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  1. Pat Parks Retiring

    Big loss for the high school game in Indiana, Coach Parks is truly one of the great guys in coaching. Congrats and enjoy your retirement coach Parks.
  2. Rankings

    Bison, I'm not whining, just stating things as I see them. I'll take your word for the reason for the change, but there were usual suspects doing some complaining, and we both know it. As I stated, we do what we do and I don't worry about ratings anymore. It is what it is and I have no control over it. I do agree, I think we should be told how schools vote. My main point with it is, if we have a coach who's upset with us, I don't want to keep taking his games and pouring salt in the wound. I think one of the biggest issues with the current system is coaches and AD's don't understand it. When I was a HC my AD asked how come I gave everyone a 5 and there were a couple of 3's. I explained to him how the system worked and actually giving an official/crew a 4 basically hurt them. He said he had no idea. He said he routinely gave 4's thinking he was helping them out. I voted under both systems, but never voted for anyone that I hadn't seen. Some guys I voted for based on watching them work college ball when I would see them while watching my daughter play.
  3. Rankings

    The IHSAA will NOT give up control. For a brief period of time you could only vote on crews you had had in the last three years. When the usual suspects quit getting sectional finals and some new blood started moving up, that changed. I gave up worrying about this crap years ago, life became much less stressful. FYI coaches, you can screw a crew just as bad giving them a 2 or a 3 and you don't have to answer the stupid irrelevant questions.
  4. When I grow up, I want to be Ron Swanson. Logan has a couple of former teammates that always swore I was Ron Swanson's long lost brother.
  5. Pawnee did give us Ron Swanson.
  6. That's kind of what you do isn't it?
  7. Sure because in the real world you're always on a level playing field. The success factor has achieved it's goal, at least this year. But in my opinion it's just an extension of our penalize success to be fair society. Wins and losses are not necessarily the measuring stick of high school sports, and I would think the success factor is counter productive to teaching life lessons.
  8. It appears Lysander got into the liquor cabinet early this holiday weekend. Good for you my friend.
  9. Hoosier Hills Conference - changes?

    Gate money goes into the athletic fund. In most schools basketball and football are about the only revenue generators. Most sports are money losers. Athletic programs in Indiana are required to operate in the black and be self supporting. When talking about facility upgrades, new bleachers, field turf, etc., that is different money. This is why fundraising, parents clubs, etc. have become so prevalent.
  10. Central vs East Central

    Success factor would be the only EC moves to 5A.
  11. Suggested rule change

    We beat our heads against the wall as softball coaches trying to come up with something along these lines. I think everyone is on board about doing the right thing as far as kid is concerned. The problem was always the coach was willing to do the right thing...but no one trusted the guy down the road and knew he would cheat.
  12. Central vs East Central

    Bears, Trojans, and Tigers are all mascots.
  13. Central vs East Central

    Central. Iron Man?
  14. Central vs East Central

    This will be the coolest Football experience you've ever had outside the Reitz Bowl. Friday nights in St Leon are an event.
  15. Spiking the football

    In all honesty if the ball touches a lineman's foot or ankle, is anyone really going to see that? In a hurry up situation you're focused on making sure everyone is set, then making sure the clock gets stopped. QB by rule has to be under center and throw the ball forward. Has anyone ever actually watched the ball all the way in flight to the ground?