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  1. Pioneer runs both midline and inside/outside veer... depending on the DL alignment our QB has full command to check to the best play. So in general terms we'll say we are a Wing-T and a "midline/veer" team. Mike Johnson was strictly traditional Wing-T at Pioneer. Adam Berry uses the Wing-T as our base offense, and then has deviated with some other plays like midline/veer that take advantage of some defensive alignments WHILE expanding the role of our best players.
  2. Who said the Panthers are wearing black? But if that helps hide the ball then maybe they should!!
  3. Well, according to some team mom's out there, it's all about the jersey color. Pioneer wore white in 2014 and 2016 and lost both times. EG won the toss and took white this morning, so the Panthers will be dark jerseys. Mom's are saying Panthers will now win for sure. LOL For the record, the EG whites are pretty sick looking - no wonder they choose to wear them.
  4. The fire works were set off by a former Pioneer football player from the 90's who has a friend who happens to live across the street from the stadium. It was independently done, outside of the stadium and off the school property, so the IHSAA has no way to govern it. Further, obviously the city of Logansport has no rules against it, or the police would have surely went to the residence and seized the fireworks.
  5. I will set the over/under on total combined pass attempts at 12. This game might set a record for quickest state game ever.
  6. Many reasons why moved, and why this late. Big one is that the field conditions were bad after 3 straight home games, and 7 home out of last 9 games - trodden down like a hog lot and lots of grass ripped up in spots that had little of it- and only got worse after the all day rain Wednesday. Certainly not easy to move at the last minute, but credit the Pioneer Administration, the Logansport Administration, and the IHSAA for putting the players and quality of the game first. And the Pioneer Admin had to attempt to move it on top of a social media threat this morning causing local authorities to search students when arriving at school. So a busy Thursday morning for sure. Sounds like the relocation came at the expense of the PHS boosters losing out on the concessions, as I believe Logan will take those over now. But again, it was the right thing to do versus playing a mudfest game for the semi-state. Both teams and coaches have worked too hard to get this far for that. Again, kudos to the Pioneer Admin for stepping up and putting the players and the game above the complications of it all.
  7. Pioneer should get 13 guys on defense based on your 2 for 1 deal!
  8. I would bet heavily that the IHSAA doesn't ever initiate a venue change, but rather only gets involved when an AD requests one. I do wonder the liability of the home team's school corporation if a kid is hurt on what some would call an unplayable field?
  9. Hmmm. Not so sure these 2 teams are alike at all. I would say Pioneer has VERY good 1A speed. Pioneer threw 0 passes in entire sectional championship and MC ran only 2 times in 2nd half of regional championship. OL and DL line sizes are exact opposite between the 2. Pioneer has 2 FBs over 200 lbs in backfield and MC has 0. Pioneer has 3-4 offensive formations, MC has unlimited. Definitely gonna be one where who dictates the style of the game has the best chance to win.
  10. Panthers with their 4th straight home playoff game out of the 5. Big advantage not having 2 hour bus ride. Familiarity with the surface at The PIT also helps. Players know where the holes are and know what to expect as far as footing. With forecasted rain this week, this one could end up a mudfest. Panthers tournament experience from last year could be big advantage as well (3rd semi-state for seniors).
  11. Great stuff to catch up on some of these other teams that I don't know much about. Thanks for your efforts. Quick correction - Pioneer just won its 10th sectional title. Thanks again.
  12. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    If I am LaVille, I stick to what I do. They should hang their hat on their stout defense and know there's nothing wrong with punting the ball. Don't give up turnovers and don't give Pioneer a short field in the first half. If they can do that and get to 2nd half in a reasonably good score situation, then you can be aggressive and see what happens. Personnel changes or whatever since the first 41-0 meeting when the Panthers had multiple TOs in the red zone, the margin of error is still small, and LaVille can't bank on the Panthers missing opportunities like Triton did in the last 20 plays of the sectional final game.
  13. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    if Pioneer plays Southwood it will be at Southwood, another disadvantage for PHS. So we'll hope for freezing temps and high winds and see if that Southwood offense is made for late November playoff football!!!
  14. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    If we only had a Bob Rohrman dealership in our tiny town to sponsor an upgrade. (not saying LCC did, but yes I've seen other schools who do). Fact is our local companies do lot for our school given what they are, but certainly we don't have corporations with the deep pockets in our back yard to put their name on the field or stadium or such.
  15. 1A Regional: LaVille at Pioneer

    I assure you that old coach or new coach, no one WANTS to play on the field at The PIT. It's a disgrace really. We have a great program and a crappy field. Every couple years someone tries to band aid it with some dirt and seed. We go to all the other HNAC schools and leave jealous. Played on LaVille's brand new sod with 4" thick lush grass- awesome! Caston has a great field, as does Knox and Judson. Triton updated a scoreboard. Winamac a new press box a few years ago. Other schools making improvements to their football fields and stadiums. Our press box is also an embarrassment to the radio guys, webcast guys, opponent coaches, video guys, etc. There is no room. A lot of time our "eyes in the sky" just sit on the top row in the bleachers with fans on either side. I'd like to know where these other schools get their money for those improvements, cause Pioneer could use some guidance on how to get it done! Make no mistake, Pioneer players and coach don't mind away games one bit!!