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  1. You live in Mitchell, your kid goes to Valley, you love WW, I really hope you work in Crawford Co, and eat at Marcy's in Leopold regularly. You would be the perfect mascot for the PLAC.
  2. My 1st attempt at a Miner Pride breakdown. *Sizes are off last year's roster. Paoli-They appear to return half-time starter Senior Ty Lawson (5-11, 165) at QB with All-Conference Seniors Ian Strange (5-9, 165) and Timmy Burton (5-10, 165) at Slotback. Senior Austin Carmickle (5-10, 189) would be my guess to fill the fullback spot. They also bring back 3/5 of their OLine with Seniors Michael Campbell (6-0, 206) at C and Jarrett Coleman (5-7, 195) and Jace Ingle (5-11, 185) on the right side. Defensively, Senior All-Conference Michael Campbell (6-0, 206) is back at DE with senior Jace Ingle (5-11, 185) on the other side. Seniors Austin Carmichael (5-10, 189) and Timmy Burton (5-10, 165) at OLB along with Seniors Ian Strange (5-9, 165) and Ty Lawson (5-11, 165) on the Inside. They will have to find some new DB's with senior Carter Elliott (6-0, 150) being the only returner in the secondary. Paoli also bring back 2016 starter at ILB Zane Anderson (6-2, 215) who missed last year with an injury. My guess is they move Lawson to DB and return Anderson to the middle. Last year's roster shows they should bring in 18 seniors this year and 10 juniors to start the 2018 season. Mitchell-May have a QB controversy as 2016 starter Senior Tyson James (5-10, 162) missed last season with an injury. Junior Luke Lafevor (5-9, 132) started the last few games last season and the two may have to fight it out to decide who gets to hand the ball off 55 times a game. Senior All-Conference RB Brandon Brazzell (5-9, 192) and Junior Trey Speer (6-2, 170) will get a lot of those carries. I would expect Senior Ian Tincher (5-8, 185) and Juniors Levi Smith (5-6, 165) and Dorian Duncan (6-1, 194) to be in the mix in the backfield as well. Seniors Reid Marlow (5-6, 228), Noland England (6-0, 271) (All-Conference), Parish England (5-11, 260), and Shane Conley (5-6, 246) (All-Conference) all return. Junior Dane Pritchett (6-0, 181) will be back at TE or split end, depending on how they use him. Defensively, Mitchell brings back 5 starters. Shane Conley (5-6, 246) at DE is the lone DL returnee. Junior MLB Dorian Duncan (6-1, 194) and Senior Tristen Sites (5-8, 150) is at back at OLB. Junior Luke Lafevor (5-9, 132), Senior Leyton Allen (5-7, 124) return in the secondary. It looks like Mitchell will have 10 seniors and 9 juniors this season. West Washington-Sophomore WR Bobby Stevens (5-10, 182) led the conference in receiving and Holden Bowsmen (6-0, 134) started the majority of the game last year but I would expect Stevens at RB and Bowsman at QB. Other than that, WW will be replacing all their skill positions. They return Sophomore Charles Madden (5-10, 224) and All-Conference tackle Caleb Murphy (6-3, 224) on the OLine. Defensively, WW bring back Juniors Caleb Murphy (6-3, 224) and Trenton Benskin (6-0, 230) at DE, Junior OLB Mason Armstrong (5-10, 178), Junior DB Chase Farmer(6-0, 158) (All-Conference) and Sophomore Parker Green (6-1, 146). WW should be thin in the senior department this year with only 3 coming back along with 10 Juniors. Perry Central-Sophomore Cameron Bland (5-9, 170) returns at QB and Senior Levi Simpson (6-0, 165) is back at FB. Senior All-Conference WR Clay James (6-0, 170) is back also. Perry Central bring back the majority of their OLine with Seniors Colten Bland (6-1, 205) and Ty Cronin (5-9, 200) returning with Junior Tackle Garrett James (6-2, 220). Perry will have to find a RB but I would think Simpson, James, Senior Gavin Poole (5-9, 180) would all get a look there. Defensively Seniors Ty Cronin (5-9, 200) and Colten Bland (6-1, 205) are back on the DL along with Junior Garrett James (6-2, 220). PC will have to find some LB's as Senior Gavin Poole (5-9, 180) is the lone returner. In the secondary, Perry bring back Senior Clay James (6-0, 170) and Junior Josh Smith (5-11, 140). Perry should have 9 seniors and 13 juniors this year. Crawford Co.-Crawford actually showed improvement as the season went on. They scored 32 point against Paoli and lost their sectional game to Mitchell 20-26 in OT. Unfortunately for them, they lost 7 starters on offense and 6 on defense. It looks like they will have 10 senior and 9 juniors which I would think isn't bad for them. Seniors QB Tate Arnold (5-10, 160) and TE Nick Stroud (6-5, 200) as the only returning skill guys. The left side of the OLine returns with All-Conference tackle Peyton Howerton (6-3, 220) and Daulton Stout (6-0, 175). Howerton played some in the backfield as well. Never know where you will find him. Defensive line is the same as OLine with Howerton and Stout as the only returners. Other than that, the only returners are in the secondary with Senior Tate Arnold (5-10, 160) and Junior Preston Coleman (5-10, 149)
  3. A whole month and a half later than this thread started last year. I figure it's time. I don't know much about the MSC so feel free to help me out. The only coaching opening in the two conferences was in Clarksville. It's been filled but I never saw anything on here so here it is. Looks like a good hire. Is Brownstown the team to beat? I think they lost a lot but that may not be right. PLAC wise Paoli should be really good again and Mitchell brinsg back a really strong Senior class. I feel like West Washington ended an era last year with some of those graduations. They bring back some good linemen and Holden Bowsman should move to QB with the offense being centered around Bobby Freakin' Stevens. Perry Central got better as the year went on and won't have a freshmen QB again. Crawford County got some new jerseys last year. They were nice.
  4. Can you tell me privately who they named?  if not I understand...I will not say a word!

    1. JQWL


      From what I understand it will be Travis Wray. He was their DC.

    2. NorthKnox94



  5. 1A Football

    EG had 17 seniors. They bring back basically half their starters on both sides of the ball.
  6. 1A Football

    According to the email I got, they have selected someone.
  7. I was at Forest Park today for a youth basketball tournament. In their trophy case, appeared to be a traveling trophy for the winner of the PC/GO game with a plate that had the scores for each game going back to 2010 when they started playing. The only connection I could think of between the 2 programs are Coach Wagner. Is that the reason for the traveling trophy or is it something else? What do they call the annual game and trophy?
  8. North Davies...

    Sounds like New Haven should've hired him.
  9. North Davies...

    Coaching hires are always interesting. Every school is different what they are looking for. I don't know anything about Coach Fine other than what came up when I googled him and what I saw of his record. And on John Harrell. I would guess that if ND wanted something different than what they have had, they got it.
  10. He drove for 4 years because of his commitment to the kids and the team. He chose not to relocate because of a committment to his kids and family. *Deleted*.
  11. I wonder if Mitchell has any kids playing in the Bedford league. The only field one team in each 3/4 and 5/6 division that we play in. I would think they'd have more numbers than Paoli and Springs Valley who enter 2 in each division.
  12. That last paragraph says it all. To summarize, DrivenT will not use facts to prove his point. He make statements to get responses. I'm going to do my best to avoid any topic initiated by the DrivenTroll.
  13. I thought your bro culture had something to do with how coaches interact with their players. This was a fight. How is this the same thing?
  14. The older one played a lot as a sophomore here. Had a really good year. After that year, had some issues and I don't think was in school by the end of his junior year. The younger one was pretty good too. Tore his ACL the first game of his senior year.