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  1. 812 Football 2017

    I think its a step above the rest to be a public, country :p school and beat 3 P/P schools in a row. Polls schmolls, were going to State baby !
  2. If somebody tried to probe me wrong I'd punch em in the mouth. Last one out of the Ridge on Saturday turn out the lights, cause here come the boys from the South !
  3. I feel like we are playing liars poker here.
  4. It does look like a very nice venue. Hope the weather matches.
  5. Come on man, that was so three weeks ago.
  6. They filled them with girls baby ! Woooooooooooo !
  7. Good luck to the Dirty Burg ! I used to live in Hidden Valley.
  8. Raiders coming off a huge win over Mater Dei in overtime and hoping to add to that momentum with a win over Providence Friday night at 7:30 est @ Raider Field.
  9. No there is not, fire it up Toast Master !
  10. You think we can beat them ?
  11. The Ridge has brought more tears to Catholic eyes than the Spanish Inquisition.
  12. That game needing an overtime is so typical of the way MD vs SR games have gone this past decade. I've had a night to sleep on it and I still don't know what to say...kind of like getting drunk and taking a ride in the clothes dryer.