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  1. https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/CompositeTeamRankings?Conference=Big-Ten Virtual tie between the two heading in to the final stretch. Still no **** for Indiana. Northwestern last in the conference. Odd. Perhaps its due to the small class. James Franklin is going toe to toe with Urban Meyer. Harbaugh left in the dust. Note the surge by Maryland. They will be factor in the years to come. It also says a lot about the quality of athletes and overall talent in the east/DC region. (NJ/PA/VA/MD/DC) BT was wise to expand into this area.
  2. Attention all up and coming head coaches! The Highland job in Northwest Indiana is now officially open, as current HC Trent Grider has stepped down after 5 seasons. Grider did a nice job of bringing Highland football back to relevance after a deep drought in the mid 2000s. Highland is a 4A school in the Northwest Crossroads Conference. Indiana Hall of Fame Head Coaches Ken "Zip" Sypult, Dave Shelbourne and Brad Smith have all led the Trojan football program. Shelbourne took the 1987 Highland team to the Class 5A state title game against Ben Davis. Former Northwestern and St Louis Rams linebacker Tom Homco was a standout on that Trojan squad. Highland has stiff competition in the NCC. Munster, Lowell , Andrean, Kankakee Valley, and Hobart are conference rivals, and the Trojans also play the Hammond schools regularly in non con play. Highland plays in a beautiful on campus stadium with natural grass turf. In the 70s and 80s, Highland was a big school with 2200 students. It is now half that size, with a changing demographic profile. Good opportunity for a coach who has experience turning around a flailing program. The job will fill quickly. Inquire now if interested.
  3. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    Cmon trojanDad. OSU and UofM are land grant universities.
  4. I like the hire Frankly surprised that he would leave a program he built from scratch to go to one with very little upside. Highland is not interested in building a successful football program. They are interested in fielding a team and being competitive That's as good as it gets.
  5. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    The BIG will never admit city based universities (Pitt, Cincy, Louisville). They only align with major land grant institutions. I believe the next two schools to join are Virginia and North Carolina. This would better balance the divisions given the expected reemergence of Nebraska under Scott Frost East Purdue, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina West Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Northwestern, Michigan. Michigan State
  6. Homestead and Carroll are 3 years in to their move to The Summit Athletic Conference. How are things working out? Do both schools like their new home in The SAC? Do the other SAC members like having their two big local partners in the league? Any interesting rivalries developing? Any Public vs Private issues festering? Are all parties satisfied with the level of competitiveness and quality of play? Do either Homestead or Carroll have a chance to rep the north downstate at 6A in the near future? In my view, this is the best conference in the state. Great combination of big and small, city and suburb, private and public. 2017 SUMMIT CONF AG OA DA AM Fort Wayne Snider 9- 0 11- 1 43.7 14.4 29.3 Homestead 8- 1 8- 2 39.6 21.2 18.4 Fort Wayne Dwenger 6- 3 10- 4 27.4 15.4 11.9 Carroll (Fort Wayne) 6- 3 7- 4 32.8 32.5 0.3 Fort Wayne Luers 5- 4 8- 5 25.3 23.4 1.9 Fort Wayne Concordia 5- 4 7- 5 23.8 17.5 6.3 Fort Wayne Wayne 3- 6 5- 7 24.0 26.3 -2.3 Fort Wayne Northrop 2- 7 2- 8 27.8 41.0 -13.2 Fort Wayne South 1- 8 1- 9 18.4 41.5 -23.1 Fort Wayne North 0- 9 0-10 9.9 37.7 -27.8 2016 SUMMIT CONF AG OA DA AM Fort Wayne Snider 9- 0 12- 1 42.0 14.3 27.7 Fort Wayne Concordia 7- 2 13- 2 43.7 19.7 24.0 Homestead 7- 2 9- 3 36.8 24.5 12.3 Fort Wayne Dwenger 6- 3 8- 4 29.3 19.3 9.9 Carroll (Fort Wayne) 6- 3 6- 4 31.1 25.0 6.1 Fort Wayne Luers 4- 5 6- 6 32.2 28.2 4.0 Fort Wayne Northrop 2- 7 2- 8 28.8 44.3 -15.5 Fort Wayne Wayne 2- 7 2- 8 18.6 34.5 -15.9 Fort Wayne South 1- 8 2- 9 18.4 36.9 -18.5 Fort Wayne North 1- 8 1- 9 8.7 37.4 -28. 2015 SUMMIT CONF AG OA DA AM Fort Wayne Dwenger 8- 1 14- 1 34.3 11.7 22.7 Fort Wayne Snider 8- 1 13- 1 47.9 21.5 26.4 Fort Wayne Luers 6- 3 8- 4 34.7 25.2 9.5 Homestead 6- 3 8- 4 34.5 26.3 8.3 Carroll (Fort Wayne) 6- 3 7- 4 37.1 23.0 14.1 Fort Wayne Concordia 4- 5 5- 6 32.5 27.7 4.7 Fort Wayne North 4- 5 4- 6 27.7 29.6 -1.9 Fort Wayne Northrop 2- 7 2- 8 24.9 38.8 -13.9 Fort Wayne South 1- 8 2- 9 11.7 44.3 -32.5 Fort Wayne Wayne 0- 9 0-10 4.6 40.7 -36.1
  7. Lawrence Central Filled

    The MIC was created with one goal in mind. To become the supreme hs football conference in the midwest CA and CG will always win the All sports trophy due to their dominance in country club and girls sports. Baseball is becoming somewhat "country club" due to the high cost and outside influences that dominate high school ball players at this level I did say Big 4, not Big 5 LC, on paper, has better talent than CG. LC will produce more hi level D1 talent than will CG. If the new coach can harness the talent and build a Moeller like state championship caliber program year to year, the Bears will surpass the Trojans in The Mic pecking order
  8. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    No doubt, the Boilers floundered under Burkes direction. But look at them now. He set up both football and basketball for success, attendance is up and facilities upgrades are under way. You've got to give Burke credit for those positive changes.
  9. Lawrence Central Filled

    You really are clueless and immature. I don't argue with people on this website. I state my opinions and enjoy reading their responses. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. I rarely engage in debate with you, because frankly, you're not very sharp. I believe what CG has accomplished over the past 20 years is astounding. They have built and maintained an elite program and gone toe to toe with the mega schools year after year. I just don't believe this level of success is sustainable for the extreme long term. A coaching transition could have an impact, or the numbers difference against BD, WC and C will finally overwhelm the CG program. Or others, like LC and Avon, will eclipse CG just due to the natural order of change.
  10. Go back in time, and recall the toughest, hardest hitting game you ever played in. When was it? Who was it against? Was it a big game? What was on the line? One that I recall the most was not even a varsity game. It was a scrimmage from my freshman year at Highland. After the first week of August two a days, our varsity staff would set up a Freshman vs Sophomore scrimmage. The entire team, including the varsity, would come over to the practice field to watch the matchup. The Sophomores absolutely beat the living crap out of us freshman. It was personal. Physical annihilation was their primary focus. Big brother vs little brother. They buried us and rubbed our faces in the dirt. It was great fun. Loved it. The following week, a rematch was scheduled, which was our team tradition. The freshman staff drilled us all week and prepared us as if we were going to the playoffs. We battled the sophs to a draw, got in some licks of our own, and earned their respect. The varsity staff was gleaming. That freshman team would go on to have the first and only undefeated regular season in Highland varsity football history. What's your story?
  11. Lawrence Central Filled

    LC has designs on breaking into the "The Big 4." This new coach should get them there Quickly
  12. Is it Ben Davis or Indianapolis Ben Davis? Regardless of which corner, hamlet , region or county of the state you come from, surely you've heard of this program.
  13. Is Mishawaka to Warsaw a lateral move or a step up? Or even a step down? Impressive job of scheduling by the NP AD. 6 home games in a 9 game schedule. What does he think he is, Notre Dame?
  14. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Good comparison. Back up QBs tend to be the "brainy" type. This may be the new model for the next era of head coaches in the league.
  15. Valparaiso Head Coach

    Sounds like the players had little respect for the coach and were being politically correct with their comments. Players referred to the coach as "Mueller" in the comments from the article. Can any of you who ever played a down imagine referring to your high school coach in any terms other than "Coach" or "Coach Mueller?" Sounds like "Mueller" wanted to be a bro to these players. Valpo is a fairly staid, buttoned down community. Perhaps they wanted none of the bro culture infecting their program. If that is indeed the case, they made the right move by running this guy off quickly.
  16. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/CompositeTeamRankings https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/CompositeTeamRankings?Conference=Big-Ten Final national and BT recruiting results.
  17. Has Hell froze over?

    These are programs, in my view, that made conscious decisions to significantly elevate their respective competitive profiles through investing in improved coaching, facilities, feeder program development, and community outreach. All 3 have enjoyed recent success and are built for longer term growth and stability. All have also benefited from a weakening of their core competitors. MC has risen amongst a crumbling Duneland Conference backdrop. Westfield's rise has coincided with a weakening Zionsville program, as well as a few down years from HSE and Fishers. New Prairie has bludgeoned its way to dominance and earned itself a promotion to the big school division in the NIC. Question - could Warsaw make a conscious decision and set a goal to compete at the highest level of 6A, and what measures would need to be put into place to achieve that objective?
  18. Has Hell froze over?

    Michigan City Westfield New Prairie
  19. Has Hell froze over?

    I really do believe that at this level, when an admin makes a decision to go all in on football, success generally follows. The number of high schools in Indiana that are "all in" on football is declining. That will make the path clearer for those who remain committed.
  20. Has Hell froze over?

    There was a time not too long ago when schools made conference membership decisions primarily based on competitive issues. Now, convenience seems to be the driving factor. Agree, the NLC has been pretty solid for a long time.
  21. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Just listened to the Chris Ballard news conference in its entirety. Lots of old cliches and a bit of new pontification. Ballard spent a lot of time stroking his owner. The entire Colts organization seems to be operating at the JV level. Not impressed
  22. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    They should sue Darrell Hazell for negligence and for attempt to impersonate a head football coach.