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  1. Big games Opening Round 1A/2A

    Voters in the poll were pretty spot on... OUt of 22 voters... Churubusco was favored by 16 folks, and indeed the Eagles dispatched Northridge 31 to 15. 21 of 22 had the Panthers of Pioneer moving on... which they did easily.. beating Carroll 55-21 Linton and North Posey played one for the ages... and 14 of 22 had the Miners winning.. which they did with 1 second on the clock then converting a 2 point conversion to win 36-35. Adams Central had defeated South Adams earlier in the year, and 19 of the 22 thought they would beat the Starfires again. and they did... 28 to 7. The tightest voting came with milan and Heritage Christian.. 13 thought the Indians would prevail, and they did 28-14. Some other upsets I would think were Whiting falling to North NEwton. Lewis Cass knocking off Rochester.. Eastern Hancock over Centerville.
  2. For many moments Friday night I thought Linton's season was done. But here we are! Whomever won, knew they'd be seeing the Raiders this week. We all know the score in week one was 17-16 Southridge... We all know Linton had given themselves a chance to come back and win. Most of us also know that Southridge won the stat battle in a big way,,, Both Harter (23-145) and Schank (20-99) had big games running the ball. A key stat was 2 Harter picks thrown.. Another key stat was Southridge a 296-196 yardage advantage, as well as a 2 to 1 advantage in TOP. Linton was 0-7 on third downs as well. Linton's Keaton Cox had 80 yards rushing but 77 came on 1 play,,, which was linton's lone offensive score of the night. The other came on a blocked put that luke Lannan returned 35 yards for a score. Another thing to consider and remember.. Linton's first possession was an 8 play drive that started at the Raider 45 after the Miners stuffed a 4 and 1 play from Southridge. Linton drove to the 22, then Dyer ran to the 2... and what would become an achilles year this year... Linton would fumble on the next play. it did lead to a safety a couple plays later,, but a TD there... and well the final score is different. The Raiders had several nice drives... one ended at the Miner 34 after 2 incomplete passes. Another was an interception by Cash Howard at the Miner 23 with 30 seconds left in the opening half. The Big Southridge push was a 14 play 52 yard frive that saw Harter score from 10 out on a 3rd and goal... that drive took 7:22... was the only scoring of the 2nd half.. and put Southridge on top to stay 17-16. They did get back to the Miner 18 with a chance to put the game away, but were stopped on 4th down with just 51 seconds to play. It was confusing in the Dubon...who is a great kicker.. had hit one from 31 earlier..and was booming them in pregame... this would have been from 35.... and I suppose without the threat of a linton field goal kicker... they thought better to have Linton stuck deep in their own territory as opposed a possible block and long return... So.. that set up Linton's last drive..a series of passes.. something Linton really wasn't known for... but the short passes, and getting out of bounds worked effective... getting to the Raider 35 with a much contested 1 second left. Cox' hail mary to Dyer was picked off around the 10 or so. I'd like to think the Miners have improved in most areas....I'm sure the Raiders have as well....I will enjoy doing my first broadcast from Huntingburg!!
  3. So this sets up a rematch with Linton travelling to Southridge. Mater Dei in another heavy favored game facing Forest Park. Do I start a new Linton-Southridge topic to avoid unnecessary info being posted for the non-participants??
  4. I simply do not have the time at this second to recap and give stats... What a game. I thought the Vikings were gonna pull that one out. I really can't believe how that ended. Can't be more prouder to be a Miner than I was Friday Night. Keaton Cox.... what can you say. Luke Lannan back from missing 5 games was the spark needed. Dang... NP was hard to defend... Stewart was best we faced on year... but they sure had a lot of talent... Congrats to them on a great game....you really felt like who would have the ball last would win... but I didn't think with 0:59 we could do it....WOW!
  5. Not playing November would indeed feel strange...
  6. Big games opening round (AP/IFCA/ GRID) Sectional 33 6-2 Whiting (-/17/-) @ 5-4 North Newton 4-5 River Forest @ 6-3 Boone Grove Sectional 35 9-0 Eastbrook (1/1/1) @ 6-3 Eastern Greentown 5-4 Lewis Cass (17/17/-) @ 7-2 Rochester Sectional 36 5-4 Northeastern @ 7-2 Shenandoah (10/9/10) Sectional 37 6-3 Heritage Christian (-/13/-) @ 9-1 Milan (9/8/9) 5-4 Eastern Hancock @ 7-2 Centerville (14/17/-) Sectional 40 7-2 North Posey (14/15/-) @ 6-3 Linton (11/13/12) Sectional 42: 9-0 Pioneer (1/1/1) @ 8-1 Carroll (Flora) (6/6/6) Sectional 43: 7-2 South Adams (17/-/-) @ 7-2 Adams Central (11/8/9) * Adams C. 42 S. Adams 14 Week 6 7-2 Northfield (14/17/15) @ 8-1 Churubusco (7/5/5) Sectional 46: 8-1 Hagerstown (11/14/9) @ 5-4 North Decatur Sectional 47 7-2 Attica (16/0/13) @ 6-3 North Vermillion *Attica 14 NV 7 Week 6 Sectional 48: 8-1 North Central(8/9/11) @ 5-4 Springs Valley
  7. In all fairness......Linton's sectional the last few years was truly a cakewalk...only some token opposition.. I think everyone knew it... Our biggest enemy was ourselves in those games. This sectional in 2a would have been a different case... Would have been interesting to see how some of those really good teams at Linton would have faired in this sectional... Last year's Miners were a special group.. 2015 was as well... Karaszia senior year as well.. but with Southrdige, Mater Dei and a couple others being pretty solid here and there.. it would have been a much tougher road. Now...there was a time when the 1A sectional in the south was loaded with really good solid teams at Perry Central, North Daviess and North Knox...
  8. Always fun to be a part of. Thanks for your efforts!!
  9. I can only recall the one meeting. I can check my records at the office tomorrow.
  10. I suppose then that we might as well just end the game once a team is down 35. Also, smaller schools jv is truly a jv....freshmen and sophs...the opposition leaves their starters out there...after being physically handles for three quarters....than light up the younger kids which can lead to big time injuries....they put in their subs. We follow suit. I also believethat putting the subs and jv...you want them to play ball. I don't mean throw up deep posts or reverses....but let them run plays...they work hard all week too. But I also have seen a defense out all 11 at the line against our young kids and just pound them..so we run short pass play to a chorus of boos. If you are beating a team that bad year in and out, you need to get a better opponent.... Linton has done that....
  11. And to be honest..that southridge Linton game was not as close as the score may indicate. Miners made some big stops...but yardage wise the raiders were the much better team. Linton did not do much offensively. Defense kept Linton alive.
  12. Linton losses to 7-2 Southridge 17-16, 7-2 Cardinal Ritter 42-22, and 9-0 Eastern Greene 35-12. Wins over 8-1 Sullivan 30-28, 4-5 Monrovia 22-15, 6-3 North Vermillion 54-18. North Posey losses to 9-0 Gibson Southern 65-0, 7-2 Southridge 34-13. Win over 5-4 Heritage Hills 37-23,.
  13. LOL... Don't know what would be quicker... straight up 41 to 54 in Sullivan, or 41 to 67 to 59 at Sandborn. 41 has 4 lanes...and can run 65 ish most the way...and 15 miles of 2 lane thru Dugger... sometimes the traffic up 67 can be a pain. specially after work folks.. or if the Duke energy place is changing shifts in Edwardsport... getting behind slower vehicles etc... I know the mileage is close... and with no problems it takes about the same time either route! UNrelated to the game.. but my mom... she was a Griffin girl.. A Tornado. She was a junior when North Posey was formed. My grandma lived in poseyville in her later years of life. SHe's getting a kick that Linton and NP are facing.
  14. Helps people who otherwise wouldn't know.. have a better understand of the teams. I also hope it spurs some talk betweenst the good folks about it... I suppose I should have just made a Linton vs North Posey topic... but I thought all the talk would be here concerning this sectional... While I am at.... what are thoughts on the other games not getting any talk:> North Knox and Forest Park? Seems like that could be a good matchup... The Warriors have won 2 in a row.. and their TB Colton Foster has racked up 1368 yard rushing... 575 of that in the last 2 games.... ( not a misprint... he had 485 yards on 27 carries in their 58-42 win over North Daviess) NK has 3 of their losses in a 3 week stretch facing 8-1 Vincennes Lincoln, 6-3 Linton, and 8-1 North CEntral. They lost by 2 in that one in a game that ended on a failed 2-point play. They also lost to 8-1 Sullivan in week 1 and to unbeaten Eastern Greene. That's a combined (40-6) opponent record in teams they've lost to. The Rangers 5 losses include defeat to unbeaten Gibson Southern, 7-2 Southridge, 7-2 North Posey, & 5-4 Heritage Hills . They've also dropped games to 3-6 South Spencer and 2-7 Pike Central. I don't know much about Forest park... they are coming on at Win over Tell City (2-7) 40-34... North Knox ion a 42-24 win over 3a 3-6 Washington.
  15. Updated Stats-- Rogers 65-298 7 TD 4.58 per; 72-118 1,102 13 td 6 Int Passing. has caught 2 for 30. A.Stewart- Rushing: 165-1,484 18 TD 8.99 per, Receiving: 11-159-2 TD; Passing 2-4-30 0-0 K.Stewart- Rush: 37-323-7 8.7, REC: 2-57-0 ; Kissell: Rush 7-53-0 7.57; Rec 7-80- 3TD Cox: Rushing 12-66--0 5.5 per; Rec: 27-382-3 TD; Passing 1-3-24 0-0 Heath: Rec 9-193-3 Pearison: Rec 12-180-2 Lyke: Rec: 2-33-0 Def: Tackles- Kissell-116; Meyer 74, Pearison 52. A.Stewart 35, Lyke 33, Butts-32 Solo- Kissell 89, Meyer 45, Pearison 32 TFL: Martin-11, Butts-5, Kissel/Pearison- 4 Sacks- Pearison-2, Martin/Baehl- 1 Int- Cox-3, Kissell-2 A.Stewart/Lyke-1 FR-Rogers/Baehl-2