legally in motion toward his team's sideline. Ball is snapped to A1 who throws a touchdown pass to A2. RULING: Unsportsmanlike conduct prior to snap. The ball should be declared dead and the foul enforced as a dead-ball foul. COMMENT: Football has been and always will be a game of deception and trickery involving multiple shifts, unusual formations and creative plays. However, actions or verbiage designed to confuse the defense into believing there is problem and a snap isn't imminent is beyond the scope of sportsmanship and is illegal.
  12. New "Trick Play" in NE Indiana

    http://wane.com/2017/09/05/totw-columbia-city-eagles-football/ Not sure I did that right....Go to the 1:08 second mark of video. Saw this on TV, then 2 weeks later we were told by other team that they were going to run same play. Basically, QB is under center....goes to yell some instructions to left side of line. Then goes in motion to tell the right side of line something. Then the ball is snapped to RB and they throw a pass. To me, this play is illegal. No different than the "coach, we have the wrong ball" trick play from Case book. Thoughts? See it before?
  13. Weird NY Jets TD/Fumble/Touchback

    Sorry...I could not disagree more. I can live with the rule. HOWEVER, when replay gets involved, there is not conclusive evidence to see 1 way or the other. So they should have stayed with original call. I am not a replay fan....it is broken because they do not follow the conclusive rule. If you overturn this play, and give the ball away, you should have evidence that 10 out of 10 people (non-fans of either team) would agree with. And do not get me started with college football replay and Targeting....
  14. Rating question

    I meant each official can see the survey rating of their crew. I agree, they should still do the scattergram, or something to see how you compare. But not sure it matters. My main question was is your rating comparable to previous years? I didnt know if the process changed since they posted this early. Also, I believe the test no longer counts for points.
  15. Rating question

    any official can see it.....