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  1. NLC 2014

    HOF columnist Bill Beck weighs in on this weeks games: http://www.elkharttruth.com/sports/high-school/football/2014/10/08/Concord-Northridge-have.html
  2. How do we fix IPS?

    How so, by making their parents responsible people and good role models for them, so their child will understand this is what a responsible parent does. This instead of repeating the cycle over and over and over again. Nope again, what happens is these parents who are neglectful bring down those who are responsible, they take the school and the area to their level. The more the responsible parents do the more the irresponsible parent bring them down. There is a tipping point where it goes either way, for better or worse. But these programs that do not in any way make the parents either married or not married responsible for the care or nurturing of their child, does not stop the cycle. If parents are made responsible then the child may learn this is the way an adult or parent acts and thus may reflect that when they become parents.
  3. How do we fix IPS?

    Fix the parents, make them responsible to provide for the children properly and nurture them. The parents should make the kids priority #1 in their lives, do not let their surroundings raise them. We let the parents off way to easy, we just say poor kid and let mom and dad do what they wish, party drink booze etc... IPS is a social and race issue, a ethnic problem, not sure it can be fixed in a generation or two, but the off the hook programs do not do the trick. If I can get a free ride for not being responsible, most likely I am gonna take it, and they do. Make people work for their income no matter if it is welfare or whatever, make them do things within the community to clean it up and help it look and do better. Do not let them lay around and get a free ride, while the state is providing everything for their child. Shamefull we give out cards so they can only buy essential food, because if we did not, they would buy cigarettes and booze and not feed/clothe their child. These irresponsible people are let off the hook waaaay too easy. Time to let them feel a bit of pain, like the taxpayers and worse yet their children.
  4. WRC

    North Vermillion Scrimmage West Vigo: http://www.tribstar.com/sports/north-vermillion-falcons-show-wares-against-west-vigo-vikings/article_59c2262a-24f7-11e4-be02-0019bb2963f4.html Article on Covington Trojans: http://www.commercial-news.com/sports/x1927927270/Trojans-experience-could-be-key Fountain Central Mustangs: http://www.commercial-news.com/sports/x1927929432/New-names-same-goals Article from the Lafayette paper preview of some teams in the WRC along with other in that area: http://www.jconline.com/story/sports/high-school/2014/08/16/high-school-football-preview-scouting-area/14169217/
  5. WRC

    I will not be able to do the Pick'ems for the WRC this year, hopefully we can have someone step up and do it. It is very easy to do, the setup is the hardest part, and even that is not hard. Sure beats the old Excel spreadsheet thing by a long shot. DK is in the process of updating the software, and if you want to do the Pick'ems please let all know, then you must get rights to setup the WRC in the Pick'ems area. Coach Nowling or DK can give you those rights, again it is a priviledge to do it, so hopefully all will support the person doing it, by participating in it. I usually did a few updates during the week in the WRC thread, and summed up each weeks results. Coach Nowling advising that DK is getting the software updated: http://gridirondigest.net/index.php/topic/430-pick-em-tab/?p=72965 Last years Pick'ems end of regular season results : http://gridirondigest.net/index.php?app=pickems&do=leaderboard&pid=7&wid=49
  6. I do this because people are being misled, into thinking something is, and it is not. I am a taxpayer, and taxpayer dollars are wasted, and this is just one fine example of it. Make no mistake you, I and other Taxpayers of Indiana are supporting this group monetarily. Through the tax deductions of those involved who contribute to its existance. Yes they may move into a 90 some year old building, yes you, I and other Indiana taxpayers will pay for the repairs. A website and others are involved who get monetary gain from this, it is a win win for them. They cannot lose only the taxpayers of Indiana lose out, this is an adult thing has nothing to do with the kids. The kids would have had this all sorted out months ago, but the adults seem to not be able to do so. Of course not they did not lie down and take it, they have used every legal means available. Each organization has determined it is not feasable at this time for the taxpayers of Indiana to support such a school. Misinformation is a bad thing, the facts are a good thing, as you notice not one time did others deny what I have said. Yes I have repeated too much I agree, thus I must leave the subject and let other comment in or not. The floor is yours
  7. Not sure if you understand clearly what is going on, first the group appealed to the local school board, then the state of Indiana DOE, then tried to create a Charter School. Each time their efforts were commended, yet each time they did not meet the standards. They did however not rule out if in the future the group could come back and try again. The way the group is marketing itself is misleading is how they try to make people think there is actually a school and school district named DUCS there is NOT. There children will be some of them possibly be part of the Indiana Cyber Charter school. ICCS The Indiana DOE has a list of schools, Public which includes Charter schools, and private schools it recognizes and administers, DUCS is NOT one of them. Not wanting them to fail at all, but also do not want them or others to mislead people into believe there is actually a DUCS School. There is NOT. Information and misinformation is what controls our world it is power and makes us act and react.
  8. Because they are marketing themselves as a school and a district by using the name they use, when it is just a non-profit organization. It is misleading they belong to the Indiana Cyber Charter School ICCS. If in the future they meet the criteria then fine, but they did not meet the standards. I am just making sure people get the facts not a misleading bunch of information. No I do not, same goes obviously for the folks associated with the DUCS group. However I do agree with due process and for sure this group has had due process, Saving a town I can understand to a point, yet there is a town less than 10 miles away. Many schools have been closed that were much more isolated and had much more going for it as far as keeping the school open than what Dugger had. We all cannot get our way, there must be some sort of common sense involved, I did not make the rules, but they should be followed.
  9. Dave, You overestimate yourself, this is a HS football forum not a chest pumping theatrical thingy. Thanks for the tease of things to come, so how much do you make from the site?, and are all these goody things you do tax deductable? Seems your relationship with Dugger folks is a mutual benefit thing publicity for them and exposure for your site. Is that also tax deductable for you and your site? Personally I am sure your a decent human being, but econmically this all is a bad idea, with the taxpayers flipping the bill for a small group of people. Again there is NO DUGGER CHARTER SCHOOL there is the INDIANA CYBER CHARTER SCHOOL that is whom will purchase the building. The Dugger kids and kids state wide can enroll in it, thus the enrollment numbers indicated may be inflated as stated locally for the Dugger area. Indicating there is some sort of Dugger School is misleading there is none, there is a group of people affliated in that area that are part of the Indiana Cyber Charter School. EL C: I will save that for later, just warming up I am pretty much done the info is out there, but blindly we march on as usual. Let the Lemmings Rule!
  10. DUCS is NOT a Charter School ICCS is, thus this group who call themselves DUCS is just a nonprofit group who use the name for confustion purposes that makes people think they are a school or school district of some sorts. They are not, maybe in the future but they are not a school or school district, just a group calling themselves DUCS.They may have ICCS purchase the building so their kids who must be enrolled in ICCS take classes in this building. Confused it is exactly what these people want you to think there is actually a Dugger Charter School as there is NOT. IF they are affiliated with ICCS, then ICCS would have to purchase the building and then let the people or members of the ICCS school use it. Which could be the kids of the former school at Dugger. The DUCS is just a name of a nonprofit 501c, it is not a real charter school, ICCS is the Charter school, whom this group wants you to know as DUCS. But the actual name of the Charter school Indiana Cyber Charter School. Repairs will be payed by Tax Deductable Donations, nice isn't it, in actuallity we all are paying for it. Just like any other donation to a Charter School except there is no limit and other interesting things that other types of Public Schools are not afforded.
  11. READ THIS LINK INFORMATION CAREFULLY DUCS is NOT a CHARTER SCHOOL and CANNOT TAKE POSSESSION OF THE OLD DUGGER SCHOOL BUILDING. They must be affiliated with one, thus the Indiana Cyber Charter School would have to take possession of the building,not DUCS. http://www.gcdailyworld.com/story/2106261.html Why doesn't someone who is directly involved with the situation post something and inform the GID. Why go thru a site in Rockford, Illinois that makes money off advertising. Some are members of the GID and are lurking, letting Dave speak for them, while his site benefits from the exposure, which may or may not benefit his advertisers. Enjoy the benefits of Daves site, I will not go to it, there is a word for what these people are doing, but I will not post it. We the taxpayers will be paying for the repairs of that building in some form that I can guarantee you. As we know everyone gets their way, sooner or later, you will have no choice, enjoy.
  12. The link is NOT a pay site all can go to it. This issue has gone through the current procedures as setup by the State of Indiana, and it did not meet the requirements for a Public School or a Charter School, at this time. For IHSAA sanctioning there is NO Dugger Union Community School DUCS per the Indiana DOE. There is a Private 501C organization called that, but no school sanctioned with that name. The IHSAA had no choice there is no school officially by that name, just a group of people who are part of that non-profit organization. It can be very confusing and misleading as people can think there is actually a school district by that name. There maybe in the future, but not right now, it is good planning by those involved with the Dugger situation. Now had that been sanctioned by the IHSAA, just think of what could happen, groups could join the Indiana Cyber Charter School and we could have all sorts of groups coming up with their own teams and schools. The other two teams mentioned are Charter Schools sanctioned by the Indiana DOE. It is noted that in all articles, interviews, or what have you they make sure they refer to the DUCS, not the Indiana Cyber Charter School. The ICCS is what actually this group is OFFICIALLY part of, not DUCS, as far as the Indiana DOE and the IHSAA. This has nothing to do with wanting it to fail or not, it has to do with procedures and sound fiscal planning for all taxpayers of the state.
  13. Dave: You just keep directing people to your site, why not the Indiana DOE site, or the IHSAA site, or the Indiana Charter school site, I guess you need the hits for advertisers. Not looking for failure at all, just misleading information, and saying things that lead people to think something that is/maybe not true. Edit: Yes they may have more students than last year, but are those students located in Dugger? or are they elsewhere in the state via the Indiana Cyber Charter school. They are one entity not just Dugger the Indiana Cyber Charter School. Taxes, yes they pay taxes as most Indiana residents do. How the money is expended is decided by local school boards, and the State of Indiana, they have decided that it is not fiscally responsible to operate a school in Dugger. This is done in the best interest of all of Indiana residents, not just one small group of citizens. If all had a right to decide how the money was expended what a mess it would be. Nope we all cannot get our way, but we are close to that, it would ruin our state fiscally. I could just imagine how the NESC school district would be so very happy to get rid of that 1920s building the Dugger group wants to operate out of. I could just imagine the upkeep on that building. Just one of the reasons why the NESC school district decided to close the Union School at Dugger. Yes the group is very dedicated in keeping a school in Dugger nothing wrong with that at all. But they have exhausted all avenues now they are part of the Indiana Cyber Charter school OFFICIALLY. So any team should be called the Indiana Cyber Charter School in officially sanctioned sporting events.
  14. 1. There is no such school sanctioned by the Indiana DOE called Union Dugger Community School Corp. or Charter school by that same name. There is a private entity called this, but it is not an official school sanctioned by the Indiana DOE. They wonder why they were turned down by the IHSAA they do not exist, as a official school by that name. 2. The Dugger group is part of the online Home School Charter School called Indiana Cyber Charter School, based out of Avon, Indiana. 3. The privately held group known as Union Dugger School Corp is not a sanctioned separate school or district, they applied for their own district and were turned down. They applied to be their own Charter school they were turned down. They joined the online Indiana Cyber Charter School, that is whom this group is part of. 4. There apparent spokesperson is obviously the person who keeps directing people to his for profit site. I am an Indiana tax payer, we all have a say in this, the money now goes into one big pot, so what happens in one district affects another. To show you how things can get confusing which is what some people want you to believe that their is a official Union Dugger school is easily found in this article. The group is a privately held company or corporation or group of people. Not an official separate school sanctioned by the Indiana DOE, they are a group of people home schoolers who are part of this Indiana Cyber Charter school. http://www.newsbarb.com/2014/07/31/dugger-union-community-school-corporation-slated-open-aug-25/ Lets call them Indiana Cyber Charter School - Union Dugger Chapter. You know like the Flying Elvis's, Utah Chapter.
  15. So we have to go to your site to get the 3rd party link, waste of time, just post it in the post on the GID. I do not want to go to your site, went there twice, needs inprovement, too cluttered, check out some other sites and see how they make it easy to find information. People will not waste time searching for information, time is money, make it simple and asthetically appealing. It is understandable why some people link to your site, it is skewed towards a certain viewpoint, which is not too uncommon nowadays in media. Sad, information is very important it motivates and informs, sometimes incorrectly. Anyway, thanks for the reply. "Big Picture" that brings a smile to my face, if only people knew the BIG PICTURE on a lot of things, they would be totally disgusted, life would be no fun, if we knew it all. Back to the subject at hand.