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  1. The Sagarin Ratings say that West Lafayette is the best team in 4A, but they are only in 3A. After what West Lafayette did to Andrean, Sagarin might be right. I think NP will win by about 6 points. It could come down to the last seconds of the game.
  2. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    You didn't miss much! I watched some of the game online and LCC was trying to score at the end of the game and had a chance to score, but it didn't work. LCC did nothing wrong and was just trying to have something to build on for next year. They game went about how I thought it would. This was the worst defense I have seen from LCC since 2004. This reminded me of the LCC/Seeger game in 2004. Seeger beat LCC 50-28 that year and went on to win state over Ritter 20-7.
  3. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    I think that was his team. LCC broke the Law in 1989 when they beat Sheridan and Brett Law on November 3, 1989 at LCC. Sheridan won state 59-0 in 1988 and everyone thought they were going to smash LCC. Sheridan was up 7-0 at the end of the 1st, but LCC came back to win 17-7. They might have been 30 point underdogs in that game.
  4. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    LCC won 1 game in the 1983-84 seasons and were 0-2 to start the 1985 season. On September 13, 1985 LCC played McCutcheon at LCC and after losing to West Lafayette 35-6 the week before, everyone thought that McCutcheon was going to win big. I don't know if LCC was 30 point dogs, but LCC won the game. McCutcheon was up 2-0 after the first and LCC came back to win 6-4. McCutcheon had 17 penalties for 175 yards that night.
  5. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Pioneer went 2-7 in 1994 and lost 53-7 to North White. North White won state in 1994. Pioneer went 3-7 in 1995
  6. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    I don't think anyone from LCC thinks that they are going to beat Pioneer. Like I said before, you are looking at about a 30 point loss. LCC is way down this year. Pioneer is going to win state this year and maybe next year to. I don't think there is much more to say. Now if Pioneer was to turn the ball over 4 or 5 times and LCC was to get a pick six or something like that, then they might have a chance.
  7. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    If Pioneer had played West Lafayette this year, they would have wished they had a running clock. And if Pioneer didn't have a running clock against WL, their fans would be looking for the exits by the 4th. LCC lost their QB in that game and I guess the coach didn't was the worst loss in school history on his watch. West Lafayette was going to try to put 60 plus points on LCC, and I think without the running clock, they would have.
  8. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    I guess there is not much to say about the LCC/Pioneer game this year. If LCC does not start to play better real fast then they are looking at a 30 point loss. I would say Pioneer wins 42-14. LCC did beat Tri-County, but so did Carroll and Pioneer beat Carroll 55-21. Pioneer will most likely win state this year and perhaps next year. There are not very many great teams in 1A this year that can stop Pioneer. Maybe Adams Central can give them a game. If you live in the Lafayette area, the Lafayette Jeff/Carmel game might be a good game.
  9. Games called because of heat in Indiana! August 20, 1983 - Central Catholic played Harrison in the opening game and the temp. that day was 96 degrees. Harrison didn't have any players going both ways and LCC had a lot of players going both ways. Harrison was up 28-0 at the half and LCC had 5 players that felt dizzy because of the heat. They stopped the game at halftime. Frankfort and Clinton Prairie also called their game at halftime because of the heat.
  10. Thursday October 25, 1962 - Central Catholic made the long trip to South Bend to play SB St. Joseph. It was 38 degrees when LCC left Lafayette, but up in South Bend there was a light snowstorm driven before a strong wind. Four inches of snow was taken off the field and the field was a muddy mess. South Bend won the game 45-0. I don't know what the temp. was in South Bend during the game, but it was 20 degrees in Lafayette the next morning. October 21, 1949 - The long time West Lafayette coach Gordon Straley said the worst field conditions he had ever seen was at New Castle in 1949. When the WL bus pulled up to the field, he said you couldn't even tell where the field was located. The field was covered with a sea of mud and water. New Castle beat West Lafayette 14-7. Gordon Straley was coach from 1940-1976 at WL and that was the worst he had ever seen. The Lafayette Jeff/West Lafayette game on November 12, 1940 was played in subfreezing weather at Jeff. It rained the day before and sheets of ice formed in some spots on the field. The high in Lafayette that day was 34 degrees and the temp. fell to 17 degrees by the next morning. The game ended in a 0-0 tie.
  11. Sectional scores

    It looks like WL Will be playing Twin Lakes next week. WL beat them 70-0 on October 6
  12. Hoosier Conference 2017

    So it is not always about the coach, its about the players they have on their team. If LCC had DA on the team this year they would have won a lot more games. I don't think WL has won and lost every game with class since 1923. I don't think any team has. Why don't you tell everyone why Lafayette Jeff and West Lafayette stopped playing each other in 1953. The point I am trying to make is that no school is perfect all the time.
  13. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Did you ever find out what went wrong at West Lafayette in 1993-1994? Why did WL go from being state champs and 14-0 in 1993 to 0-9 in 1994?
  14. Hoosier Conference 2017

    I'm sure that if Pioneer played WL this year, Pioneer might be wishing they had a running clock. If Pioneer didn't use a running clock against WL the fans would be looking for the exits by the 4th. I guess the LCC coach didn't want to have the worst loss in school history happen on his watch, so that might be why he chose a running clock when it was 35-0 at half. WL was leading Twin Lakes 35-0 at the half and Twin Lakes got beat 70-0. WL might have beat LCC 70-0 if they didn't have a running clock.
  15. I found the info I was looking for. Attica started 11 man football in 1960. They had 6 and 8 man football before that. East Tipp had 6 man football until 1960. Klondike started their fist full year of 11 man football in 1960. They played 6 and 11 man football in the 1950's. East Tipp and Klondike became Harrison in 1970