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  1. Let's not lose sight of the fact Pioneer is one of the smaller 1A schools and are found where four cornfields meet. Its pure folly to say Pioneer would beat such and such Pioneer only wants to beat Eastern Greene in two days and that will be no easy task. They would be perfectly content being known as the worst 1A champs of all-time
  2. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    They have to win first. Sheridan and LCC both won 3-4 straight titles. They surely were number one for those 3-4 years straight This game could be a real slugfest. Hamilton pounds the rock and so does Jack so that match-up could be a wash. Supporting casts will decide it
  3. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Ya that qb seems to have a pretty fair grasp of things. He isn't ranked #1 in his class for nothing I guess
  4. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    I remember Coach J always saying if he wasn't running the wing-t he'd be a midline/veer team. great offenses for high school teams
  5. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    It's all about the Jimmys & Joes i think we have some cats
  6. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    From what I hear if Pioneer can see the #35 on E.G. Jersey they'll find the ball 99% of the time
  7. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    As for the game Pioneer seems to have a glaring speed advatange and Eastern has the glaring size advantage. One would think Eastern would want a grind it kind of game and Pioneer would want a track meet. However I do think Pioneer can grind if they have too as well. IMO Eastern needs this to be low scoring as 20's or less. If the scoreboard is pinging they're prob in trouble. Both defenses have been solid Special teams and turnovers will be crucial
  8. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    LCC is in Pioneer's sectional
  9. Let's hash out the details for all the marbles
  10. Yes he's a junior. Panthers return 16 starters next year. 9 of 11 on defense. Some think they're playing with house money again. I don't, you gotta take advantage of opportunities.
  11. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    congrats to the Panthers on a great win last night congrats to the Bears as they play their hearts out too Panthers making their third trip in four years to the Oil Can and hopefully third times a charm
  12. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    MC has mammoth line 6'5 315 6'3 315 Two of our guys don't equal one of them
  13. 12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    Southwood twice had 4th and 1 and threw a 45 yd bomb in 25 degree weather smart? Thought both Southwood and MC panicked in that game. If there'd have been a "panic button" on the field they'd have crushed it. I wouldn't count on Pioneer panicking. They are as cool as back side of your pillow.