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  1. Bro Culture Gets out of Hand

    I just finished up my 16th year as an assistant but I consider myself relatively young. If anyone knows me, I am definitely an old school coach when it comes to my approach. I am a blue collar guy, my dad was a mill worker of 38 years, and you can bet I got my behind kicked once or twice. With that being said, I understand that not all kids respond to the same approach. Some kids you can coach hard, some you can't. There are kids whose face I may get in and to get my point across, others I'll talk to on the side - whatever it takes. I have fist-bumped, did that jump and hit each other's back thing, high-fived, hugged, etc with my players. If that means I am a contributor to the "bro culture", then so be it.
  2. Congrats North Newton

    Congrats to Coach Bean. He is a stand-up guy and a good coach. Well-deserved.
  3. Bad Weather (Favorite Games)

    My favorite bad weather game is from 2015's semi-state at home on Lake Michigan. It snowed and sleeted all day and we basically played on frozen turf. I attached a couple of pictures - one is us celebrating the win but you can see the field in the background covered in snow. People tried to shovel off the yard lines and hash marks... it was a chaotic evening. People dubbed the game, "The Ice Bowl". We won 14-7 to propel us to the state championship. The other picture was taken by a father who owns a drone. You can see just how close we are to Lake Michigan. We frequently get terrible weather in late October into November. Back in 2005 we were playing our rivals Clark HS in a torrential downpour. We won 6-0 but it rained constantly all evening - sideways rain. Later that evening, I heard the weatherman talk about Lake Effect rain - never heard of it before. It didn't rain anywhere else that night but Whiting. Kind of crazy.
  4. Most iconic HS helmet decal

    The Pioneer logo will always stand in my head - iconic no doubt. The same goes with Bremen's b logo. I'm not sure how long they've had that but I like it. At Whiting, we've recently incorporate our O logo. Not sure if it's iconic but we like it.
  5. As a DC, I love 7 on 7. Obviously I get to work coverage but it's also a great time to work force rules and secondary run support. We also work on communication and option rules. From my stand point, it's hardly lost its purpose. No one is saying it should replace 11 on 11 but 7 on 7 certainly has its place in practice.
  6. Winamac Football

    Congrats Coach Barr!
  7. Winamac Football

    I disagree with that statement that Winamac isn't a football program. Coach Roth is 27th all time in wins both active and retired coaches. He is ahead of guys like Mark Hoffman, Elmer Britton, and Rick Streiff. To say the man hasn't built a program is a shot to these individuals and every other coach who has built a program. While I don't know the inner-workings of the Winamac Football program, I can say he built a formidable team, his team won and loss with class, and he carried himself that way each and every time we've played them. You may disagree with things he has or hasn't done, that's your right as a parent/fan, but the man deserves some respect.
  8. I am sorry for your loss. Great programs are made up of people like that.
  9. Great programs are made up of people like that -- I'm sorry for your loss.
  10. Eastbrook at Whiting 2A

    Congrats to Eastbrook. Well-played ball game. Good luck next week and represent the North well!
  11. State Championship Location

    Our football field is about 20 yards from like 6 tracks. We get about a dozen trains a game and it plays havoc on a lot of teams! The tracks sit right behind the visitor sidelines... it makes for a great atmosphere. Nowlin - for us small schools you're absolutely right. I can see your point.
  12. State Championship Location

    I think playing at LOS is a special thing and I would hate to see it changed. As Nowlin said, guys I know from Illinois are jealous we get to play indoors at the Luke while they play at Memorial Stadium in the freezing cold. How many casual fans are going to go and sit in a 30 degree weather to watch HS football just because? I do disagree with you Nowlin on the fact of neutral sites for regional/semi-state games. C'mon - you played at home in 2014 for your semi-state game.... here in Whiting, our semi-state was one of the most memorable things that happened to our community in a long long time. What an amazing atmosphere!
  13. Rivalry Trophies

    Whiting and Clark have the "Battle of 119th Street". Both schools are located on 119th Street less than a half a mile apart. The boundary between the two cities runs down the middle of Atchison Ave. Each year, the two schools get together on Thursday evening for the "Battle of 119th Street BBQ" in the middle of Atchison Ave. We have a speaker, normally a former Chicago Bears player, music, the cheerleaders perform, and the fans from both schools come out. The BBQ is put on by the Whiting-Robertsdale Lions Club and the money goes for a scholarship to the winning school. It's a lot of fun. The trophy is a replica of the street sign that's found on the border of the two cities. An MVP of the game is selected and their name is placed on a plaque at the base of the trophy. The game is played Week 1 on a Saturday. I believe it is the 2nd or 3rd longest rivalry in Indiana with Clark having a slight edge over Whiting however Whiting has won the last 5 meetings. Great story: Whiting's current OC graduated and coached at Whiting for many years until his younger brother became the head coach at Clark in the late 2000s, so he went there to be his OC for 4 or 5 years and came back to Whiting after his brother took a job in administration. By the way, his brother also graduated from Whiting but is an assistant principal at Clark. There are so many stories like that between the two schools.