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  1. PAC week 1

    GS 56, FP 0 SR 35, Linton 21 HH 42, MV 7 SS 28, NP 21 Perry 20, TC 13 Pike 35, Indy Lighthouse 6
  2. I don’t have any TD totals for Lincoln’s scrimmage, but it was much like last year’s meeting with North Daviess when they scored at will. ND only has 26 kids on the team. The Alices have picked up Harrison beginning next year.
  3. Jasper @ Memorial

    I expect a similar style of game. Wouldn't be surprised to see another score like in 2017. Should be pretty low scoring between these two disciplined programs. Jasper will need to be dominant up front, particularly against the Tiger O-line.
  4. Owen Valley (0-0) at Vincennes Lincoln (0-0) GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Inman Field. COACHES: Duane Potts, 79-84 in 17th year at Owen Valley. Levi Salters, 9-2 in 2nd year at Vincennes. 2017 SAGARIN RATINGS: Vincennes, 72.08, 53rd overall, 8th in 3A. Owen Valley, 29.78, 230th overall, 54th in 4A. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Vincennes, 3-1. LAST MEETING: Vincennes, 41-14, Aug. 18, 2017. The Patriots, of the Western Indiana Conference, travel to Inman Field for what should be the final meeting against the Alices unless there is a contract renewal. I don't anticipate that happening. Lincoln is looking to ride the momentum of last season despite losing Graham Toole (Butler) and Caden Kotter (Air Force) to graduation. They still return a very good core of players, led by All Big 8 WR/DB Spencer Corrona and LB Eli Malone, who were a big part of their 9 wins a year ago. Although they will look a little different in 2018, Lincoln's expectations remain the same. Many people thought the 2017 match up between these teams would be competitive. Turns out that wasn't the case. I don't know much about the 2018 Owen Valley squad, other than they lost a decent amount of experience from a season ago. I think the Alices get a victory here but not sure if it's similar to 2017 result. If there's anyone familiar with the WIC that know's more about OV, please share.
  5. Week 1 Boonville at Washington©, 8 pm Jasper at Memorial, 7:30 pm Mount Vernon at Heritage Hills, 8 pm Owen Valley at Vincennes, 7 pm Princeton at North, 8 pm Predictions: Boonville 35, Washington 7 Memorial 21, Jasper 17 HH 42, MV 7 VL 42, OV 10 North 35, Princeton 14
  6. I know for a fact they had red in the early to mid 2000’s. Got film to prove it. I just always think of Princeton having the red helmets. I do like the current white with the large red tiger decals. I like GS style as well. I just think it was time for VL to make a switch to something else. They’ve had the same white helmets with the same V decals since before Mike Hidde started in 1990.
  7. My personal expectations for the conference: I agree with the 3 teams Cal preps has at the top, except in no particular order. Jasper, Vincennes, and Boonville should all compete well with each other. - If I had to choose a champion now, the safe pick is Jasper, despite them losing some valuable skill players to graduation. From what little I've read about them in other threads, they do return a good group of veteran linemen on both sides of the ball. I've not heard of any standout players to watch for, although they usually reload across the roster for the most part. Plus, they very rarely go two consecutive years without a conference title. Seeing as they finished 2nd last season, I'd say the odds favor the Cats. Hope I'm wrong :) - Vincennes basically returns everyone on offense not named Toole or Kotter from last year's conference champion team. Senior Evan Combs looks to be the projected starter at QB, and the limited 7 on 7 film that I've seen looks promising. The questions for me will mostly be on the defensive side where they will have to replace a couple LBs and DT/DEs. This is still a veteran ball club with the same expectations as last season. One thing that will be an improvement over last season for sure is the number of bodies on the sideline. This should be the biggest team in quite some time for the Alices. I'm anxious to see if Coach Salters and Co. can build off of what they achieved in 2017. -Boonville has the most to prove of anyone in the conference IMO. After three good, but not great, seasons under 4th year coach Darrin Ward, 2018 could be a breakout year. The Pioneers will feature one of the best RBs, if not the best, in the Big 8 in Luke Connor. They also look to be very big up front. I think they can easily improve on last year's (3-3) conference record. -Mt. Carmel was in a rebuilding year in 2017 under first year coach Michael Brewer, a year in which they were pummeled by Jasper and VL and lost to Princeton and Mt. Vernon. Granted, they were without a D1 player who was lost to injuries, but the team overall just looked bad. I'm going to say the Aces will be better than that in 2018, but it'd be stretch for me to predict a top 3 finish. If it were Darren Peach still leading the team, I would be a little more confident. Not sure what to expect with a new coach though. -Out of Mt. Vernon, Princeton, and Washington, I think the Hatchets might the one that surprises some with a jump to the middle of the pack. They seemed to improve as the 2017 season went along with a pretty young group that had some athletic skill players. I could see them building off of that.
  8. My mistake. Princeton did have red helmets up until a few years ago.
  9. New helmets for VL this season. Up to this point, they were the only Big 8 team that still used white helmets.
  10. Vincennes Lincoln

    I think we're talking about two totally different eras. I'm referring to the last 10-15 years, roughly, when I say the job hasn't changed much. Or every season since the 2004 sectional title team with Painter, Mattingly, Booth, and Cunningham. The last team before the Zeller years. Prior to that, in the 90's and early 00's, is what I remember growing up, when you could not get a seat in the lower sections of Alice Arena unless you made the JV tip off. If you're referring to that time period, then I 100% agree with you. It is not the same program as it was in the single class system (as with many others statewide) or before the Zeller's destroyed any hope of a sectional title for a span of 8 years. But, as you stated, it is still a great job compared to a lot of others relative to the time we live in with class basketball. And you hit the nail on the head as far as what the fan base has been in recent years. Kind of annoying actually. It seems like once we started winning sectionals again from 2012-2015 with Hein, you could see the enthusiasm come back. Then Hein departs and it just vanishes. We will see how the winds blow now with Brett leading the program.
  11. Vincennes Lincoln

    I think several of the parents you speak of had kids graduate last May. So maybe we will see an improvement in that area. And I disagree when you say the job isn’t the same. Has there been some rough seasons the past couple years? Yes. Has it affected attendance to an extent? Yes. But I think most of that stems from Hein leaving and I know several folks who weren’t thrilled with the hiring of Thompson (I for one was willing to give the man a chance). There definitely was a split among the fan base. And when the results weren't there at the end of his first season, there was an even noticeable dip in attendance. I hate to say it, because I liked Josh, but him leaving seems like it was meant to be for the Lincoln program. It gives the VCSC another shot at finding the next great coach. And I think that next list of candidates will show that it's still an attractive position. I mean it was just a little over 3 years ago that 1/3 of Southport Fieldhouse was covered in green at semi-state. It was alive and well then.
  12. Looks great. Kind of similar to what the Vincennes School Corp. did to Inman Field a couple years back, but on a smaller scale.
  13. Vincennes Lincoln

    Correct. The school corporation made it official today. Should be a seamless transition for the Alices as far as the type of offense they will run. Looking forward to what the Hall of Famer can do with this team.
  14. Vincennes Lincoln

    Tolliver certainly deserves the opportunity. And it would be ideal if they could find someone internal given the time constraints. Not sure if he would be interested though. Jared Blue deserves a good look as well. He's had success at every level he's coached, football or basketball. Doubt he would want to do it given that he's the D-coordinator for Coach Salters. And yes, I see no scenario where Hein comes back into the fold. He'll be snatched up the moment he decides he's ready to coach again. But it won't be at Vincennes. My question is whether Hall of Famer Steve Brett will stick around as a special assistant, or if they could coax him to HC one season?
  15. SW IN Media Day

    Cool stuff. I'll be sure to tune in.