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  1. CIC Week 9

    Eastbrook at Blackford Eastbrook will light up the scoreboard against Blackford as they get ready for a deep run in the playoffs. The Bruins should be happy though that they are no longer the CIC whipping boy. Elwood at Madison Grant In the battle between two struggling teams, I think Elwood will win. Oak Hill at Frankton I'll take the plain Eagles over the Golden Eagles in this one. Mississinewa at Alexandria Like the past several weeks, Ole Miss will put up lots of points against their opponent. The Indians got a favorable 1st round draw in the sectionals against Frankfort. Looking forward to a possible 2nd round match up against Marion.
  2. CIC WEEK 8

  3. CIC WEEK 8

    Alexandria at Eastbrook - No surprise here. Eastbrook wins bigly. Blackford at Elwood - What has happened to the Panthers? They've had trouble putting the ball in the end zone all year. Good news is that they play Madison-Grant next week. Frankton at Mississinewa Ole Miss should have no problem with Frankton. It probably won't be as easy as their last 2 games, but the will get the win. Madison-Grant at Oak Hill This Grant County rivalry game used to be something to look for. No so much this year. Both teams are struggling this year, but M-G's struggles are worse.
  4. CIC WEEK 7

    Who's trash talking? I haven't seen any of the Indian faithful this year trash talk anyone. Perhaps you are just trying to stir up the pot. I remember a few years ago when things got chippy here on the CIC forums.....good times. Nobody has tried to belittle a young inexperienced team. Yes, we may have stated the obvious that M-G is basically playing a JV team at the varsity level because of the number of Sophomores and Freshman. Wasn't done to belittle anyone, but rather to explain why the scores have been so lopsided. I commend the Madison-Grant players for hanging tough. Sure they will take their lumps this year and perhaps some next year, but they will be much better for it in the future. In a previous post, I did say that Ole Miss would have to settle for 2nd place (or 1st place loser as you like to call it). I did so not to gloat, but rather to acknowledge that this year Eastbrook is the best team in the CIC and that Mississinewa is the 2nd best team. If anything, YOUR post borders on reckless. Nope, no self entitlement here. Myself or other Indian fans on here don't consider 2nd place a major accomplishment. Perhaps it would have been prior to Coach Funk's arrival, but now winning the CIC and Sectionals are major goals. P.S. We prefer to be called Indians. Rats seems so 1980's-ish.
  5. CIC WEEK 7

    I don't think we'll see any surprises in the CIC this week. Blackford at Madison Grant Blackford will win this one with ease. Ole Miss probably could have put up 100 points on M-G last week, but Coach Funk put his reserves in early in the 3rd quarter. Eastbrook at Frankton Eastbrook continues their winning ways on their way to a CIC title. Elwood at Alexandria Elwood's struggles continue as I see Alexandria winning this one by at least 2 TD's. Mississinewa at Oak Hill Ole Miss will have to settle for 2nd place in the CIC. They will pound the Golden Eagles.
  6. CIC WEEK 6

    I don't see any surprises this week. With their win over Ole Miss, Eastbrook will cruise to a CIC championship. Alexandria @ Blackford This will be the most competitive game of the week. I like the Bruins in this one. Frankton @ Elwood I picked the Eagles to beat Blackford last week. That game sounded like a good one to watch. Elwood is really down this year. I'll take Frankton. Madison Grant @ Mississinewa Turnovers and the inability to score in the red zone killed the Indians last week. A frustrated Indian team will take out their frustrations on a very weak M-G team. Oak Hill @ Eastbrook I was very impressed with the Panthers last week. They won't lose another conference game. Eastbrook pounds the Golden Eagles.
  7. CIC Week 5

    Elwood @ Oak Hill: Is Oak Hill really this bad? I think this will be a close game, but I'm going to to with the Golden Eagles. Madison Grant @ Alexandria: I haven't seen Madison-Grant play, but I've watched film of their game against Eastbrook. They look like a JV team because, well, they basically are. Their line play is really poor, but is to be expected because they are so young. Alex wins this one by at least 4 TD's. Frankton @ Blackford It's good to see that the Blackford football program finally has some life. I'd like to see the Bruins win this one, but I think Frankton has too many weapons. Frankton wins by 2 TD's. Mississinewa @ Eastbrook: This is the one I've been waiting for all season long. Everyone has been talking about Eastbrook's speed and they sure do look fast on film, but Ole Miss has some speed as well and they did a decent job of containing the speed and athleticism of a very good New Haven team. The Indians upgraded non-conference schedule prepares them well for this one and I predict an Ole Miss victory by 6 points. I wish I could make the long trip down from Northern Michigan to see the game in person, but OleMissDad will be watching the game on the IWU TV station via internet.
  8. CIC WEEK 4

    Alexandria at Frankton Alexandria's record at this point is somewhat of a surprise. They play non-conference cupcakes, but I didn't expect them to beat Oak Hill last week, but they did. Frankton appears to be the best team in the conference besides Ole Miss and Eastbrook. I pick Frankton to win this one by more than 20 points. Blackford at Oak Hill What has happened to Oak Hill? You could usually count on them to be one of the top teams in the conference each year. I'm glad to see that Blackford appears to be turning things around. I would love to see Blackford win this one, but I'll go with the Golden Eagles in a very close game. Elwood at Mississinewa I will concur with what others have posted in this thread about Coach Funk. He is truly a class guy. What he has done in his tenure at Mississinewa is quite remarkable. Not only has he turned them into an annual CIC contender, but he has positively changed the culture of the football program. With that being said, this game will not be close at all. Missisisnewa will win this one with ease. Madison Grant at Eastbrook It looks like Madison-Grant has replaced Blackford as the CIC whipping boy. Eastbrook will have the opportunity to rest their starters in the 2nd half in order to prepare for the big showdown next week against Mississinewa. Eastbrook wins this one by at least 7 TD's.
  9. CIC Week 3

    Ok, enough talk about Week 2. It's time to move on to conference play. Here is my thoughts on Week 3. Eastbrook at Elwood I haven't seen Eastbrook play, but based on what they've done so far, they appear to be one of the 2 top teams in the CIC. Frankton at Madison-Grant Will Madison-Grant score a point this year? I'm sure they will eventually, but it may be a challenge against Frankton. It's hard to believe how far the Argylls have fallen. Mississinewa at Blackford I was very impressed with Mississinewa's loss against New Haven. New Haven is an extremely solid team and Ole Miss played them tough, but just fell short. Mississinewa will have no problems with the Bruins. The September 15 showdown between Ole Miss and Eastbrook will be epic. I can't wait. Oak Hill at Alexandria Oak Hill hasn't started a season 0-2 since 2009. I look for them to finally get in the win column this week against Alexandria. Alex is 2-0, but they really need to improve their non-conference schedule.
  10. CIC Week 2

    Alexandria at Wabash Last week I initially picked Alex over Wes-Del, then changed my mind and picked the Warriors. I should have stuck with my initial pick. This week, I'll go with the Tigers to win this one by less than a touchdown. Eastern at Madison-Grant I know that Tipton is a good team, but I was really surprised by how bad they beat Madison-Grant last week. I know their numbers are down and the Argylls have many guys playing both ways, but I didn't expect Tipton to dominate the way they did. I expect Eastern to roll over M-G by at least 3 touchdowns. Huntington North at Eastbrook As usual, Eastbrook looks to be a very formidable team this year. I expect them to beat Huntington North by a larger margin than Marion did last week. It looks like the Ole Miss-Eastbrook showdown will be for the CIC title this year. New Haven at Mississinewa I'm hoping that the Indians upgraded non-conference schedule will better prepare them for success in the sectionals. Coach Funk has done an unbelievable job of changing the culture of football at Mississinewa. New Haven is an extremely talented football team. However, with a name like OleMissDad, I'm going to be a homer and pick the Indians to win this game. Perhaps the new turf will inspire the Indians to play the perfect game necessary to beat the Bulldogs. Southern Wells at Blackford Poor Blackford, they have been so bad in both football and basketball over the past several years. Like others, I was hopeful that they could put together some wins this season. I think they will, but I don't think it will happen this week against Southern Wells. The Raiders win this one by at least 2 TD's. Southwood at Oak Hill It looks like this will be a down year for the Golden Eagles, which isn't a problem for me because I don't much care for them. Southwood wins this one by 3+ touchdowns. Tipton at Elwood The Blue Devils will have no problem with Elwood. The Panthers will put up a better fight than Madison-Grant did, but Tipton wins this one with relative ease. Frankton at Lapel Other than Lafayette Jeff's 54-0 win over Lafayette Central Catholic, Frankton's 87-0 beat down of hapless APA was the most surprising score from last week. Did Frankton put in the 2nd and 3rd string in the 3rd and 4th quarters? If they still put up those numbers after pulling the starters in the 3rd and 4th quarters, then I have no problem with a score like that. Did Frankton keep the starters in too long? Lapel is a solid team and played Mississinwa very tough. I expect them to take out their frustrations on Frankton.
  11. CIC Pick em Week 2

    My Week 2 Picks: Alexandria @ Wabash Eastern @ Madison Grant Frankton @ Lapel Huntington North @ Eastbrook New Haven @ Mississinewa Southern Wells @ Blackford Southwood @ Oak Hill Tipton @ Elwood
  12. CIC Pick em - Week 1

    Here are the picks from the 2016 CIC Pick em Champion Anderson Prep Academy at Frankton Blackford at Jay County Eastbrook at Norwell Elwood at Indy Scecina Madison-Grant at Tipton Mississinewa at Lapel Oak Hill at Eastern (Greentown) Wes-Del at Alexandria
  13. CIC season openers

    Kenny, Stevie and Ashley don't eff around.
  14. CIC season openers

    Mississinewa opens the season at Lapel. Ole Miss has upgraded their non-conference schedule by replacing Manchester and Maconaquah with Lapel and New Haven. In the IFCA Pre-Season Coach's Poll, New Haven is ranked #9 in 4A and Lapel is ranked #13 in 2A. Hosting New Haven in week 2 on the new field turf at Fisher Field will be a tough challenge for the Indians.
  15. Here's my take on CIC facilities: Worst locker rooms: Frankton - The locker room is way too small. Eastbrook - The locker room itself isn't that bad, its just too far away and you have to walk through the blacktop parking lot to get to it, which can be slippery wearing cleats, especially when it's wet. Madison-Grant - Very small and you have to walk through a crowd of fans to get there during halftime and after the game. Best locker rooms: Elwood - I just like how they are under the bleachers. Kind of has a small college stadium feel. Mississinewa - Spacious visitor's locker room and it's right behind the visitor bench and bleachers. Worst field: Frankton - It seemed like everytime we play there, their field was pretty torn up. Mississinewa - Towards the end of the season the areas around the 20 yard lines would be very torn up. However, the new field turf for this season will eliminate that problem. Best field: Eastbrook and Oak Hill - because of the field turf. Alexandria - Their grass field always seemed to be in good shape. Best weight rooms: I've only seen a few in the CIC, but I doubt any of them are as large and spacious as the weight room at Mississinewa. Hardest to play an away game: Eastbrook - Nothing specific about the field or stadium, it's just that most season's they are one of the top teams in the league. Also, the damn cow bells. Oh, and the clouds of cigarette smoke rising from the fan's watching from the fences.