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  1. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    So I'm in the process of watching the 6A title game...taking advantage of the DVR I completed a heavy weekend and saw all my football. Loved how tough EG played Pioneer because I feel coming in based on their inexperience in this part of the tourney and having 3 losses you figure Pioneer rolls but those were not true losses so really we had two undefeated teams. And in the end they did but I loved how hard EG played and can't say enough about 6...he played with so much heart. That 21-0 2nd quarter was rough though. Took some wind out of EG's sails but they fought till the end. Pioneer just is so special. Kiser is so solid running the ball you forget he's a good passer too. Mersch had 13 tackles and it seemed like 20. Gregorich also played tough D and played a decent decoy but no one can really help disguise Kiser. 25 carries and over 200 yards in the title game is just silly my man. And #5 one of the twins made some tremendous catches...even if there were only 2. Congrats to the Pioneer Panthers who finally won number 2 after some heartbreakers. Dare I say easily the favorite for 2018? Bold prediction I already know. A parade will be thrown in my honor when the repeat is done with. Eastern Greene did huge things for their program. We will see this team be a factor for years to come.
  2. IHSAA deems field unplayable

    Well US 30 is about a 35-40 minute drive up either us 49 or I 65...viable for those that live near it but even then until you get east of Valpo that is an incredibly slow road. I've taken US 24, 26 when trying the state highway route heading east from the west. There just isn't a great route from this area. Once again small potatoes though...plus of all the proposed plans that have been discussed are much more likely than using two D1 college venues.
  3. IHSAA deems field unplayable

    My sister goes to Ball State and for me (I live in NW Indiana/Jasper Co) the problem I would have with Muncie for a host is not Scheumann...I find it to be a rather decent venue. There is no good route to Muncie from the greater Chicago area. I have taken 65 down to 465 and back up 69 or taken 35 through the middle of the state but between Winamac and Logansport it becomes a two lane road. I struggle to get there in under 3 hours. Small potatoes. I happen to agree with neutral site semistates. Flexibility shouldn't be much of an issue with close to 400 football stadiums in Indiana. Come on we can figure this out.
  4. It's the depth that would make it difficult for Pioneer to match up with especially the top 3A teams. Pioneer might be able to ball with the 2A schools, which they are likely gonna have to do anyway next classification, and I could see them having success close to being moved up again.
  5. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    As I look at this game from an outside perspective, it's hard not to understand why the Pioneer fan base is confident to almost understate the vibe given off this thread. But considering their success this year against the good, bad, and the ugly of 1A because disparity can really show itself in the battles of schools where there are only 40 or so boys in the whole grade let alone who comprise the team I like their chances Pioneer has gamebreakers beyond the steady Kiser which makes them a tough matchup, Gregorich, the Lewellen twins just to name a few. They opened the season w five straight shutouts and gathered three more along the way including a decisive 38-0 regional win over LaVille who had a fine 8 win season but failed to score in 8 quarters Vs the Panthers. They beat a good 3A Knox team loaded with upperclassmen for their closest margin of the season 28-7. I certainly think they benefitted from playing the past four at the Pit but knocking Monroe Central around 42-14 was pretty impressive. Don't know a ton about EG other than its probably fantastic to be out of the shadow of Linton and taste some postseason success. Indy Lutheran was a fine team with good athletes but EG imposed their will. I'm excited to see Caleb Hamilton try and make plays on the vaunted Pioneer D...but I see thia being another decisive victory for the Panthers in the realm of 42-21.
  6. Lowell vs East Central!

    A couple of takes from a fella who has lived 20 minutes from Lowell almost all 32 years of my life. Lowell obviously has a great team this year built similar to teams that have had great success in the region and beyond. They pride themselves on the fundamentals and their ability to wear teams out...few teams are as well conditioned as Lowell. That's why much of their playbook may seem vanilla but they have honed their skills in a manner that says this is what we are doing and we dare you to stop it. Lowell could be mistaken for the "cradle of running backs" as I can rattle off several gamebreakers that played tailback for the Devils. A few that come to mind. Jeff Clemens (reminds me a lot of JJ in that they are such pure athletes they simply won't be denied and help put Lowell over the top.) You add that type of discipline and mix in a few players with exceptional athletic ability and you have one tough team to stop. Scott Gray was an awesome little bowling ball to watch skate around. Brandon Grubbe was a yardage machine, kid put up stats, son. Mike Pickett was one of the first star football players I got to enjoy watching in person as a 8 year old or so when I was really starting to get into the game. MP was a beast. Ike James...my gosh what a freaking load. Tough back to stop. My senior year their vaunted #6 was Justin Henley, who was not the brightest star to ever come out of Lowell but that young man had heart. Never stopped moving his legs. Toby Goetz was around I believe as a FB blasting holes. Chuck Thompson was their QB #16 I won't forget because it was my 5th sack of the season. We lost a heartbreaker 28-22 at Fred Jones Field on a chilly October night in which the lights mysteriously went dark as we snapped the ball on a crucial 3rd and 5 a little past midfield late in the 4th. After we restarted 20 minutes later or so they had regrouped from the break much better than we did and our momentum went up in smoke. I'll never forget that! I was going to drink 20 ounces or so of cold milk out of the traveling trophy between KV and Lowell.. I can still taste the bitterness of that loss. Haha anyway back to the business at hand...somehow I like to regale unsuspecting (perhaps unwilling even) hs football fans with my own experiences. Who was your favorite #6 Lowell running back? especially all you RDP fans out there. East Central will have their hands full. I see it being a game where the little things make the difference (extra points, field position, special teams efficiency) which Lowell is always good at and I suspect the same out of such a well rounded program like the EC Trojans. Lowell has a great mexican restaurant, Mi Ranchito, if you find yourself venturing further into Lowell on Commercial AVE. I called the cable provider and pleaded to get access to the games which have been difficult for us in the region to get at times. We are forced to take in Comcast Chicago sports coverage...but it's all worked out and the DVR will be whirring away. Nothing but leftover turkey and gravy sammies with a side of High School Football for this guy. Also, Happy Thanksgiving to the GID community. Hope it's a good one for you and yours.
  7. Congrats bobref

    Hope we can cross paths and talk football sometime in the future Bob. Thanks for your contributions and dedication to the game it will be missed.
  8. Region Pick'em

    Well also a great venuee
  9. Region Pick'em

    Hey guys just wanted to clear things up. Due to some complications from my accident several months ago I needed to be hospitalised for the past 13 days so I wasn't able to tabulate the final tally. I will do so tomorrow. My apologies for the wait. On the bright side I've recovered from the setback in my physical recovery. Also congrats to the Lowell Res Devils for once again representing the region so darn well once again by knocking off what I thought was the slight favorite for the 4A North. What a great game it will be over at Zollner.
  10. Farewell to the Football Field

    Thanks Bob...for everything you have brought and are yet to bring to the discussion and the sport itself.
  11. Region Pick'em Sectional round 2

    6A Sectional 1 Merrillville @ Crown Point Lake Central @ Portage Sectional 2 Chesterton @ Warsaw Penn @ ValParadise 5A Sectional 9 LaPorte @ South Bend Adams Michigan City @ Munster 4A Sectional 17 Hammond Morton @ Griffith Lowell @ Highland Sectional 18 Mishawaka @ New Prairie South Bend Riley @ SB St. Joseph 3A Sectional 25 Wheeler @ Andrean Twin Lakes @ West Lafayette 2A Sectional 33 Lake Station @ North Newton Boone Grove @ Gary Roosevelt Sectional 35 Eastbrook @ Rensselaer Centra 1A Sectional 41 Winamac @ Triton Culver @ LaVille masquerading as Triton Sectional 42 Hope you picked Pioneer!
  12. Doesn't Hammond have one AD for all schools?
  13. Hammond Morton has had the option of going to the NCC for years, and they haven't made the leap in favor of staying together with Gavit, Clark, and Hammond High.
  14. The Duneland has been a pretty air-tight in terms of adding or subtracting teams since Lake Central replaced Hobart in 2003. I think LaPorte has enjoyed and benefitted in many sports from competing in the Duneland. They have tremendous appeal in almost all sports to stay with their Central Time Zone brethren in Lake and Porter County. LaPorte bouncing east would definitely be a catalyst for major conference restructuring in the region, and I would agree Munster is probably the most likely candidate to replace LaPorte in that circumstance but if LP leaves then what does Michigan City do? The Northwest Crossroads conference will likely be adding teams like Hanover Central, Boone Grove, or Wheeler if it wants to survive. I think Griffith's decision to join the GSSC after winning the conference football title definitely took everyone in the region by surprise, but this is a case where the AD of the school is looking past football. Thats where the DAC wins in this debate...the other sports where the DAC routinely sends teams and individuals to the state championships and they don't have to hassle with the time zone business.
  15. Region Pick'em Sectional round 2

    I do. I will update them again tonight when I get home.They are current through the regular season if you check last week's edition. I edited my topic post to include them so my apologies you guys may not have seen them. Respect to the maiden voyage of the Region pick'em and it's 9 members who have contributed all year. Thanks a lot guys I appreciate the banter and giving me a reason to geek out even more often than I do already with Indiana HS football.