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  1. https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/CompositeTeamRankings?Conference=Big-Ten Virtual tie between the two heading in to the final stretch. Still no **** for Indiana. Northwestern last in the conference. Odd. Perhaps its due to the small class. James Franklin is going toe to toe with Urban Meyer. Harbaugh left in the dust. Note the surge by Maryland. They will be factor in the years to come. It also says a lot about the quality of athletes and overall talent in the east/DC region. (NJ/PA/VA/MD/DC) BT was wise to expand into this area.
  2. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    Very exciting and encouraging stuff for Purdue fans. Lucas Oil will be rocking when Purdue makes its first appearance in the Big Ten Championship Game, which I believe will be coming very soon. Hope they dont lose GK. That would be a major loss. But you cant fault the kid for accepting an invite to visit USC.
  3. We need to see more of this. https://www.bridgemi.com/public-sector/small-town-michigan-high-schools-dump-traditional-football
  4. https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/texas-high-school-football/ The issues are the same, but now they are impacting participation in Texas, ground zero for top level high school football. Within 5 years, we will see significant program contraction, which will lead to mass reclassification and high school conference realignment as schools scramble to find like minded competition. The down sizing of the game will be long and painful for many.
  5. The NW AD did a helluva job with the 7 game home schedule. Ryan should be hoppin this season. I like where they are heading.
  6. I guess if I lived in a cesspool like Frankfort, I would probably have this same POV.
  7. There is a lot of positive buzz coming out of Northwestern football right now. Chicago radio stations are heavily promoting the tremendous 2018 home schedule and offering nice ticket packages. Johnson made the right move. Only misery and losing awaits in Bloomington. DATE OPPONENT LOCATION TIME/RESULT DETAILS 8/30/2018 Purdue West Lafayette, Ind. 7 p.m. Details 9/8/2018 Duke Evanston, Ill. 11 a.m. Details 9/15/2018 Akron Evanston, Ill. 6:30 p.m. Details 9/29/2018 Michigan Evanston, Ill. TBD Details 10/6/2018 Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. 11 a.m. Details 10/13/2018 Nebraska (Homecoming) Evanston, Ill. 11 a.m. Details 10/20/2018 Rutgers Piscataway, N.J. 11 a.m. Details 10/27/2018 Wisconsin (Family Weekend) Evanston, Ill. TBD Details 11/3/2018 Notre Dame Evanston, Ill. TBD Details 11/10/2018 Iowa Iowa City, Ia. TBD Details 11/17/2018 Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. TBD Details 11/24/2018 Illinois Evanston, Ill. TBD Details
  8. Actually, I was right around 1.5% Very cheap.
  9. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    One of the primary reasons I moved away from the Region was the constant and unending gridlock. And it seems to just get worse as time presses forward. I would think that the easy access to 65 would be a factor in KVs overall evaluation of its travel time and expense. Outlyer schools like KV have a history of making moves that ultimately suit their own best interests. For nearly any school in the "true" Region, KV is just another game on the schedule. I would think that at some point the school would want to affiliate with members to which it has a stronger and more natural collection of shared beliefs and priorities.
  10. Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic group in the nation. The attached doc shows growth of the hispanic population from 15% of the total in 2010 to 30% of the total in 2050. These numbers will be even higher in the southwest. Natural hispanic culture and customs , which do not include American tackle football, will continue to spread throughout the country. https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/working-papers/2009/demo/us-pop-proj-2000-2050/analytical-document09.pdf The American middle class Dad is having a very difficult time in our current culture. Women are now more educated, and are taking over upper level management positions at an ever increasing rate. We are entering a time soon where women will become majority head of household.
  11. All the equipment and technique improvements in the world will not sway a mother who is convinced her son is heading for long term brain trauma if he steps foot on the gridiron. That Jeannie is out of the bottle - never to return. And you can't turn the tide of advancing demographic forces working against participation. We are in the initial phase of football downsizing.
  12. LOL I do believe Jeff is in a better place. They were overmatched in the HCC and the logistics were unfavorable. Now the worm has turned and they are the big dog on the block. With regards to Purdue, I cant help but think that their success creates a nice tailwind for the entire community. That was my point, you just missed it. Don't take things too literally. Sometimes you need to read thru the tealeaves.
  13. You're both whiplashed and confused. Try to keep up.
  14. Are you saying that spring football states have "no" organized summer programs? I find that hard to believe. Texas kids have zero authorized or approved sessions between spring ball and August camp openers? I don't believe that. I'm sure those kids are just as busy, or much more, than Indiana kids, during the summer months.
  15. I appreciate Coach Nowlin's fierce support of his fellow assistant coaches, and for his defense of all things that pertain to Indiana high school football. He always sees the cup as half full, which is an admirable quality.
  16. Coach Nowlin knows that no high school coach in a spring football state would trade schedules with the Indiana model. Unless that coach is looking for an easier path and a lighter workload.
  17. I owned a home in White River Township, Center Grove school district, from 2004-2013. My prop value was in the 235K range and property taxes were in the 2% range. Very reasonable. CG schools were in constant building, remodeling mode during my entire 10 year stay in the community. The schools are the single biggest drawing card for the community, as there is little industry/business base in that part of the Indy metro area.
  18. No one in that community (White River Township) will be challenging any financial investments in CG schools any time soon. They all are keenly aware that the CG school system, and the cult like athletic culture in the district, are the keys to maintaining their high property values. No reason to upset the golden goose.
  19. Center Grove is a cash generating machine. They have built a brand name that is attractive to corporate sponsors, like Ray Skillman, IU Health, and others. Kudos to AD Jon Zwitt for leveraging all of CGs benefits and making the school a major attraction to corporate sponsors.
  20. This could become the number one non conference rivalry game in the state if they keep playing.
  21. That type of thinking is typical of those who place no value on experience It's not worth the time nor effort trying to convince them otherwise. I was fortunate to come up during a time when experience, respect for authority, and a clear understanding of the relationship between coach and student athlete were clearly understood. It was the best of times.
  22. Indiana does not produce top level football talent, by any calculation or by any type of objective analysis. The state is simply not set up to be a top football talent producer. It never has and it never will. And that is ok, because football is not in the core "DNA" of the state sporting landscape. First, Indiana is a basketball first state. This reality siphons away many potential top level football players who choose to focus on hoops alone. Weather is a huge factor. The benefits of having spring football are huge when it comes to developing football talent over the long term. Without spring football, Indiana is at a huge disadvantage, and always will be. The state's flagship university is one of the all time worst performing Division 1 football schools in the history of college football. This reality certainly does nothing to help promote participation in the game at the lower levels. Changing statewide demographics are having a negative impact on participation and interest and this is an irreversible trend, especially in the industrial areas in the northern part of the state that used to be prime areas for recruiters to mine talent. A decline in the quality and depth of coaching will contribute to the continued erosion in player development. Administrative reallocation of athletic resources is moving in a direction away from high school football. This is happening out of economic necessity, and thru the personal choices of schools and boards who are looking for more and better cost effective extra curricular options that benefit a broader range of their respective student bodies.
  23. The Hoosier Conference 2018

    What the hell difference does it make? KV is not a big media target that requires a huge press following. They get no coverage now, and they will get no coverage in the future, at least until they win something meaningful. I dont understand why a school like KV would want to hold onto partnerships with schools like Griffith, Boone Grove, Hammond, etc. That makes no logical sense. Those schools represent the past and an era gone by. The future is to the south. KV sits right at the crossroads and can set its own course. The lack of leadership and vision in that community is appalling.