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  1. Final Donation Plea

    I will certainly give some more... but it will have to be tomorrow from my office!!! Long Live GID!!
  2. Nk coaching staff...

    Sorry to hear about this coach. North Knox has really gone thru a lot these last couple years.
  3. 2A Football

    With Tucker Schank back on O and D... Seger and Calvert back at ILB, Gentry on O and D Line. Neukam, Kramer, Neukam, Voegerl among those coming back.. there's a solid group coming back... granted.. The Raiders lose a lot of great seniors.. but all we heard in Linton going into 2017 was how Southridge had lost a ton of seniors and weren't sure how '17 was gonna pan out! LOL!
  4. 2A Football

    And as for Linton in 2018... 2 big questions... one talked about above is replacing Keeton Cox not only at QB but on defense. Cox led Linton with 1,196 yard rushing, 7.5 per carry, and 18 rush TDs. That was with missing 2.5 games. The other name to replace is ILB Chance Howard. He was the leading tackler at 129, and played alot at noseguard as well in 5 man fronts. Both these guys contributed on both sides of the ball as well.. Cox that 3rd in tackles with 70 (again missing nearly 3 weeks), While Howard made the switch to FB and was 3rd in yards with 449, a nice 9.0 per carry avg. Course there are others who move on through graduation that will leave holes-- 3 year starter at DT, and OT Levi Jerrells was the anchor on both sides of the ball at 6'2 230, offensive linemen Ryan Figg and Trevor Hill both started on and off all season on both sides of the ball. Braiden Irish (TE), Dreyden Ward (QB. WR. OLB), Craig Gretlein (DT), Braxton Robinson (T/DE) and a couple others who battles injuries all year. QB is probably not going to be decided anytime soon, and probably could be a toss up going into the weeks of camp. But there are options as I discussed above. Lance Dyer definitely made an impression out of the gates in his first year starting at WB- 904 yards, 7.9 per carry 7 TDs. He will certainly be a huge part of what Linton does in his junior year. But he will have good help in Luke Lannan... another incoming junior who started as a soph at the other wing notching 277 yards before missing 4 games to mono. In his place stepped another sophomore Cash Howard who ran for 266 yards. When Howard needed a rest at RB, Drake Cunningham stepped in and ran for 150 yards, and likely will take that position in 2018. THe Miners still rushed for 3,423 yards (311.2) per game. The Passing game wasn't what it has been the last several years though. There were glimpses of it, but no consistency. Cox threw for 530 yards, 45-87 with just 2 TDs and a misleading 10 picks. Ward and Dyer added a combines 139 more yards, and for a total of 669 yards in the air. The last 2 years had Meurer with 1402, and 1321in the air--and with respect--- those were 4 more games each year, and a lot more help for Cox in the receiving department. The leading receiver in 2017 was Dyer with 12 for 169, followed by Lannan with 7 for 131 (7 games) and a soph Devyn Roberson with 9 for 111. Robertson missed much of the year as well with a hand injury. the Graduating Ward caught 11 for 91, and there were a handful of others each with a catch or two. I think it's a given that Linton will try to improve the side of their game. If Dyer moves to QB as a Junior, I think you see Lannan and Cash Howard as our wings, and Cunningham at RB. There are a handful of youngsters who could step up for depth at WB.. or WR.. or both... Lance's brother Trevor got some WB duty, Cash's brother Chase as well. Obviously if Goodman is at QB, Dyer moves to wing, I suspect with Lannan, which frees up Cash to a slot receiver which is where he played prior. RObertson showed promise though at WR with the deep ball, and his athleticism. and another sophomore ended the year starting in the sectional Southridge Game- Dylan Smith. In all those names mentioned.... an incoming junior at TE Avery Pucket (6'2 180) made some big noise with a few prime time catches in limited action as a sophomore...and I think he could be a factor in the offensive passing game in '18. Up front has it's question marks. We return our center Matthew Ketchum (5'10 190) who started all year as a soph, a guard in Ben Burris (6'0 165) for his senior year, and another incoming junior Tyler Mongeau (6'2 185) who had become a starter by season end. But over all there are 6 seniors graduating who contributed, and of the returning guys, only Ketchum was a starter all year. As a freshmen, Vedder Rogers (6'1 210) started at DT, so I'd think he;d be looked at, but after that the slate is wide open as to who steps up. Just a gander at the 2017 roster shows a handful of kids, and only 1 of those a senior to be in RObert Heacox, a tackle listed at 5'8 220. So there will be three incoming juniors (Clark, Boldrey, Lowell) who will probably have a shot at getting in rotation and depth. A lot I'm sure is being determined by what they are doing now to improve. DEfense--- losing 2 of top 3 tacklers in Howard and Cox, and the experience of Jerrells at DT whom teams ran away from. Pluses--Cunningham back at ILB, he was 2nd in tackles with 78, Lannan had been a force at OLB (6th in tackles) until being out 4 games, Cash Howard stepped in from CB to be the teams 4th leading tackler. WIth Ward graduating, I suspect Howard will stay at OLB with Lannan, and Trevor Dyer and/or Chase Howard in the mix. Finding the other ILB will be the task, and the immediate backup (Irish) graduated. This is a hugely important spot with no heir apparent...so I think all options are probably open. Mongeau (DE), Rogers (DT) and Burris (DE) are likely where we line upfront...Mongeau came on in some games, but we rotated DE's alot. Rogers, held up well as a Freshman starting... but replacing Jerrells is another concern at Dt. One option is Puckett (6'2 as a soph) could jump into a DE spot pushing Burris or Mongeau to DT. Really anyone I mentioned in the offensive line spectrum.. is a possibility defensively as well! I know coaches won't want the same games all night on the field if they can help it... so...I'm sure they are looking for depth possibilities. in the DB area... Lance Dyer moved into Cox's safety spot when Keaton was hurt.. and stayed there when he came back... so he's the likely FS. As a freshmen Gavin House.. had to move into a CB against Ritter..not a good place to be... but he got better as the year rolled on and stayed out there. The other corner could be any of 3-4 people-- incoming juniors Dylan Smith, Devyn Robertson, Braden Jackson...or even someone from the OLB group. LIke I said.. a lot.... of question marks....!!! if we get some youngers guys put in the work, buy into it....get a couple surprises and no letdowns... or lose that injury bug that nabbed us last year.... we could be a solid team..... we all know how that works though right? opening with Southridge.. then Sullivan, Monrovia.. NV and RItter as the first 5 games...we'll find out pretty quick.
  5. 2A Football

    I think you could see a mixture on both really.....Trey doesn't seem like he'd be the running QB style that we saw with Meurer or Cox...perhaps more in the vein of Chad Trent a few years back... but with Lance Dyer's natural abililty--- he definitely is in the same mold of Tyler and Keaton... but there will be learning curves in both scenario's. Depth plays an issue as well. I think you gotta have both aspects to the game-- running and passing... to be competitive in the long run. Good thing is Lance will be a junior, Trey just a sophomore... and don't forget that Lance's brother Trevor played QB as a freshman. THey may hold off on putting Goodman as a starter as a sophomore.. but I would not be surprised to see him get a lot of work with 1st team in games....and a little different look.
  6. North Central--- Gotta admit... Since we (Linton) didn't play them this year... I can't say I did much research... But a quick glance tells me they only lost #22 Wisely, who I believe was a TE who caught 5 of NC's 22 pass completions for 148 last year. Lineman John Shields (5'11 230), Lineman Patrick McCombs (6'0 245) lineman Garrett Ellis (5'10 255), and multi year starter COlton Stevenson on both lines (6'3 215). I think only Stevenson and Wisely were major contributors to that big season for the T-Birds. That can only mean NC has big plans for 2018. Southpaw QB Ty Thompson in short in statue at 5/6, but he ran for 564 yards and 9 TDs... BUT... two 1,000+ yard rushers return as well.... Dawson Basinger comes back for his 4th year as a starting back, and ran for 1,968 yards, and 25 scores in '17. Blake Chapman made his first year at NC solid with 1,097 yards rushing and 11 TDs. These three seniors will bring a lot in to 2018, as well as Cody Curtis (384 yards as a soph). NC churned our 4,157 yards on the ground last year.. 346 a game. What they didn't need to do much was pass the ball. THompson was 23 of 50 for 474 yards and junst 1 TD. WHen he did throw it was usually to Basinger out of the backfield.. he caught 10 for 180. One of the graduating seniors was the other threat--Wisely with 5 for 148. If NC could get that passing game to the point defenses had to defend both.... they could really be a scary offense. With those backs returning, as well as #6 Luke Turner (5'10 175) amd #17 Isaac Bonacorsi (5'10 160) at TE working more in space with perhaps Curtis out wide.... there would be defense begging to get burned by cheating up on the typical wishbone NC runs. THat much success running the ball.. you gotta credit the up front guys. It really looks like they have a lot coming back... only really seems Stevenson is the only one to leave who played a lot. I see some big boys on that field.. incoming seniors include Simon Tierney 6'2 190, Matt Phillips 6'3 270, Luke Passmore 5'10 250, Malachi Englund-Elrod 5'10 255. All these guys were key. They you add Cam Wininger 5 '11 245 as a soph, Colton Starkey 6'4 310 as a juion and Gage Euratte 5'8 180 as a freshman, and there's certainly enough for some depth on both sides of the ball. The D will return their top 5 guys in tackles, 8 of their top 10-- Basinger 139, Chatman 103, Turner, Curtis, Pritchard, Teirney, Bonacorsi amd Phillips round that list. Looks like NC should be a force to be reckoned with in the south... but if they run into a defense that stuff the run, it sure would be nice for them to have that passing game smooth and effective from being run all year. Just my opinion of course... I've seen it first hand at Linton in 2005... 9-0.. beating everyone by 40 and 50... then ran into unbeaten Perry Central.. and there was no run game... but we had nowhere near a passing game that anyone felt comfortable doing.. and it failed. Still a 28-14 loss didn't look so back, but it changed the mindset in Linton a bit... and I think that's been a key in moving forward.
  7. as for Eastern Greene-- they did lose a big class... 17 seniors by my count.. and add to that 13 from prior year's successful team... 12 of the 17 were starters and a couple others were key on special teams.Obviously replacing Hamilton's 2,470 yards rushing, and 1,684 yards passing will be pretty tough. THe back up QB who played the times Hamilton couldnt were another senior (Rogers)---A sophomore (#12 Lewis) was 4 of 5 passing for 31 yards in what I'm sure was mop up duty. The good news is that #7 Blaine Campbell will be back as senior, and he had 10 rush TDs, 8.6 per carry with 567 yards. another returning senior Nick Fox #31 (468 yards 5 TDs) were both on the field all year in the EG backfield...I almost wonder if Campbell will be moved to QB ala Hamilton. Another key thing returning are the ILB's SOuthern and Terry. This will be their 3rd year as the ILB tandem, and I'd expect they will be more involved offensively this year... they both lined up as power fullbacks at times, more for blocking I suppose. Jaden Evans was a long ball threat at WR and 2nd on team in receptions (29) with 6 TDs... he's back as a senior.. but they won't have the wide array of targets unless others step up. Gone are 6'3 TE Howard (26 catches), WR's Weimer (24) and Helton (34 for team high 602 yards) #32 Quin Miller could step up in the EG backfield at 5'10 175.. He averaged 8.8 per carry on 18 touches in spot play. Issiah Thornton (#81) is listed at 6'0 165, and listed at WR, with another incoming senior Drake Robertson also 6'0, and prolly moreso 6'4 senior to be Jayyse Skinner who could slide into JW Howard's role in 2018. In the trenches they lose a lot of bulk and experience. T/DE 6'3 220 Britton; OL/DL 6'2 285 Scott, T/DE Carter, T/NG 6'1 293 Vincent, C/NG 5'10 270 Anderson; and Ol/Dl 6'3 205 Lloyd. They will have Garrett Vest back (5'11 173) and Gage Baker (6'2 315). I think the D should remain pretty solid though with top 2 tacklers in Terry and SOuthern back. Add to that MIller, who was 4th in tackles as a sophomore listed at (OLB). Fox is back (7th in tackles), Campbell, Evans, RObertson, Skinner as DBs... replacing guys like Howard at DE, Rogers at Safety, Vincent at NG and hamilton (When he played D!)... those will be the tasks.. Oh--- and left footed kicker Drummond should be back.. and that's a definitely weapon!!!
  8. Did eastern Greene hire a coach yet??
  9. North Davies...

    I'm hearing names... but.... haven't heard any final decisions,,,
  10. Congrats Coach Moore!!
  11. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    I remember when we (Linton) had a couple young kids move to French Lick.. brothers... the older one was already getting a lot of praise from coaches on what he could become... he got some varsity reps I think as a Freshman..maybe a soph... but the coaches were really up on the younger brother. Seems like he did become a good player for the Hawks... and I know the older one played a lot.. but never seemed to totally hit stride... injuries maybe??
  12. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    That is awesome! I really hope Jack Kiser has a great injury-free senior season and moves on to great things. The mark of any great team/class is the mentality to keep working to get better....even when you've achieved so much... we've had a few of those in Linton too... but I love the Pioneer program!
  13. Rockville coach resigns

    So is it actually Parke Heritage??? I'm guessing they'll stay 1A and be in the same sectional come 2018?
  14. Will be interested to see what direction this takes.... I've been hearing some namedrops... can't say if anything I hear is fact, rumor or just wishing....
  15. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Drummond kicks off fairly high and deep most anytime I saw him. I was perplexed as well with the KO situation. I can totally understand not kicking to Kiser...But giving the Pioneers nearly have the field could not be a good plan! Against us Drummond kicked to the 12, 21, 1, 11 & the 23.