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  1. Week # 4 in the NIC

    Brother Rice Wins, Elkhart battles tough. They seem like they could be a 5 win team this year. Triton because they're at home and on a roll although,never count out the Lions jimtown because they're at home and they cant really be as bad as what it seems like game of the week has to be Riley Vs Marian. Guessing it'll be determined by Riley's discipline particularly on the line. What is Riley's offense like? I see they've scored on the ground and in the air and defensively can they rough up that young QB for Marian? Penn wins adams seems like a sad story... thought they'd turn into a program, but it looks like Antwon Jones just isn't a very good coach without his recruits. Mishawaka in blowout style Similarly, st joe takes out their frustration on clay
  2. N.I.C. Week # 3

    I'm interested in all of these games, I think there is only one lock Riley Vs Adams, but going with Adams by 2 scores Washington will do whatever they want to clay I think Marist is loaded, but mishawaka will compete for a while Penn may struggle to get the offense going, but i'm guessing they'll eek out a win Bremen will squeeze by glenn No idea about monroe, let's go with Elkhart keeping the ball rolling and getting to 3-0 Jimtown should beat angola New prairie and Andrean could be a classic. no way St. Joe loses by 40 again, too talented, Marian is too young.... Knights still the favorite... should be an exciting week
  3. A fun guessing game. Who knows? North: Penn 8-1 (5-0) Mishawaka 7-2 (4-1) SB Adams 6-3(3-2) SB St Joe 5-4 (2-3) Elkhart Central 3-6 (1-4) SB Clay 0-9 (0-5) South: New Prairie 7-2 (5-1) Jimtown 6-3 (4-2) SB Washington 6-3 (4-2) Mish Marian 5-4 (3-3) SB Riley 4-5 (3-3) Bremen 4-5 (2-4) John Glenn 2-7 (0-6)
  4. NLC 2017

    Do you have details of NR QB situation?
  5. NLC 2017

    So what's going to happen to Holley?
  6. I hope I don't sound like there are not any adults that care about these kids. I'm sure there are quite a few very involved, very active adults in the Gary community. It saddens me that the "AAU" adults wield so much power
  7. I feel for the kids of Gary. So many gifted people from that city. I wish there were more adults who care about those kids.
  8. Penn vs Carmel

    What is special about Carmel's offense? Genuinely curious. Schematics? Or just playmakers unlike the northern part of the state?
  9. No way on Curtis. Highly doubt Tippman or Andrews
  10. SB Clay Job is open

    Wouldn't be surprised if he lands as an assistant at Mishawaka, getting his revenge on Clay and Adams yearly for the foreseeable future
  11. SB Clay Job is open

    reasons to coach in sb 1. Great kids. Often times these kids are in desperate need of role models. Being a mentor to these kids is incredibly rewarding to a lot of people. 2. Embracing challenges. Some coaches WANT to run programs that have had a lot of struggle. Running a program in south bend presents a ton of challenges that simply do not exist.
  12. Coach Larry "Bud" Wright

    These are some awesome stories!. Coach Wright sounds like everything that's right about Indiana football. I have an off topic question that can be answered in my messages. Why did Sheridan not experience the population growth many communities experienced around Indy? Thanks!
  13. Week # 8 in the NIC

    Maybe Gregg and Ritz will fix this...
  14. N.I.C. WEEK # 6

    He doesn't hold any FBS offers yet does he? Does he have FCS?