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  1. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    Salem JV improved to 7-1 with a 30-0 win over Charlestown!
  2. Salem HS has an immediate opening for a HS Algebra 1 teacher. Looking to hire asap. If anyone knows someone interested please contact HFC-- RJ Hartsfield at rhartsfield@salemschools.com There will be football opportunities, we also have HS Wrestling HC opening.
  3. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    Salem JV is 5-1 with a 56-0 win over Pekin Eastern.
  4. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    Salem JV wins 38-6 over Corydon to improve to 5-1 on the season!
  5. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    HUGE game this week with 2 unbeaten teams in the MSC - NH vs. SC These teams are very similar in style as they play physical run heavy offenses paired with solid defense. Creek has the size on the Dline to slow the NH offense, but that is a tall task.
  6. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    Salem JV 58-20 over Springs Valley. Lions improve to 4-1 on the season.
  7. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    Big Game: Brownstown VS. North Harrison. NH is the statistical #2 defense in class 3A while Brownstown is #5 in Offensive production. Could make for a great game!
  8. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    Salem JV 20-14 over Brownstown
  9. 2017 MSC-PLAC

    Congrats to Silver Creek, who has yet to be scored on. They are a very good defense.
  10. Salem Job Openings

    Salem will have elementary, SS, Sp. Ed. and possible PE. If interested please contact HFC RJ Hartsfield at rhartsfield@salemschools.com
  11. Tickets

    The athletes all should have gotten a packet with that information in it. If they didn't have them contact their HC and ask for the information. If you want to pre purchase tickets you can use the same information as the player got also, via the HC.
  12. If a player is labeled a punter in the game, he must ONLY punt. Same goes for the kicker. Again, the rules. Chase is a QB and I would say he would rather play QB than punter.
  13. If you know your JV will struggle to win, do you still think a Freshman team is important? Is fielding a Freshman team more important than teaching kids how to win? We have done both at Salem, yet when we did have a Freshman team our JV squad was very thin and really struggled to compete with the larger schools on our schedule. Just something to think about when making the statement that it is VERY important. I feel teaching kids how to win is much more important than field a Freshman team. A way that we have tried to fix the issue of playing time w/o a Freshman team is to be 2 platooned. Again, we still have a few that struggle to get much time.
  14. Hudl Sideline

    So on the Hudl Assist what schools have used it and liked it? I feel like an undermanned staff would be able to maximize game plan time when you do not have to tag plays. What do you think is good and bad?
  15. This thread is intended to help all members know camp information. Please list the camp name, date, time, and price. Can be recruit camps or developmental camps. Thanks