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  1. From my understanding... He is nobody's homegrown talent. He was homeschooled and played AAU ball. Shouldn't be a shock he moved... To their credit... They moved closer to friends and family. My understanding is the Hoover family and Brown family are long time friends... Plus, their daughter is nearby. Better reasons than most. I guess I just don't see this quite like a kid who grows up in a system... Making relationships and becoming part of a coach/school's program only to leave for greener pastures... Blackford wasn't exactly greener pastures.
  2. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    May be right on Sullivan's dumb luck with their sectional switch from a weak 3A to a stronger 2A sectional. I guess I wasn't thinking specific roadblocks as much as how the team seemed to peak as sophomores. Yoho and Smith obviously different kids with different work ethics... Etc... I couldn't help to think of them as a manifestation of their coaching. Yoho seemed to blossom under Igel's coaching... And get better every year. Smith had raw ability early, but seemed to peak. Of course, this is an outsiders view... may have been lots of outside forces pulling the team apart. Knowing many of the Smith clan... I can't imagine attitude and effort were an issue. I'll be interested to see how Moore does with his talented sophomores. I haven't seen them since they played Linton in JH, but I hear there is some talent there... Some of which are making plays at the varsity level.
  3. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Even a mediocre coach can have some success with talent. Sullivan has had a few teams that should have done better in the tournament. When Coach Moore's son went through... and the Smith boy are prime examples. In my opinion, those teams underachieved in the post season. I have always wondered if that is a product of Sullivan or the varsity coaches. There is weird jealousy in their youth and JH programs.... Probably why many Dugger folks felt like outsiders. From an outsiders view... they just seem like a bunch of people who want good things, but there is no uniform direction... which can be a problem. Talent makes all the difference... Washington was amazing when Zeller's were walking the halls... then they dipped for a few years... now they seem to be back to a winning program. It isn't as if their coach just coasted through a few years after all their success. There are also some good young coaches working to build a program up. Their winning percentage will take a hit.
  4. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Hmmm... I'll bite... Hart's record... 1st two years at Shakamak, Turkey Run, and Linton. All schools with little to no desire to be a "basketball" school. In the case of Linton and Shakamak, Joey operated in the shadow of other sports only to get them on almost equal ground. Anyway... his record after the first two years at each school was like 46%... 61-73. The rest of his tenure is at these schools is at about 68%. That is in spite of working with the previous coach(s) feeder program. That isn't even taking into the typical weak classes that come through even with a strong feeder system. If anything his lower win percentage proves he can win in more than one place against all odds. Something I noticed on most of these coaches... a lot of them have a 5-7 year period of 20 win seasons that stand out against the rest of their career. Take those years out... most have good, but not great win percentages. Miller, Bradley, and even Hughes have some great runs of winning seasons that pad the stats. Hart is in the middle of one of those stretches. I'm not as familiar with the larger school dynamics, so I don't know about Jeffersonville, New Albany, and Bloomington South. Brownstown Central's Dave Benter intrigues me. He built a program at a school with a strong tradition as a football school... both programs have flourished. They had some success a few years before he arrived, but they have had sustained success since he started. Coach Hart and Coach Oliver have done the same at Linton. Some coaches kill other sports. They refuse to share athletes. Personally, that is a huge strike against a HS coach at a small school. Probably not as big of a deal at a bigger school.
  5. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    I ran into the youngest brother just the other day... He had a kid or stepkid at Linton. He said his older brother was still struggling. A shame... Both were boys that needed football to stay focused on school. The older brother still had JH track records at WRV as a 7th grader, Linton as an 8th grader... And even a SWIAC conference record in the 100m until just recently. Some raw talent that never quite reached its potential.
  6. 2018 1A

    Not sure what Lutheran has coming back, but if I had to guess... Eastern and North Central will be fighting for that sectional.
  7. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Although Joey is a lay coach... He was a math teacher and athletic director at his prior coaching stops. Luckily he has a job that makes far more money and allows him time to be at the school a lot. I would say this to some of my thoughts on Coach Hart. Yes, defensive pressure is a focus. When you take hard nosed athletes that don't spend all year in the gym... You play to their strengths. Offensively, there is far more quick hitters with the freedom to improvise. Some kids make the improvising look more chaotic than others. Joey also is a master motivator who can coach any type of kid. Not all coaches could have been successful with some of the guys he got a lot of great basketball out of. Talented, but not easy to coach.
  8. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Hick... I like those choices ;) The more I think about this... The more I think of all the ways a head coach is successful... here are some of the things that came to my mind... Feeder Program- This can manifest itself in a lot of ways, but the head coach must be leading the charge. Finding competent coaches... Giving opportunities for kids to play... Etc... Some coaches inherited all sorts of feeder programs. Some have had to build from ground up... Others have made a good feeder system better... Others just ride in on the coat tails of others. Coach/Community- How does your coach fit into the fabric of your school and community? Are they active? Do they work well with teachers, administrators, and other coaches? Coach/Player- lots of ways to skin a cat, but no matter what... The kid has to know the coach cares... And is there for more than just wins and losses. Life lessons and growth are equally important. X's and O's - kind of self explanatory... Although this can be accomplished differently. Unknowns- Every coach has his own challenges. Some coaches have to share athletes. Some play second fiddle to other sports. Some lack community or administrative support. Some coaches are stuck in shadows of the past. Some coaches have tragedies strike their team or community. How do they respond I'm sure there are more... Feel free to add or expand Relationship with officials... Can they work them for those 50/50 calls.
  9. Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Interesting choices... All great coaches... But all sort of the same. I would say the list is as much of a reflection of the type of basketball you enjoy watching as it is coaching ability. I would put Joey there over quite a few of those guys. X's and O's he can hold his own. He can do all the same things those guys do. Here is where Joey is better than most. First, he wins at a football school. Some on the list are the only show in town... No sharing of time or athletes. Unlike some others on the previous list... He didn't have to gut other programs to win. His kids are encouraged to play other sports and lift weights. I have heard with my own ears some of these other guys talk a kid out of playing another sport. Meaning their wins and losses are more important than the kid. Instead, Joey took the fabric that make us a good football program... And he harnessed it into teams that won on the basketball court with the same type of toughness.
  10. I got a chance to meet some of the Hoover family... Good kids. As for the other kid, it isn't as if they went to AAU tournament and started promising the world. He had a connection to the Hoover family, so he decided to play at Blackford.
  11. SWIAC 2017-2018

    Comparisons are tough... Kip and Yoho probably isn't fair... just their perimeter first approach is about the same. Yoho grew and developed, but never became a 6'5" banger. Some of the other guys weren't really factors until their junior and senior years. Dess put it together on their run to the state title game, but even his senior year there were times most people had no idea what he would do from game to game. AK also made a huge jump his senior year. Rehmel had the heart of a lion the first time I watched him as a 6th grader... problem is he was really a senior before we got to see it in full force. He was always a little on the small side. Boyd and Graves were good on day 1 of varsity basketball. WRV is a shame... reminds me of a football hire Linton made many years ago. They looked at a resume with some college coaching experience and began to drool. Young guy... college experience... must be the savior of Wolverine basketball. Problem is... can't really turn a program around when you aren't invested 100%... or running off some of your best kids.
  12. Linton at Barr Reeve

    Zach and Bryant Jackson both brought a level of toughness to that team... They would make any team tougher and better. I think there are guys with some of those qualities on the 2017 team... They just haven't quite figured it out yet. Evan Slover has some of that grit as does Silas Robbins... I'm not sure either one realize how important they will be to this team.
  13. Rich? Linton has benefitted from a situation that was not of their doing. We have some great kids from Dugger... Some have helped our teams... Some are here for other opportunities. As for solely Linton teams, as soon as they move here they are Miners... Probably why they have felt welcomed. Nice backhanded comment though.
  14. I'm not sure there is anything fishy... they are pretty adamant the only reason this kid went to Blackford was due to the family ties. Perfectly legal as long as he is a freshman... IHSAA transfer rules don't apply. Watch some of this kids you tube videos... pretty impressive. I think they compared him to the next Steve Nash... probably a little premature, but he is clearly a talented kid. There are a couple more Hoover boys moving through the ranks.
  15. SWIAC 2017-2018

    Definitely have to agree to disagree on Kip and Yoho... as sophomores... About the same. Comparing the college version who had a strength/agility coach and a nutrition guy change his body isn't fair. Sophomore version was a about 6'4"... Perimeter player who never seemed to shoot inside of 15'. As for the 2013 Miners, I wouldn't compare the two. Not a fair comparison... That group only had a fringe D1 guy, but they had nice parts that complimented each other. It took time for those parts to jell. As for comparing other teams at this point... Also not fair. Different team different issues to fix. I can remember thinking about this time last year... Will the Miners ever score enough to win the big games (this was after dominating Vincennes Lincoln for almost a half... Then watching the wheels fall off). Probably the same concern the previous year or two. Not the same concerns this year... My concerns this year are defense... Which revolves around toughness and foot speed. Offensively, the biggest problem is too many shooters... Not enough guys who can drive and score or penetrate a dish to a shooter. Good news is they are young... And they have a great coach who will get the most out of them. No need to have the 2013 conversation for at least a year or two.