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  1. Titans QB pass play

    Ball does not cross the line of scrimmage on the pass...or does it matter?
  2. Titans QB pass play

    Are you sure its illegal touching if the ball just hits the back of the lineman's head?
  3. Rules Ideas

    Also, depending on which side QB is on, or pass is going, maybe get some help from wing official. I know if wing official is on line and play is on opposite side, they can possibly help out and see where the lineman is when pass is thrown.
  4. Titans QB pass play

    I think most of us saw the Mariotta play when he passed...ball batted by defender, Mariotta catches it and runs for a TD. So, got me thinking....HS rules..... 1. Ball is snapped at 40 yard line. QB A11 is in shotgun formation, scrambles and throws a pass from the 43. It is a bad throw, hits lineman A76 in the back of the head at the 40. The ball goes into air and QBA11 catches ball at the 35 and runs for a TD. 2. Same play as above...but after ball hits A76 in back of head, A55 catches ball at the 40 and runs for 10 yards.
  5. Rules Ideas

    Watch the NFL and college...NO ONE IS IN THE BOX. I am sure HS can do the same. Right now, the rule allows there to be time when 3 can be in box and times when they cannot...my only point of changing the rule is elimintate any confusion and safety issues... I can tell you from experience...here is a story......before every game, I walk over to head coach, tell him that I work the back of the box...I show him where I will be standing at snap and where I will be working from...In other words, I have my heels on the back of the coaches box. Our R would also point this out in the pregame meeting and explain the sideline warnings. You would be shocked how many thought I was crazy when I notified them.... One game.....on opening kickoff....I am working the back of the box, and on the KO return, there is a coach in middle of the box. I throw a sideline warning flag. The HC goes crazy because it was 1st play of game. Lets just say the sideline was horrible rest of game. Most crews probably do not enorce strict because of fear of coaches vote....and thats a shame. And to anwer your "real question" I can listen and handle complaining about rulest interpretations from the HC all game long. I just dont want to run into or have to run around someone while trying to work. Everyone wants the official to focus on the field, and I agree....but running full speed, you have to keep looking down sideline because there is a pretty good chance some assistant coach is going to be in the way......
  6. Rules Ideas

    Lets break it down this way. For JV/Fresh/Middle School games, I agree...the coaches should be given more leeway...they are teaching younger players and they do get more leeway from officials (or should). For varsity game, and I have worked over 70 varsity games as a sideline official.......The sidelines are usually packed with non-players and/or numerous assistants. If you throw the first flag, it works and everyone stays back for maybe 1/2 quarter. If you throw another one, the team is penalized, and the staff is now usually very upset and goes overboard (I have seen coaches make players go stand on the track) and its usually never a player in the box during a play. The next is 15 and then it gets worse. And I will say this....its usually never an issue with the HC being in the box during play. Also, the rule as currently written is only 3 coaches can be in box calling plays....most games there are 6-8 coaches yelling in the box between plays. Do you want to see a bunch of flags for that? I am guessing no....and that is why 99.9% of officials allow that. I do not understand why yelling from 3 yards off field is any different than standing right on the sideline....sound will travel those 3 yards just fine....the official running into the coach might not end up fine.
  7. Rules Ideas

    I hear ya....but can you answer this.....with way more crowd noise and bigger stadiums, how does a college or NFL coach stay out of the area and the players still get it? Yes, 1 has a mic in the helmet, but the DB's do not. I dont care if they move the team box down to the 20....just keep everyone out of the box....
  8. Rules Ideas

    Not true, they did it so they would not have 3-1/2 hour games. HS games are pushing the 2-1/2 to 3 hour range with all the passing.
  9. Rules Ideas

    I know its too late to submit, and the new NF rules should be out next month....but what are some ideas for new HS rules that should be added: Here are a couple of mine.... 1. Eliminate the coaches box. No one can be in the 3 yard belt at any time. This is for safety for all....and it just eliminates some sideline issues. NFL/NCAA have this rule 2. Follow the NCAA/NFL rule of IF the runner goes out of bounds, wind the clock when ball is set. If pass is incomplete, the clock stays stopped. Of course, inside 4 or 2 min we could stop clock. 3. Go back to original rules for facemask/helmet opening fouls...15 yards.....safety issue and eliminates a judgement issue (NFL only has 15) 4. Allow the QB to ground the ball "outside the tackle box". Everyone thinks this is a rule already, NFL/NCAA allow it.......its time......keep same constraints: pass has to get to scrimmage. Just a couple of thoughts......
  10. Fake Kneeldown

    I agree....Unfair act and penalize as you say.... I think, and this is different than we handle it now, is to just not ask, not say anything. This is the standard procedure for "onside kicks". I dont say anything, I dont tip off anyone on the crew. So, in end of game situations, just dont say anything, and let things play out. If the D does something dumb, then penalize them. If the QB wants to run back about 8 steps and then take a knee, then let them play. I think we just do our jobs like normal.
  11. What is a "catch?"

    Completly agree. My only point is the Pittsburgh play was overturned in REPLAY. In HS, almost everyone in that situation would have called a TD or put the ball at the 1/2 yardline. The WR was down at that point and ball was dead, and even waiting for the turn and lunge, at full speed, the ball doesnt move enough. My thing is the rules are different for a reason, most have to do with safety, but they are different. And to open up another discussion.....attending clinics run by NCAA/NFL and you will learn and follow their philosophies and I agree...become better. The local association meetings are a different story. Assuming you go to IOA meetings, you might be teaching those things.....but in the numerous other associations, they are not. Heck, we cannot even get the IHSAA to tell us which of the 10 plays they sent us to watch, if they were targeting, blindside block, or nothing. We are kind of own our own in the HS football officiating world in Indiana.....
  12. What is a "catch?"

    Again...that is the NFL rule.....Show me in the NFHS book that definition of a catch??? Casebook?? Anything???? The NFL got the play right in REPLAY....not in real-time. In HS, 99/100 officials are calling that a catch. You going to go over and tell coach the ball moved a little after his knee was down? No way..... Now, if you want to all use NFL/College guidleines and interpretations, I am ok with it....but in the past on this board....those guidelines were told did not apply in HS football.....
  13. What is a "catch?"

    Correct....Only replay overturned that Pittsburgh catch. In HS most if not all officials would have put the ball at 1/2 yard line, knee was down....or gave the TD signal. In HS rules, that was a catch. In NFL, that was not a catch. Remember, we are all going off of replay, slo motion.....
  14. What is a "catch?"

    There are 3 different rule books....HS, NCAA and NFL. There are more similarities between NFL and HS, but they are different. Just like being down...NFL, you have to be touched, but HS you do not. The catch rule is different also. While I agree that the thought process should be used, and some of the NFL guidelines can be used at the HS level, the rules are different. I have talked about other NFL guidlines on this board before and they seemed to be discounted and "cannot use at HS" comments. You cannot pick and choose. According to NFL rules, that was not a catch....the Dez play was not a catch, etc. The NFL rule makes it easy to determine in REPLAY. In HS football, I am guessing almost every HS official would have given the Pittsburgh reciever a catch and spotted it at the 1, because the knee was down. In real time, that is what eye saw. I call BS that you would go over to the coach and say that the ball moved after WR lunged into Endzone. Plus what would you say? You cannot use the terms "did not maintain control after contact with ground" because that is not in HS book.....Only in replay did you see the ball move. No where in the HS book does it talk about maintaining control after hitting ground. It does not even talk about a "football move". Those are all terms created for the NFL. Just like "outside the tackle box"...how many times do you hear that in a season??? The rules are different...
  15. What is a "catch?"

    But...I agree, it looks like you got the catch definition out of the NF book. There is a difference between HS, college and NFL besides the 1 foot. Where in the NF book does it talk about maintaining possession after contact with ground? The play the other night in Pittsburgh, would you in HS football, call that a catch? The knee is down, and he has possession....are you going to go tell a coach he lost possession after that?