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  1. I gave the wrong impression in my previous post. No doubt that 2003 team had an excellent bunch of linemen. I mean we’re talking about one of the best football senior classes to ever wear the green and white. And I believe all starting O-line/D-linemen were seniors except for maybe one. The point I was trying to make is that we hadn’t come across a group quite the caliber of East Central and it was a struggle for Lincoln that night. Does that mean we couldn’t have won on a different night? Absolutely not. And keep in mind...this is the same East Central team that lost the following week in OT to eventual 4A champ Roncalli. In contrast, this year’s Memorial squad had already faced a big, physical GS line and had success..not to mention the size and speed of SIAC competition they faced all year. I just felt they were more battle tested.
  2. I'll admit, I've never seen LB play. But I've come across East Central in my playing days, and from the way people in "the Burg" talk, I can't help but think of that Trojan team that beat us in the 4A regional in 2003. Nothing flashy about that group. Didn't throw the ball much. Just smashmouth type football, beat you at the line of scrimmage. They were probably outmatched at the skill positions but it didn't matter. Just so happens we had a decent QB that year as well. A kid named Curtis Painter. And it was COLD that night..much like this Friday's forecast. Sounds as if I'm predicting a LB victory...but Memorial, unlike that 2003 VL team, has proven themselves very capable in the trenches. And if you didn't know it before last week's win over GS (another team that prides itself on winning at the LOS), you do now. As I said prior to that game, I thought EM is one of the most well rounded teams in 3A. And I stand by that. People are talking up Lindauer and the passing game as a significant advantage (myself included), as they should. But if EM is to win this game, they have to have the OL/D Front 7 hold their own at the very least. I think they get that done. Memorial 35, Lawrenceburg 21
  3. Which is the better group of Tigers? I know very little about 2017 LBurg other than what I've read in recent threads. It seems they don't throw the ball much? I watched the 2016 team at state (from the comfort of my man cave) and they seemed to run it quite a bit. And I've not really seen much in regards to their defense. But what I do know is that Lindauer for Memorial is a special player and it's hard to imagine LB has seen a QB of his caliber this season. I'm not saying LB doesn't stand a chance, but if Memorial can hit on some big plays and get a lead like they did at GS, they could force LB into a game they aren't comfortable with. With that being said, they are the defending south champs for a reason. Whatever they've built their success on, it seems to work well. I'll wait to learn more before any kind of prediction.
  4. I like what Dave Mosbey did in the PAC thread..so mine will be sort of similar. Last Season Standings 1. Washington 6-0 2. Mt. Carmel 5-1 3. Jasper 3-3 4. Mt. Vernon 2-4 (tie) Princeton 2-4 (tie) Lincoln 2-4 (tie) 7. Boonville 1-5 ______________________________________________________ 2017-2018 Preview (rosters are based off max preps, unsure of accuracy) Boonville Pioneers- Returning varsity roster: 1 senior, 3 juniors, 2 soph (roster on max preps seems incomplete) Boonville looks to have a pretty young roster once again following a 3 win season last year. They will have a new head coach Brian Schoonover. The Pioneers could have a long season ahead. Jasper Wildcats Returning varsity roster: 4 seniors, 3 juniors, 1 soph I expect Jasper to be...well, Jasper. They seem to have a good group of veteran players every year. They're well coached by John Goebel, play sound fundamentally, and will make you earn what you get. Despite losing Nottingham, I think the Wildcats will be a factor in the conference race. Unfortunately, they make the jump to 4A and will be up against the likes of Reitz and Castle come sectional time. Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Returning varsity roster: 4 seniors, 5 juniors The big question mark for Mt. Carmel is whether their stud Marcotte will be able to play. An injury before football season sidelined him. Not totally sure what it was. (ACL?) With Marcotte, this team is the unquestioned Big 8 favorite (and a probable Illinois state final favorite), but even without him I think they will be strong contenders. Mt. Vernon Wildcats Returning varsity roster: 6 seniors, 1 juniors, 5 soph Mt. Vernon seems to return a wealth of experience. I expect some improvement from 7 wins a year ago. Based on the recent history though, I'm not gonna call them a contender yet...will have to see more. Princeton Tigers Returning varsity roster: 5 seniors, 4 juniors Princeton has a lot of experience coming back as well. Unlike Mt. Vernon though, I'm gonna say the Tigers will be a force in the conference. They had several close losses last season that they could flip in their favor this year. Vincennes Lincoln Alices Returning varsity roster: 6 seniors, 4 juniors Coming off their first losing season since 2010-11, Lincoln looks to rebound in a big way for 2nd year coach Josh Thompson. They return 4 of 5 starters and 4 others who played significant varsity time. This group struggled to score last season under a new system, but looked really good at times. Despite only winning 8 regular season games, the Alices were able to make it to the sectional championship. I think they can build off that this year, and they should with the talent they have back. Lincoln will definitely be in the mix, but the conference is so experienced it's hard to say where they will finish. Washington Hatchets Returning varsity roster: 3 seniors, 2 juniors, 2 soph Unlike most of the conference, Washington looks to have minimal varsity experience coming back this year. They lost a great bunch of seniors that led them to the 2016-17 Big 8 title. I think the Hatchets will be competitive as always with Coach Miiller at the helm. But with the rest of the conference on the upswing, they will be middle of the pack at best. This is a very general summary of each team. I don't claim to have any inside knowledge other than VL. This is all based off of the teams I saw play last season and the projected rosters. PLEASE CORRECT ME IF YOU SEE AN ERROR. ______________________________________________________________ So there's a lot of experience, but a lot of uncertainty in the conference in 2017-18. This could easily be a year where there's a 2 or 3 way tie for 1st place. If I had to choose now, I would say Mt. Carmel is the favorite. Even without Marcotte, they still return most of the team that went deep into the Illinois tourney and lost to Chicago Orr. They've got a good coach in Tyler Buss who has been there a while. I feel like they've got the right combination of experience, coaching, and familiarity going right now. Of course, I can see Lincoln, Jasper and even Princeton rising to the top.
  5. I actually picked GS by 3. I knew Lindauer was an all around great player, but wasn't real sure how good of a pure passer he was. Had I known what I do now, I'd have easily chosen Memorial. I did say that if the Tiger defense was as good as advertised, they would have a great shot to win. I never imagined only 17 pts for GS though. Congrats to Memorial on the Sectional Crown.
  6. Congrats to Southridge!
  7. Washington Hatchets schedule is ridiculous

    Exactly. I think it’s just a representation of what kind of team they’re expecting. They will be well coached and Coach Miiller will get the most out of his kids, but I think this might a rough year for Washington.
  8. Those officials must’ve really held GS back. No way Memorial would win otherwise.
  9. Looks like Memorial D as good as advertised. GS on the ropes now.
  10. Really impossible to predict this contest. I think the outcome mostly hinges on Memorial's defense and whether they can slow Sellers and Stefanich on the ground. GS is so good up front also. They move so well and are great at getting to the backers in the second level. But from what I hear of the Memorial front 7, they're the best front GS has seen to this point. One could argue that Memorial hasn't seen an elite offense other than Central. And the GS offense is elite. So it will be interesting. On the other side of the ball, I really think Memorial will be able to score at a decent clip. I wouldn't exactly call the GS defense a juggernaut, but they are good inside the 20 and have some excellent playmakers, like the Smith kid, that create turnovers. But you can move the ball on them as VL showed last week. Unfortunately, turnovers negated what the Alices were able to do. If Memorial has good ball securityl, they will get their points. I'm really torn on who to pick. I'm gonna say this is a field goal's difference in GS favor. GS 31, EM 28 Good luck to both teams
  11. No it won’t be easy. Nothing is at this stage. But I think most would agree that GS and Memorial are both better than their 2016 teams, which says a lot being as those teams were very good last season. You just won’t see many other squads as complete as these two. I think this will show in the regional.
  12. There’s no way to even begin figuring out how this one will end. Arguably the sectional, regional, and semi state all wrapped into one game. Either team is worthy of a state finals berth.
  13. Understood. Let’s hope this can become a rivalry for years to come.
  14. Haha oh the irony. I harkened back to 2012 when GS got the benefit of the doubt on the goal line. I really thought that after Sellers was called short to give Lincoln the ball that VL was destined to win somehow. But the Titans were able to exploit other matchups while double teaming Kotter. Few have been able to do that all year.
  15. I agree. For this game, all Lincoln fans should have sat on the home side. And it would’ve presented the home crowd size better anyway. Totally agree with you. And I’m not including all GS fans in my rant. You guys are actually a lot of fun with the build up to a huge game. I enjoy the banter back and forth. But these kids tonight laid it all on the line tonight and played one hell of a game despite the killer mistakes. They deserve respect.