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  1. Hobart Head Coach Ryan Turley has resigned and the job is now open. The Brickies finished 6-4 this season, 3-2 in the Northwest Crossroads Conference. Hobart has a storied football history, with 11 state finals appearances and 4 championships, all under legendary Coach Don Howell.
  2. Attention all up and coming head coaches! The Highland job in Northwest Indiana is now officially open, as current HC Trent Grider has stepped down after 5 seasons. Grider did a nice job of bringing Highland football back to relevance after a deep drought in the mid 2000s. Highland is a 4A school in the Northwest Crossroads Conference. Indiana Hall of Fame Head Coaches Ken "Zip" Sypult, Dave Shelbourne and Brad Smith have all led the Trojan football program. Shelbourne took the 1987 Highland team to the Class 5A state title game against Ben Davis. Former Northwestern and St Louis Rams linebacker Tom Homco was a standout on that Trojan squad. Highland has stiff competition in the NCC. Munster, Lowell , Andrean, Kankakee Valley, and Hobart are conference rivals, and the Trojans also play the Hammond schools regularly in non con play. Highland plays in a beautiful on campus stadium with natural grass turf. In the 70s and 80s, Highland was a big school with 2200 students. It is now half that size, with a changing demographic profile. Good opportunity for a coach who has experience turning around a flailing program. The job will fill quickly. Inquire now if interested.
  3. I was reading some of the comments regarding his retirement and it appeared as if his methods were a bit "harsh" for the locals. I thought he was originally from that area?
  4. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21693372/former-smu-patriots-colts-coach-ron-meyer-dies-age-76 Meyer had movie star good looks back in his prime in the 70s. Seems like everything went in to reverse for him after the SMU death penalty, despite the fact that he had an NFL career. His star was never as bright as it was when he was leading the "Pony Express." He definitely got out of Dodge, or Dallas, when the poop hit the fan. Seemed like a great guy, who liked to live life on the edge a bit.
  5. Now, the real fun begins. Key offseason topics this forum will be discussing: 1. Contraction - next phase Surrounding states are seeing more and more schools drop football at the high school level. I expect Indiana to soon follow what is likely to become a national trend. Look for the first round of contraction casualties to hit this offseason. 2. PP Hegemony and the Cathedral - Peebles Marriage What does Coach Peebles' move to Cathedral say about the recent power shift away from PPs and towards the direction of the publics? I think a lot. Let's discuss the ramifications. 3. Conference Realignment Big moves already have impacted the Mid State and Conference Indiana. Lots of chatter surrounding the Hoosier Hills and the Northwest Crossroads. Who else is on the move, and why? 4. Coaching Changes Several interesting current openings, and many more likely to come. 5. Participation decline The numbers are undeniable. Will the trend continue? Are moms calling all the shots and keeping junior off the gridiron? 6. The "Bro Culture" - will it continue to spread? God, I hope not. But it's like a plague that is out of control. It's unstoppable. 7. Attendance declines Game attendance is down across the board, in every market, and at every stage of the season. How does King Bobby Cox reverse the trend in the state tournament, and how do ADs get people away from the internet and back in to the high school football stadiums on Friday nights? 8. Officiating Shortage Big problem for ADs and admins. Will we see more games moved to Saturdays due to the shortage? Will millennials answer the call and put down the joystick and pick up the whistle? 9. Seeding and Neutral Sites Are these options to improve the post season or just bandages on a gaping wound? 10. IU-Purdue Recruiting in state Are Tom Allen or Jeff Brohm proceeding with the intent to barricade off Hoosier state borders to Big Ten competitors? Is there really enough talent in state to even bother? Early recruiting results by both staffs seem to indicate that they are both primarily focused out of state. 11. Does a bad Indianapolis Colts organization have a negative impact on Indiana high school football? 12. Is the success factor destroying Indiana high school's greatest football dynasties?
  6. IPS really should just cut down to 2 football playing schools. I big (Tech) and 1 small (Shortridge) Attacks and Washington should be contracted for competitive reasons based on the attached Sagarins. The programs are simply not competitive, and given the cost cutting trends at IPS, the right thing to do financially for the district in this case is to contract. http://sagarin.com/sports/hsfsend.htm
  7. LC job opening

    The Hart interview would be interesting. I would particularly be interested in his explanation for leaving Warren Central. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2015/12/30/brownsburg-hires-former-warren-central-football-coach/78054262/
  8. LC job opening

    I would stay away from both. Able stepped down from big school football. Doubt he wants back in to the grind. Hart moves around too much. Id look closer at his son.
  9. I would like to see an older, experienced and successful head coach come in and take this position. Brad Smith had already had great career success and was well established when he came to Highland to take over in the 1996 season. Local candidates like Jeff Cain, Roy Richards, or even Kirk Kennedy should be considered, although Highland may be too soft for Kennedy's harsh style.
  10. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/RecruitRankings?InstitutionGroup=highschool&State=IN You should also personally advise him to keep Kurt Ferentz and his staff out of our state!!! He is doing some serious damage to our in state college football programs with this recruiting prowess.
  11. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    Is Brohm making Indiana a priority in terms of recruiting?
  12. Markese Stepp

    Agree. I'd like to see some upside, but not much there. Allen saved himself from disaster in the final 3 weeks of the season. But I think it just postpones the inevitable. Id almost prefer to see them completely ditch the pro style passing attack and install Indiana Mr Football Reese Taylor and run the Ben Davis offense. That would at least give IU some identity on offense and a recruiting philosophy for targeting specific needs.
  13. Markese Stepp

    We've got some real smart asses on this board. I miss the old days.
  14. 2017 Hoosiers

    http://www.ourlads.com/ncaa-football-depth-charts/depth-chart/ohio-state/91533 I much prefer the collective size of this group of defensive backs. Receivers are getting bigger, not smaller. If we continue to put 5-9 DBs in our secondary, we will always be overmatched physically.
  15. 2017 Hoosiers

    Taylor is a special player. Have a feeling Allen has big plans in mind for him. Personally, I would like to see IU move away from the drop back passing attack and go to more of a read option approach, assuming they can find the right personnel. Its easier to coach and easier to find athletes for this offense. Texas is loaded with these types of players.
  16. 2017 Hoosiers

    Just what we need. Another 5'9" defensive back. LOL
  17. 2017 Hoosiers

    Not sure Taylor would accept the scholarship if he thought he would be sitting behind Ramsey and Tronti for the next 4 years.
  18. 2017 Hoosiers

    If I were Ramsey or Tronti, I would be looking over my shoulder with regards to Taylor. The Taylor-Allen-Ben Davis connection is undeniable. I could see a scenario where Allen intends to mimic the Ben Davis offense to take full advantage of Taylor's talents over the next 4 years, same as IU did with Randle El. Perhaps this will be the new IU-Allen identity. Read option offense with a solid defense
  19. 2017 Hoosiers

    Does Reese Taylor have a shot to play QB as a true freshman?
  20. 2017 Hoosiers

    The net net of what you will see from IU on offense next year is a considerable drop off in talent from what we have seen over the past 5 years. 8 former IU offensive players are in the pros now. All were either recruited by or played under Kevin Wilson. I see zero NFL prospects on the current offensive roster, other than possibly Cobbs, and IU receivers have had trouble sticking in the NFL.
  21. I never said that teachers were or are overpaid. I made two comments. 1. Teachers game the stipend system. (trough dipping) 2. I'm a free market capitalist and don't begrudge anyone whatever they can get The two are not mutually exclusive.
  22. Markese Stepp

    https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/RecruitRankings?InstitutionGroup=HighSchool&State=IN Why isnt Tom Allen after this in state 4 star RB?
  23. Markese Stepp

    I'll take Purdue's results (better record/better rushing offense/post season bowl berth) over the supposed poor analysis. http://www.bigten.org/sports/m-footbl/fb-confldrs.html
  24. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    Coaches usually have a reason for walking away. Kennedy has struggled at his last 3 stops after leaving Lowell. Perhaps that failure combined with the dwindling participation numbers is what pushed him to make the final decision. Or maybe he's just tired of it, like Trent Grider seemed to be at Highland.