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  1. I am not sure there would be anyone in Greek life sober enough to get to the top of the pole.
  2. Is this really bro culture or just one guy being a dbag.?
  3. Looks like fun for everyone but the person on the pole!
  4. DT I enjoy your posts and think you do a good job driving discussion and dialogue. I don't always follow your logic, but I think your posts draw out participants that may not otherwise contribute. I hope you hang around!
  5. What about Title IX? Is there a female version or are you suggesting co-ed. That’s a bizarre endeavor.
  6. Your second paragraph is the reason I feel that lacrosse as well as other spring sports pose a challenge to foootball, even with it being in a different season. I do not know a lot about the sport so it is nice to know that you feel the complement each other rather than compete.
  7. I hope so. I don’t think the sky is falling on football but I do think football and traditional athletics in general are seeing and will continue to see a drop in numbers on an aggregate level. Today’s youth have a multitude of options that just weren’t available a decade or more ago. Soccer and lacrosse have grown exponentially more popular in high schools in various parts of the country. Also mixed martial arts has gained traction at the youth level. These are just other athletic options presented to kids. There’s non athletic options as well. That being said on an individual level I think many programs will grow as communities support their programs and put them in a position to be successful. The school I currently coach at had only 25 players 9-12 in it before our head coach arrived two seasons ago. Our roster has more than doubled, just the other day we had over 40 kids in the weight room and over 20 more in winter sports. I am extremely passionate about this sport but I do think there are challenges associated with it moving forward.
  8. Here’s some bro culture I can get behind.
  9. Rhule is only a one year coach if you exclude the four years he spent turning around a Temple program that had 2 wins his first year and 10 wins in his final two seasons as well as his time in the NFL under Tom Coughlin, who I hope we can all agree is NOT a bro culture type of guy. Only time will tell on these gentlemen, but each have qualifications that make them attractive coaching candidates if not “perfect candidates.”
  10. I think the problem with this discussion starts at its foundation. It never started as a serious discussion. There are clearly coaches, who have crossed professional lines in their relationship with their players. Some coaches have built relationship with players in order to enhance their own personal ego for self-satisfaction. This group of coaches tries to use the player to fill a void in their own self worth. At the extreme levels you see a coach who may coach who invites a player over to play video games as a way to engage in inappropriate conversations. Maybe the coach joins in bad mouthing other coaches or teachers in the community. Far worse maybe the coach buys the student athlete alcohol or tobacco products. These things happen. They are terrible. They clearly cross a professional line. But I also think the coaches that participate in these behaviors are a small minority population in our profession. (If this is "Bro Culture," I agree we have a problem.) On the flip side you have coaches that do things to build relationships with players in order to get that player to achieve their personal best. The goal is always to garner buy-in from the player to fulfill both personal and team goals. Maybe the coach has a Madden tournament as a team function. Maybe the team goes bowling together. Maybe the coach creates a catchy phrase or break-down the team does a rallying cry. Maybe the players come up with a funny dance they do after a big play and the coach does it in a crucial moment in a big game to let him know he is on the same page as them. Maybe coaches do a number of things that one would find silly or obnoxious or whatever but are completely within professional boundaries. (If this is "Bro Culture" then I think we are overlooking a lot of good in the game.) The actions of coaches with good intentions that do not cross professional lines should not be criticized. I am an old school guy. I didn't chest bump guys when I started coaching at the age of 21. I don't do it now at the age of 35. And I still won't do it if I am still kicking and coaching at 71. But that's a matter of taste. And the interactions between coaches and players that are both well-intentioned and within professional guidelines should not be judged by outsiders based on personal taste or preference. I hate mayonnaise, I want absolutely no part of it in my life, but I wouldn't contend it is leading to the ruination of the sandwich world.
  11. Starts with a chest bump....then a fist bump...then a fist punch...clear link to "bro culture"
  12. ND Receiver Suspended ... Again

    Dave Amanda is going to make 2.5 million. Elmo will make 1.8...both as coordinators. It’s crazy that the head coach of Notre Dame is making less than coordinators. I am not an Irish fan but I think Coach Kelly has done a pretty good job. I saw yesterday that he had said that he thinks coordinator paying is getting out of control so maybe he has a philosophical resistance to raising his or his assistants pay. I don’t know but I am with you in that if you want to be elite you need to bring in and KEEP great coaches. Further with your point...I think schools can bring in a quality coordinator and he can do a great job, but if he leaves after a year then that to me is a double whammy. One you lost a good coach; two your kids are going to have to learn a whole new system and I think there is a ton of value in quality-consistency.
  13. ND Receiver Suspended ... Again

    When the USA Today list of coaching salaries came out Kelley only made 1.6 million. Elkos deal is for 1.8 million starting, with incentives.
  14. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    Dabo will most likely go back to Bama when Sabans tenure is over so I am not sure the storyline changes too much.