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  1. I hardly see enthusiasm as "bro culture". Maybe our age differences change our viewpoints on this. To me "bro culture" has more to do with interaction outside the game and off of the field.
  2. Congrats Blair, Trexler

    Congrats to them. Outstanding football players and young men.
  3. Something DT insists runs rampant in an occupation he's not a part of.
  4. 40-Second Play Clock

    I love the 40 second clock. I think if some other states adopted it they would quickly see the benefits. I'd like to see it permanent here.
  5. If you think cut blocking is just "diving at the other players knees" then you either haven't learned or been coached to what a proper cut block is.
  6. Old postings

    They we're pinned...but have since been closed again.
  7. Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    I believe they specifically target electronic noise makers.
  8. No. There is really no MC presence on the GID. Probably for the better (lol). This thread will mostly be Pioneer fans.
  9. Suggested rule change

    I love this. I feel like half of my job coaching the JV is juggling quarters. It gets ridiculous. This rule would simplify a lot of that.
  10. Exactly. Polls don't really mean much at any point. They're mostly opinion. They make you feel good until November rolls around and it's survival time. This should be a heck of a ball game.
  11. NFL Touchdown Celebrations

    I was JUST posting this as you did. By far my favorite from this season. (so far)
  12. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    I know I'm a week late but I was at that game. I'm a Bengals fan and I can tell you that it was about 80% full. It was BITTER cold so the weather probably had a lot to do with it. People left the game early because it was so cold. by the end only the lower bowl was full, about 60%. I've been to many of Bengals games and I can tell you that nothing is different down there. Cincinnati has also had no players protest at all...just an observation.
  13. Personally, I think it would be great. One less thing for coaches to have to worry about. Let the experts handle it. You should start the crusade to make this happen Bob. In a way you already have by putting it on the GID for the world to see.
  14. I think this is a great idea and I'm all for this...but I could only imagine how this would go over at our next region meeting. I have the feeling a lot of other coaches, especially the older ones, would feel like their voice would be taken away and they would be stuck with (what they view as) bad officials. That maybe a flaw in the coaches culture that we (coaches) should have a say over officiating. Coaches are kiiiinda control freaks...