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  1. Rankings

    Coach, I think they've gone back and forth on this. At one time coaches were only allowed to rate crews they had seen. I believe we're back to open voting. I definitely think that coaches should only be voting for crews they've seen. Why not rate them the week after you see them? And make it mandatory that the coaches rate all of the crews they see. I know our crew has made it a point to get out of our area to see more teams. There's nothing more frustrating than driving an hour and half, one way, work a game, be told you did a great job, and not receive a vote from that game.
  2. Rankings

    No, they did not. I was surprised, I know they have in the past. If they're not even being taken into consideration then why are they doing it? I appreciate the feedback, but in the end, I like seeing an evaluator, because I know it's an opportunity to help our rating.
  3. Rankings

    "Not calling the game correctly." I don't want to evaluate coaches. I'm sure they have many people evaluating them already. I simply want to know who is evaluating me and what criteria they used. The argument will be that if the coaches names are associated with their vote, it will be held against them in a future game. Any crew that would do that has no business advancing anyway. Instead they can give us a 1 and we have no way of knowing how we can improve on that score. The comment above was associated with the one "1" rating we received. "Not calling the game correctly"..............In what way? I assume there were 2 teams playing in this game. If we didn't call the game correctly, why didn't we get two "1" ratings? I assume that if coaches are evaluating on a 1-5 scale, they have the same criteria to do so. We received 43 coaches votes. We received no 2's and a few 3's. I just want to know what that one coach saw that gave him such a different opinion of us then everyone else. Our crew ranking was in the 30's. We've done multiple Sectional Finals and are desperately seeking our first Regional. We were evaluated 4 times by state evaluators and received nothing worse than a 4.5 from them. The nice thing about those is, the person evaluating you actually tells you what they saw and things to work on. Evaluations should be used to improve officiating.
  4. As far as I know, it all comes out of the same pot. So, it would cut into the schools share. To me, playing at various school sites would be the way to go. Going down the center of the state, to minimize travel......Penn, Plymouth, Logansport, Indy area, Bloomington, etc.......... Great atmosphere last night at Logansport with Pioneer and Monroe Central.
  5. Saturday Playoff Games

    I'm guessing the opponent had a lot to do with the home attendance. No offense to Laville, but the previous outcome, plus the cold, probably kept people away. That will change this Friday.
  6. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Bob, I was going to respond, in another thread, how appropriate it might be if you had this game, for your grand finale. I'm sure the people of Royal Center would throw you a nice going away party.
  7. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Now I wish I was going to RC on Friday..........
  8. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Saw this posted on FB: Information has been received that RTCtv4 will be providing a live webcast of the Sectional Championship game this Friday! So out-of-towners plan your evening online!
  9. From the father of a Valpo player, the incident has nothing to do with anything on the field. Involved an injured player that did not go to school that Friday and was told he could not attend the game, but did anyway. Mods, please delete if this violates any rules. Not trying to spread rumors, but clarify situation.
  10. The dreaded inadvertent whistle

    Yes we have. I felt bad for our crew member, but I got the pleasure of telling A's coach what the only option was.
  11. The dreaded inadvertent whistle

    I can tell you this official was none too happy with himself and did the only thing he could do, he told A's coach "I blew it". The beverages he bought for the rest of the crew, after the game, were delicious.
  12. Safety? Touchback? Something else?

    Ruling Touchback. First and 10 for B from the B 20-yard line. The force which put the ball into the end zone was the pass by A1. When B2 muffed the backward pass out of bounds in the end zone it resulted in a touchback. 8-5-3c; 9-7-2
  13. Help on Tackling

    To me this is textbook Rule 2-20: Helmet Contact - Illegal, Targeting Art. 1 .....Illegal helmet contact is an act of initiating contact with the helmet against an opponent. There are several types of illegal helmet contact. a. Butt Blocking is an act by any player who initiates contact against an opponent who is not a runner with the front of his helmet. b. Face Tackling is an act by a defensive player who initiates contact against a runner with the front of his helmet. c. Spearing is an act by any player who takes aim and initiates contact against an opponent at the shoulders or below with the crown (top portion) of his helmet. Art. 2 ......Targeting is an act by any player who takes aim and initiates contact against an opponent above the shoulders with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow, or shoulders. It looked to me like he went in high and first contact was his helmet into the QBs helmet.
  14. 7-man Officiating Crews in Playoffs

    I'm all for this. I think this would allow good officials, that are on less experienced/lower rated crews, to get experience deeper in the playoffs. Maybe this will help with retaining the younger officials that see the same crews doing state year after year. A couple of years ago I was in Orlando and went to the first day of the FL state finals. They had 7 officials on the field. I spoke to one of the officials after the game and asked about working 7. He said they work 5 during the regular season and go to 7 as soon as the playoffs start. They are required to be certified at a 7 man mechanics camp prior to the start of the season, if they intend on working the playoffs. If my memory is correct, I believe he said that assignments are done as individuals. My personal opinion is to start with Sectional Finals.
  15. Not sure how deep fried pizza holds up in the wind and rain, but how will potential weather issues affect the two teams?