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  1. Its not hard to see Veechy63. Its all over TV at every level High school/college/pro https://www.google.com/search?q=flying+chest+bump&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=9QVM7xE0BY2sUM%3A%2C7Rb1JXEOVHY8SM%2C_&usg=__tp9xUkwTcrRWvxZ3MEwkfXP-zIQ%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi3-a33joXYAhVQkeAKHfScA8cQ9QEIKzAA#imgrc=yKSpcVDRLhIeFM:
  2. There is always an exodus of coaches from the game when they hit that 52-55 age range. I think the exodus is now occurring for many at an even younger age. The pace of change and the demands on time are accelerating. Some guys just cant or dont want to keep up.
  3. Mid State

    I don't understand why Plainfield would be trending down. Please elaborate.
  4. Mid State

    Interesting comparison. Griffith left the Northwest Crossroads for the much smaller Greater South Shore Conference (GSSC) primarily for competitive reasons and an understanding of future declining enrollment trends. A Mooresville move to The ICC would be for similar reasons, although Mooresville's enrollment appears to be steady at around 1400. They would definitely be the big dog in the ICC, as Griffith is now in The GSSC.
  5. Mid State

    Schedules not yet posted
  6. Mid State

    Interesting comment. I dont think that either of these schools has ever felt any pressure from within regarding their competitive profile in the conference. Greenwood seems to be hanging in but Mooresville has been abysmal. Do you think Mike Gillin can get that program turned back in the right direction? I do like the idea of the Mid State being a "big school" conference. It makes good sense. I wonder if Perry made it a condition of their entrance into the conference that Southport "not" be invited. Perry may want some separation from their township neighbors.
  7. 64 offseason coaching changes is the single annual all time high since The GID started tracking several years ago, With almost 30 already this short offseason, are we about to see the record broken? Why all the movement? Are coaches leaving the profession completely, or just moving on to better jobs? Potential issues : * Low stipends * Long hours * Too much offseason comittment * Declining participation * Entitled, spoiled student athletes * Declining administrative support * Poor game attendance - diminishing community involvement * Aging facilities and equipment * Concussion - Injury concerns * Officiating shortage * Pushback against the advancing "bro culture" Any others ?
  8. Mid State

    Who will be the next to join? Columbus East Columbus North Bloomington North Bloomington South Shelbyville Southport Roncalli Seems like everybody wants in
  9. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    He looks and runs around like he is 20 years younger than his age. The Bears do not have a history of giving up control. Saban will not compromise. He is the one guy they may make the exception for.
  10. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    I will give you 5 reasons why Saban would consider going back: 1. To correct the only stain on his sparkling resume. The Miami failure surely knaws at his craw. 2. There are likely only 2 "Blue Blood" NFL franchises that would attract Saban's attention. NY Giants and Chicago Bears. I don't see him considering any other NFL job, but do see him being intrigued by these two. And both will be open. 3. Nothing left to prove at Alabama. He has reinvented the college football dynasty. His coaching tree is far and wide. It might be getting redundant for him. 4. His wife may no longer be holding him back. She has pressed him to stay on the lake in Bama when other jobs have opened over the years. Most 60 year old guys are ready for a little space anyways. 5. He will get whatever cash and control he asks for from either the Bears or the Giants. The Jimbo Fisher deal at A&M (75M over 10 years) just reset the bar. Saban will likely get $10M if he goes to the NFL. But its not about the money. Its about scaling that last and final mountain.
  11. Hobart Job is Open

    Perhaps its time Hobart take a look at an outsider for this job.
  12. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    Harbaugh just signed former Mississippi QB Shea Patterson , who was the #1 recruit in the nation in the 2016 class. Is this a sign Khaki Boy will remain a Skunk Weasel? This pushes Ron Rivera higher up on my list of potential replacements for John Fox. Nick Saban might also be in the mix.
  13. Hobart Job is Open

    Not a single comment on the Hobart opening. Interesting
  14. 12 to 15% is normal annual coaching turnover. Should be between 40-48 total when its all over and done with That extrapolates out to approx 40% turn over a 3 year period.