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  1. 1. Pretty much sums up my thoughts. 2. Running QB's are fun to watch. But you're not going to win a championship with Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, Vince Young, or Baker Mayfield. 3. I guess time will tell. 4. Purdue certainly gets the nod, but we'll see how many championships to two of them bring to West Lafayette. 5. FC will fare about the same as they did in CI, upper mid pack in most sports. 6. Quite a year for the Warriors. If they complete the double Saturday what a year for BB. From what I heard from the SS, they were out played the entire game and NA snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. I was told they led twice in the game, after the first shot, and after the last shot. 7. Hopefully the young man will find the right fit for him, whether it's OSU, IU, or Franklin College. 8. I really could not care less. 9. Good from MC. 10. I believe this situation to be a natural progression. We are losing a lot of really young coaches to burnout. And who could blame them? I'll ask the same question I continue to ask, does it really require all the time that coaches put in, or do they just do it because the guy the next town down the road is doing it?
  2. Spring Football

    From what I can see, this is more a travel sport issue than a high school issue. I'm speaking specifically at high school teams/coaches. Coaches demanding their players attend summer stuff. Yea we all know it's voluntary, but we also know "those" coaches are out there. They're at every school. FYI we had a 12 year old baseball team locally, with high school coaches' kids on the team, that played 16 straight weekends starting in April.
  3. Spring Football

    Perhaps you should ask Warren Central? Sorry I couldn't resist. I was privy to some of those discussions, and we (ICGSA) were told limited to no contact was on the table for summer. I encouraged our members to be proactive, and I think the IFCA did a great job of getting out in front of it. The Student Advisory Council voted about 3 years ago unanimously for no contact in the summer. We were told Bobby puts a lot of faith in what the Student Advisory Council says. I would say the two sports that are really going to fight limiting the summer are Basketball and Volleyball. I'm a strong proponent of limiting the summer. I think the demands coaches put on kids (and their families) in the summer border on insanity. Oddly enough most of the insanity resides with Volleyball and Basketball.
  4. Richmond New Coach

    Hub Etchison ain't walking thru that door. Funny story, about 77 or 78 I attended the Hub Etchison Football Camp. It was at some camp thing somewhere around Richmond. I remember driving down this old county road, and there was a sign that said 3 Dips. Lo and behold there were 3 GIANT dips in the road. Mark Peterson was my coach there, do you remember that name @Lysander? I think he was some kind of hotshot QB at Richmond back in the day. I believe Coach Etchison was a run and shoot guy if I'm not mistaken. Part of the Red Faught line of the Run and Shoot.
  5. I would say there's probably going to be an effort to do away with KO's altogether. The NFHS has already taken steps to decrease the possibility of injuries during KO's. On another note in reading the article and talking about length of games.......and no talk of TV in the equation, lol.
  6. Flooding at Elkhart Central/Rice Field

    Looks like will a little sun and some diamond dry we can go on the Softball diamond. Sorry I couldn't resist, I hope you guys are OK. I started to text Michelle and got sidetracked.
  7. Competitive Drills

    We tried to make EVERYTHING we did a competition. Keeping in mind I was coaching girls. We a lot of times would put in rewards for the winners, but there were always consequences for the losers. In most cases we would let the winners pick the consequences. Consequences would usually be short and sweet so we could move on, 10-15-20 reps of some exercise, burpees, V-ups, etc. I love the idea of using the out of drill players as judges, throws in the accountability aspect, and holding your teammates accountable. In the winter, when you're lifting, you're inside, and it's boring, everyone is going thru the motions, spend a session with a tug of war tournament. We would usually have a couple of them during the winter, you want to find out who your competitors are, this will show you. We just used a towel, We had an epic war a few years back that lasted for nearly a minute. It was AWESOME, the whole team was surrounding them, yelling, screaming, cheering, good team bonding kind of stuff.
  8. Franklin County hires a coach

    C'mon man, it's 2018! Greyhounds went the way of the Panthers, many moons ago!
  9. East Central Approves to fund field turf

    I ain't going to lie, I NEVER in a million years saw this coming at EC.
  10. Middle School Football Consolidation

    I remember that field well, watch both of my brothers play there many times. I believe they moved to school in like 80-81 that sound right?
  11. Middle School Football Consolidation

    You are correct, near the Boys Club, a lot closer to down town than it is now.
  12. Middle School Football Consolidation

    You been around long enough to remember the high school playing downtown, at the old HS?
  13. Get out of the left lane with your blinker on papaw!
  14. 2018 NFHS Rule Changes

    Why get one now?
  15. Let me know if you take the next step, I'll be there to heckle!
  16. King of Pancakes - Watch #57

    Often wondered what happened to this kid: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/2122944/5721c090dfe23b2d68a2283b
  17. Middle School Football Consolidation

    No. You're the HC, the MS is your feeder program, it's your responsibility.
  18. Middle School Football Consolidation

    And having the HC also being the AD probably doesn't help that cause. Someone FINALLY said it. Bailey was a blessing during his playing days but has been a curse ever since for BNL. Some might argue his kid is probably a better athlete, not sure if he's as good of basketball player though.
  19. Middle School Football Consolidation

    Don't get too excited DT, I'm sure any mention of a consolidation in Basketball would be laughed out of the board meeting.
  20. I should have prefaced this by saying high school coaches, below that, MS and youth league, it's horrible. There are places I refuse to work because of such nonsense.
  21. I disagree with this. In fact I'd say it's more the exception than the norm. I would argue most coaches we deal with are professional, courteous, and very easy to get along with.
  22. Middle School Football Consolidation

    Totally agree with running the same offense, Weber had to be totally dismayed at the school board vote a year or so where he didn't get control of the MS teams. The big con as I see it uniting under one team, you start paring your team down in the 7th grade instead of the 9th grade. Multiple feeder schools have a big advantage over their single feeder counterparts. In BNL's case, 3 QB's getting reps, 6 RB's 6-9 receivers/slots, 3 centers, etc., all the way thru the 8th grade. Single school feeders only have 1 QB, 2 RB's, 2-3 receivers/slots, 1 center, etc.
  23. Rules Ideas

    I talk to coaches before the game. I have one wing who is pretty quick with a sideline warning, he has very few problems. My other wing for whatever reason doesn't like to use his freebie and complains constantly about his sideline. I tell coaches we can work with you, but when the ball's in play, no one can be in the white. When I worked the chains, I never had much problem with it. I was always up front about what my expectations were and most guys respected that.